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170226 BTS - Not Today @ SBS Inkigayo
Update 27.02.2017

And here’s an update on my life as a sugar baby and escort.

I met with my POT from the States last Monday and I genuinely enjoyed spending time with him. We shared the same political views, he was a down to earth honest and respectful Person. So giving him the girlfriend experience went smoothly. I enjoyed my time with him and he didn’t negotiate in any way. Let’s call him Safety. I’m meeting him again this March. :)

Not sure whether Daddy A is going to flake again… we are supposed to meet again.

Ive had bookings as an escort every night and have managed to earn 750 total. My parents needed Money so I lent them 150 and use 500 on our current rent debt. (in German ist called jährliche Nachzahlung) so things have been slowly moving Forward.

One Client who booked me was really hot as fuck and I hope he books me again lol.

Im flying out to Barcelona next week with a new POT I met. He booked me my own Hotel room because I will be staying there through the Weekend and he will fly back to Germany on Friday. Im calling him Olympia. He’s very sweet and charming and we’ve been texting back and forth. :)

Finally my POT from Mallorca paid my phone bill and has promised to pay my phone bill every month which is truly a Blessing cause my phone bill has been blowing up thanks to my hustle. He’s so sweet but can be a bit demanding sometimes. I think ist because he’s intrigued by my personality Overall. He’s flying out here in March :)

So here’s to many more sleepless nights until I pay my debt off. My sister has been denied government aid so far so right now Im shouldering everything but for her I’d sacrifice anything anyway.

Cheers to everyone hustling. The spring season is coming so the number of POTs will surely increase.

170226 BTS - Spring Day @ SBS Inkigayo

based off this post and Episode : Time of my Life (Johnny Bravo) 

DUDE I had this whole episode planned out in my head where if Jack was the girl instead. Jack at that time would’ve been in training period with Robin Hood (first episode) and somehow accidentally time travel to Johnny’s high school period. Jack would be forcefully put into school and try to fit in the teen crowd as he’s looking for a way back in time. Jack defends Skinny Johnny from the bullies and they become good friends at first and head towards romance. Later on, Johnny asks Jack out to the prom, Jack says yes making Johnny want to beef up for Jack before Prom. But Jack is taken back into this original time leaving Johnny to thinking he got ditched. Years later, Jack somehow time travels to Johnny’s time again and they finally have that dance. The End