One of the favorite actor of Peter Jackson : Jed Brophy

He is Nori in The Hobbit (x3)

He also played in The Lord Of The Ring (x3) as the Orc Snaga, Sharku the warg rider, an Elf, a rider of Rohan…

… and “a hardcore zombie in Braindead way back in the day in 91” (x

… “and then the boarder in Heavenly Creatures” (x)

… “and then got to work on King Kong

… "and did a bit of work on Tintin as a mocap actor”

See interview there (x)


The Musketeers

A brand new Original British Drama - starts Sunday 19th January on BBC One (x)

With : D'artagnan: Luke Pasqualino // Athos: Tom Burke // Portos: Howard Charles // Aramis: Santiago Cabrera // Louis XIII: Ryan Gage // Queen Anne: Alexandra Dowling // Cardinal de Richelieu: Peter Capaldi


Amazing fan trailer for Doctor Who Peter Capaldi


Doctor Who Animation - 50 Years in Time and Space