Arrow AU: Episode 3.20 as Parks & Recreation

Episode 2 Barry (to Iris) : God I just wanna tell I feel. How you make me feel.

Episode 4. Barry talks with Felicity about loving Iris

Episode 5: Barry and Joe talk about Barry being in love with Iris. Destiny speech.

Episode 8. Barry and Oliver talk about Iris

Episode 9. Barry: I love you Iris.

Episode 10. Barry and Caitlin talk about Barry confessing his feelings to Iris

Episode 12. Barry (to Caitlin): I always hope one day Iris’s gonna see me like something more than a friend.

Episode 15: Barry (to Iris): I’ve never stopped thinking about you!

Episode 16: Barry (to Iris): We’re meant to be! 

Episode 18: Barry (to Iris): All I want is for you to be happy. 

SB Fandom: “He’s clearly falling for Caitlin”


150423 Chanyeol, Kai & Chen @ SBS Youngstreet


150424 - Yunho to Star in a SBS Plus Web Drama ‘I Order You’

Yunho will be starring in a SBS Plus (cable) web drama “I Order You 당신을 주문합니다” & has already attended a script reading

The web drama will be shown on the Net first before being shown on cable. Yunho will be acting as Chef Yeo Gook Dae

Info: mystaryunho
Translation: snxy 
Shared by: DBSKNights


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150423 Chanyeol, Kai & Chen  @ SBS Youngstreet


hannibal bates kissing caitlin against her will whilst disguised as barry


barry and iris confessing their love to each other and kissing prior to barry going back in time and diverging into a timeline where that doesn’t happen


“both sb and wa got a kiss but it wasn’t real”

here’s a cheatsheet to help you tell the difference between the kisses in question:

the westallen kiss was

a) consensual

b) between barry and iris

the “SB” kiss was:

a) sexual assault

b) in no way involving barry aka one half of the ship in question