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I always buy neutral colors (black, white, cream, tan, and all shades of brown and grey) that would suit my basics: simple tops, trousers, cardigans, etc. Make your outfit look 10x better with something as simple as adding a leather jacket or a nice cardigan, paired with some black or nude heels & simple jewelry. Try finding a pair of black or blue jeans that are comfortable and hug your body in the right way. And for date nights I suggest you get a little black dress and a nice pencil skirt with a button-up.


Did you sleep well?

SB’S (and any woman’s) Guide to Success (Part 1)

1. Keep men around you aroused.  Successful women are not afraid of any part of any man. In fact, they stimulate arousal wherever they go. Who are your favorite women role models? Why? 

2. Keep potentially valuable men especially aroused. If a man can be an asset in your life, find out what he wants and tease him with it. Tease = keep energy, focus, and arousal high.

3. Know your own sexuality, desires, turn-ons, and communicate and share them openly. There’s no room for shame around what you want or what he wants.

4. Don’t see other women as a threat. Jealousy is a turn-off. Competition thinking means that you feel weak. If your guy is looking at another girl, fan the flames…touch him and encourage him to look or arrange something ‘special’ together. If you shut down your sexiness because of fear, that pushes him toward this new thing that much more. Show him that you accept his desires (which he didn’t create or decide upon) and he will give you what you want.  

5. Know your spirituality, your identity, and beliefs. Optimize these to get what you want. Without spirituality, a person is a rudderless ship. Without an identity, you have no flag. Without beliefs, there is no way to connect to you. The world is constantly trying to give you crappy versions of all three of these. Make sure you choose consciously instead.

Any questions?