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(INFO) Seventeen’s Mingyu is going to join SBS’s “Law of the Jungle”

15일 오후 SBS 측 관계자는 “세븐틴 민규가 ‘정글의 법칙’에 합류한다. 이번 편은 현재 방송 중인 ‘와일드 뉴질랜드’ 편의 후속으로 방송될 예정이다”라고 설명했다.

이날 한 매체에 따르면 민규는 바쁜 스케줄 속에서도 본인 스스로 정글에 가고 싶은 의지가 커 이번 ‘정글의 법칙'에 합류를 하게 됐다.

(trans.) On the afternoon of the 15th, an official of SBS side said, “Seventeen’s Kim Mingyu will join the law of jungle. This part will be broadcasted as a follow-up to 'Wild New Zealand’ which is currently airing.” Despite his busy schedule, he wanted join the programme willingly.


170613 SBS MTV The Show Official Twitter Update:

짜릿해.. 늘 새로워 잘생긴게 최고야.. #아스트로 영원히 내 마음 속에 저장💕ㄴㄱ


I’m thrilled.. Always fresh and good-looking.. #ASTRO is forever saved in my heart💕ㄴㄱ

Tidbits from the PAX Q&A

- DoL/DoH will be streamlined similarly to DoW/DoM at seventy .

- They are working on something Krile-related for the shop (yay!).

- Regarding seasonal events: they want to re-utilize existing assets for events, like the 2016 Halloween (No Halloween!) event.

- Jumping puzzles… I don’t know how to feel about that one…

- “What’s the status on the male bunny outfit?” Yoshi-P pretends to walk off stage. Roegadyn and Hyur are done, though. The other races are on hold, because Stormblood. “Hyur one was pretty nice, pretty sexy.”

- Any plans for raid tier set bonuses? No.

- Plans on expanding on old clan lore, e.g. Duskwight? There might be something, but he can’t say if and what. No spoilers here, obviously. “If I say something about that to the lore team, they’ll say: We want to make another lorebook, so…”

- Weapon/Armor racks for interior furnishings? Will be done within 4.X.

- Will there be a diving log/underwater sightseeing? Maybe, needs to doublecheck.

- Any new tank class, like a puppet master tank? (What, why this question?) “If we add one now, I’ll die, the dev team will die, then there’ll be no Stormblood. We haven’t even finished that yet. Please play through Stormblood first.”

EDIT: NA datacenter will be moving and the servers will be expanded/upgraded! ETA middle of May, before the SB launch. Official notification will come in time. Stay tuned for more details.


[170809] Dongwan at SBS Power FM | Park Soo Hyun ‘Love Game

CI ENT’s Update:

[김동완] SBS 파워FM <#박소현의_러브게임> 비하인드

#뎅라노 와 함께하는 퇴근길! 어떠셨나요?

#신화 #김동완 #신화창조 #뮤지컬 #시라노 #라디오

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[WINNER - ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’ 1001 SBS Inkigayo]


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[OFFICIAL] 170730 SBS Inkigayo - Ko Ko Bop (official link)