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From now till 6pm KST, Rmb to include #SBSPopAsiaBTS in your tweets to help INEEDU rank No.1 on the SBSPopAsia Hashtag chart ^^

You can view the chart here: (it updates as the live show goes~)

It ends just when Show Champion starts today, I’ll post the live stream links later :D For now, lets do this~

'Voting SBSPopAsia'

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The top 9 tracks for today are…

#SBSPopAsiaBIGBANGLoser - Loser

#SBSPopAsiaBIGBANGBaeBae - Bae Bae

#SBSPopAsiaBTS - I Need U

#SBSPopAsiaRedVelvet - Ice Cream Cake

#SBSPopAsiaBASTARZ - Zero For Conduct

#SBSPopAsiaEXID - Ah Yeah

#SBSPopAsiaEXO - Call Me Baby

#SBSPopAsiamissA - Only You


Last night #1 - BIGBANG - Loser



150505 BTS @ SBS MTV THE SHOW - MV Talk cut 

I’m not understanding those who are not understanding

Unlike Regina and Hook, Rumple cannot get a happy ending as long as he’s the Dark One. Unlike them he’s cursed with a CONFIRMED evil entity residing in him.

So Rumple is trying to preserve himself, the last bit of the good man that can love before the Dark One takes over his body. 

Rumple just wants to stay human, and be good. And he can’t do that w/o  changing his story. 

As far as Belle being with him in he AU. Why is it such a big deal? Belle loves him, he’s her True Love. If it weren’t for the betrayal in SB she would have been living happily ever after with him.

She wanted Rumple to be the good man he was, and now he is in the AU. Because he’s not cursed.

If the author writes this story as if the other never happened then why is it Rumple’s fault.? Belle would have chosen him and the haters know this. She still loved him even when she banished him. If the story is changed and he’s good then why would she not want to be with him?  The author knows she would and writes it in.. so what? He’s writing Rumple too and that Rumple doesn’t know about the DO Rumple.. 

Rumple let her go. He meant it. He’s not going to force her in any world to be with him. And if the show goes that way it’ll be bad writing and the haters know that. because they have seen time and time again Rumple let her go, and treating her with respect up until 4a.  

But instead of blaming bad writing and shrugging it off they’ll keep pushing that in our face and doing what ever they can to wreck a fandom because they think it’s justified. 

In SB he’s forced to be evil, the way the story is written every good deed he does gets undone. The Dark One won’t allow him to be good. He wants to change that. He should be entitled to change himself an seek redemption but the others won’t allow it. And apparently the fans of those characters won’t allow it either since what ever he does or hasn’t even done yet or may not do gets thrown at him in the worst manner. 

If Rumple sacrifices his life again for everyone and it’s not appreciated or acknowledged and they don’t help him in this world break from the DO and keep his humanity I’ll be pissed. 

on a side note: I hope none of us get attacked again like yesterday. Not sure why they need to make others miserable to the point we rant back. Can’t everyone just stay in their part of the fandom?  It’s obvious we’ll never get along or like a character. I don’t go into Hook tags with my feelings on him, or chastise his fans for liking him. 

Helping Bangtan win on SBS MTV The Show!

To increase Bangtan’s chances of winning today - here’s what you can do:

- if you have a korean/chinese phone number send 방탄소년단 to +821119 (during the live broadcast) - once only, spam is not counted!!
- Vote for them on tudou! (the pre-voting ended but voting during the broadcast counts for an extra 15% !)

The broadcast starts in around 20 minutes! 

If season 5 (entire season 5 not just 5 A) is set up in this new fairytale land with the role reversals, I would be a very happy person.

The show would go back to season 1 except it would be the opposite. Henry tried to convince everyone that they had a previous life but they  forgot it in season1, in season 5 it would be Henry saying the exact same thing but instead of being in SB they are in FTL.

But this plot NEEDS to be an entire season and ending like season 1 did, when everyone remembered their real lives.


150505 BTS @ SBS MTV THE SHOW - Warm-Up Time cut