My very first POT date went great this past Tuesday. This guy messaged me from SA with a very sweet but straight to the point message. It was so easy telling him apart from the other splenda/salt daddies, I just KNEW he was legit. I emailed him and he told me about himself a little about his wife and kids. And said he can provide an allowance of 2k a month plus travel, shopping, gifts etc..
We planned a date for 7:30 Tuesday and he flew in from Memphis. I asked if he could provide an uber for me to the restaurant and he said no problem. I arrived 10 minutes earlier since the was'nt much traffic.

I waited outside on a bench in front of the restaurant. (I have major anxiety, I didn’t want to go in alone lol) He got there, gave him a little sideways hug and went inside. Immediately we got looks from the host and staff 😂 man I was dying eternally, on top of that the resturant was full and noisy. It was a tapas styled so we ordered a couple of dishes and just chatted. I was so nervous man I couldn’t even think of questions/advice I had been looking over to help me but I still tried my best. (I really just smiled, blush and fidget with my phone so embarrassing) So halfway through talking he passed over an envelope with $500 inside and suggested that I put the money in the bank, he never liked when the girls (his past SBs) carry around a lot of cash. At the end of eating talking and some awkward silence. He asked if I wanted to have drinks back at the hotel since I couldn’t order any off the menu. I know everyone always says “never go back to the room” but I just had a very good gut feeling saying it would be okay if I did. We uber to the hotel, more looks and then finally in the room. He asked what I would like to drink, I don’t know much about wine (only 19) so I asked if he could order something sweet for me. After my second glass I was lit Lol we were talking more, laughing little bit of flirty. He asked for a kiss and it wasn’t bad. He’s an okay looking guy not extremely gorgeous but not ugly either but he has a great personality and he smokes cannabis. (Fucking score!) I think I’ll call him Surg since he’s a veterinary surgeon.


[160726] ASTRO sing Breathless live for SBS Radio

“ Not even watching “Doctors” but it’s weird that people find dating your teacher creepy. I mean, what’s the deal? They don’t seem to have much of an age gap. Just because two people are in student-teacher terms doesn’t mean they can’t develop feelings for each other. “

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“ I feel like people were quick to label “Doctors” as pedo & forgot that there are different types of love. The doctor who Park Shin Hye likes clearly didn’t have feeling of romance for her until adult years, anything prior to that was parental love. “

“ I feel like some people were reading to far into Doctors with the two leads background. In the beginning it was a onesides love and it’s not until years later after they meet again in the future that things start progressing he wasn’t a pedophile. “

i was thinking abt hals freckles today and i realized that he’d have a fucking incredible career as a model bc the industry loves people with something characteristic abt them, listen he’d be such a successful male model?? imagine, au in which hal is a goddamn model and earns as much money as bruce does 

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does sb!j suck on jen or ty's finger when he's little? and was he shy doing it for the firs ttime?

yes!!!! whn hes lil he needs his mouth occupied n u cn only suck on ur own fingers bfre u gt bored so al blushy n nervous hed scootched nxt t ty n jen on th couch n timidly grasped tys index finger w his hand “can i…?” n didnt wait bfre he slipped it into his mouth n hes scared its weird bt ty pets his hair n tilts his wrist so its easier n later in th bath josh does th same t jen its nice

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sb!j playfully n shyly slappin tys ass n runnin away giggling

hes scute!! ty grabs him back yankin him in his lap kissin his neck as he gives his ass lil swats n j’s squealin happily legs kickin