Staffordshire Bull Terriers??



I want to follow more of these dogs, not looking for bully mixes at this time (sorry!! I love them too though!!), specifically SBTs because I want to know more about what they, as a breed, are like. I read their breed club pages and they sound so perfect! Next step is to meet some at dog shows.

Tumblr has been great with helping me find people for Borzoi and Border Collies, soo helpful, so those are 2 of my top 3 future puppies that I have an idea of where to start with!

Now I just need to find some community for Staffys. Once I get some more stuff figured out I’m basically going to be watching a bunch of breeders and watching for when puppies I like will be born versus what my living/financial situation will be. 

Preferably looking for more.. moderate SBTs, I see a lot with front legs waaaay far apart and too short muzzles. This dog owned by @adinafrigstad is pretty much spot on with what I’m looking for (but they are not in the US, so I highly doubt I could go to the same breeder haha). 

I think they first caught my attention in a Crufts demonstration or something, they were doing little tricks and at the end the handlers could just carry them under their arm out of the ring. (AH THIS YES) Do I need to be looking at specifically British SBTs or would what I’m looking for be possible to find in the US?


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