sburb delta

Your name is MEGAN SHORT and you’re not sure why anyone would want to know your INTERESTS, but for the sake of information you’ll share. You enjoy WRITING, which is usually followed by DECIDING YOUR WRITING SUCKS and DELETING ALL OF IT. It’s not like you would ever show it to anyone anyway. You are pretty much obsessed with LES MISERABLES, including every aspect of the story and soundtrack. It is just so sad. You’re interested in a VARIETY OF HISTORICAL SUBJECTS despite knowing little about any of them, and you find the CAUSE AND EFFECT DYNAMIC and AMBITIOUS SCHEMING OF PRINCES especially intriguing. You may not know much about it, but you’ll pick up quickly as you pride yourself on your SHARP MIND. Speaking of which, you have a definite plan to major in PSYCHOLOGY once you get into college.

College is a long way off, though. More pressing matters exist in your life currently. Namely, the release of Sburb Delta on January 1st, 2015. You’ve gotten together a group of eleven people, twelve including yourself, to play. You can’t wait!

Your name is CONNOR O'BRIEN and damn if you don’t love BOOMERANGS. They always always come back, unlike things that are alive like PUPPIES or PARENTS. But whatever. You love MYSTERY NOVELS like crazy and are pretty sure that SHERLOCK HOLMES is the best thing in the universe. You like to THINK a lot too, even if you tend to start thinking TOO HARD or start to get CARRIED AWAY and FORGET what you were supposed to be doing.

Now my fankid Connor. Called Conn by his friends, he’s a quiet little shit who is adorable and I want to pinch his cheeks. His intro is also not totally finished.

Her name is SALACI EQUEST and she’s a member of one of the HIGHER CASTES OF TROLL SOCIETY because hey, look at those cutie wiggly seadweller fins. Her trollian handle is aristocratArisen and she tends to SPEAK IN ALL CAPS ♆HEN SHE GE♆’S ALL EXCI♆ED like ♆ha♆’s her problem. She lives in a coral palace under the sea with her LOBSTER DAD who often puts her on embarrassment because he wants to be the greatest HOST to her guests. She belongs to a cult that worships  AESTETHICALLY APPEALING CREATURES and FASHION. Her strife specibus i SBURB DELTA the Tridentkind. Salaci is mostly egocentric and CREATIVE, but always wishes to help her buddies, even if she fails at doing so because of her OBNOXIOUS behavior.

She belongs to Beta, aka iskandarsbutt

This patoot over here is named MERXEY GHYRAM and he is a YELLOW BLOODED TROLL.  His Trollian handle is heraldicGofer.  Merx resides in a hollowed out, needle-point, coral structured tower overlooking the vast sea where his PELICAN LUSUS goes out to get food for often days or weeks at a time.  He enjoys WRITING POETRY and pasting it to the walls of his room, which make up his wall paper.  In the SBURB DELTA session, he will loose his marbles and go kookoo banan at one point or another.  But otherwise, he’s a very benign, lofty, adorastupid babu.

EDIT: whoops hes derse