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So yesterday was apparently fanfic Authors Appreciation Day. So even though I’m late, I’d still like to let the beautiful people below know that you’re awesome & make sure you keep writing as wonderfully as you always have 😊♥️

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You’re all amazing 😘

 ~Shazz xx

Hello!! Can I get a ship for block b, bts, exo, monsta x, ikon, and bigbang? Thank you 😆😆😆

Hi Lovey! Sure you can, here we gooo…

From Block B I ship you with…

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From BTS I ship you with…

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From EXO I ship you with…

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From Monsta X I ship you with…

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From iKon I ship you with…

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From Big Bang I ship you with…

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Hope you liked it Lovey! xx


Aladdin was torn.

Pacing the floors of his assigned chambers and distractedly tossing his turban from one hand to the other, his brows furrowed, his lips pursing. The expression that he wore wasn’t new; he’d been debating with himself for sometime now.

Of course, when he’d first asked to be a prince, he’d thought it’d be easier than this; he’d thought there would be banquets and servants and valets and warm beds and luxury. And there was all that- don’t get him wrong. It was just on top of all the stress of being expected to know geography, and how to write, and how to read, and how to rule, and etiquette concerning this utensil and that one and Allah forbid you accidentally grab one over the other, and how to speak and act and hold yourself. Honestly, there were so many rules and regulations to being royalty Aladdin even kind of understood how they were so snobby sometimes. It was a lot to learn and remember- especially because he wasn’t naturally a prince.

It was impossible to learn in a few days what most men were taught their entire lives. 

And, consequently, Aladdin knew he stuck out like a sore thumb. For all his fancy words (which he was trying to use, and for the most part they’d been successful (there had been, of course, a few close calls, but nothing that warranted jumping off a balcony over)) and facades, Aladdin knew that no matter what he did, it was clear: he had no clue what he was doing.

And he knew Jafar knew it.

He thought he’d evaded the questions the vizier had asked of him so far fairly well; there had been the near-disastrous wariness of their first meeting and, since then, highly suspicious glaring on Jafar’s part. This was what unnerved Aladdin the most: if Jafar found out his secret- something he was already onto Aladdin about- well. The consequences would be catastrophic, and at the very least, he’d lose his head.

Fingers gently seeking out the reassuring, cool metal of the lamp, Aladdin sighed, curls falling into his eyes. There was nothing for it. Avoiding Jafar would just seem suspicious- and, well. Aladdin figured he wasn’t the subtlest; he’d been skirting Jafar for the past couple of days.

He could use a wish- but then again, Genie probably didn’t like using his wishes on people, not just to make them fall in love or bring them back from the dead. And if he used it to divert suspicion, then he wouldn’t have one to free Genie and wish to know all the princely stuff he had to.

Sticking his turban back on his head and being sure to hide the lamp securely, Aladdin balled his hands into fists, marching out of his chambers. He would seem confident and sure of himself and princely and he’d charm Jafar if it was the last thing he did- and then, well. Then he could have Jasmine and wish to know everything he needed to know from Genie and then he’d have the last wish to set Genie free, and he and Jasmine could be together.

Nodding determinedly as he stomped (he was trying to look royal, but it was probably more of a stomp) off to find Jafar, Aladdin’s courage remained with him up until he spotted the vizier. Then it fled- and with it, his ability to speak.

Clearing his throat awkwardly as he sudden found his voice unable to work, Aladdin attempted a deeper cadence, a dashing smile, and said with all the grandeur he could muster, “good afternoon, Jafar. I trust your morning has been-” son of a jackal, he didn’t have an adjective picked out. 

Clearing his throat again to cover for it (maybe Jafar would assume he had a cold or something) he continued, “…Productive.”

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Hello can I please have a selca ship with Black Pink, Twice, Gfriend and Oh My Girl? Thank you 💕

Hi Lovey! Sure you can, here we gooo…

From  BLɅƆK PΙИK I ship you with…

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From Twice I ship you with…

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From Gfriend I ship you with…

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From Oh My Girl I ship you with…

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Hope you liked it Lovey! xx

Agora liga no SBT , daqui pouco as 00h30 , eu e meu tudao @cantorbelo vamos estar no programa The Noite , como o querido e divertidíssimo @danilogentili nem preciso dizer o quanto foi divertido né? Certeza de muitas risadas e diversão garantida! Espero que gostem , depois quero a opinião de vcs , agradeço ao Danilo e toda galera do SBT , pela receptividade e carinho de sempre. #thenoite #casaltudao #diversao #sbt #teamgracyanne 🔝🔝🔝

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rushermushroom  asked:

The recent fic you wrote? There should definitely be a part two and three of its not much to ask. I really loved it. I enjoy your writing style very much and I read everything you write, I always recommend your fics as well! I made someone read ISBTS the other day ahah. Anyway I love your writing I love you please give me more of stripper Joe and horny Caspar

Aw thank you so much, I decided for sure that I will be writing a part 2 so that will be coming your way very very very soon! Also I’m super glad you enjoy my writing style and ugh I am blushing super super hard right now! xxx

ps: a chapter for SBTS is coming along with a bonus chapter coming in a few minutes <3