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THE SHOW: 4th place.

M!Coundown Global: 5th place.
M!Countdown Japan: 3rd place.

Show Champion: 4th place.

Maybe this week is the last of the promotions of ‘I Need U’ and they need our support, keep voting please!!

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"Think of Lana pushing back Jen’s hair" omg when did this happen?

It was when they were filming the 4a promo and lana was dressed as the evil queen in SB. Jen had hair flying in her face and Lana pushed it back. I just know I wouldn’t do that for someone I hated or who hated me! Lol! That’s something I do for my friends 😂 they seem to get along quite well!


old school/new school through the years -

My previous musical experience with Jared was with a band he was in back in 1999, as they were playing a bar in SB [Santa Barbara] and he approached my group of friends and asked us to go. I remember nothing of the band or the show, but I remember he had pink lines in his eyebrows and was super fucking excited that we showed up and brought a dozen or so people.

full review is here:

I remember standing backstage at Lollapalooza [2006] trying to decide who to go see next, it was either 30 Seconds To Mars or whoever everyone else in my band wanted to go see. I didn’t argue with anybody, but I walked away from them and towards the stage where 30STM was about to start…
   A few hours after their set me and wifey were eating in the craft area and as I went up to grab some more butter or something, I ran across Shannon Leto, who is the drummer for 30STM. I grabbed the dude by the shoulder and proclaimed how I had become a fan after watching their show. Instead of being creeped out by a random dude shaking him senseless, dude was extremely appreciative that someone had even noticed he was who he was.
   A few minutes of shooting the shit had passed and Jared walks over and sees us talking and I said essentially the same thing I had said to Shannon, “I’m a new fucking fan, that was fucking incredible”. Jared was cool, but a bit more distant to the conversation than Shannon. I did the whole “I’m sure you don’t remember this, but a few years ago… ” and went into my Santa Barbara story and after I mentioned his pink eyebrow Shannon started giving Jared shit. It was unreal.“ (excerpt)