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Memorable Performance & Win: 07.13.2003 - SBS Inki Gayo. Instead of performing her title song “Atlantis Princess”, a then 16 year-old BoA opted to sing her ballad “Tree” in honor of the passing of her late manager Sang Yup, who died from a fatal car crash only four days prior on the 9th. Donned in a black suit, BoA struggled to complete the recording of the performance, but successfully managed after numerous attempts.

An open letter from Sang Yup’s sister:


I still cannot believe my beloved Sang Yup is gone. The audio player he loved, pictures and files of BoA he organized and kept are still here, but only he himself is not here. I don’t know what to do with this vacancy in the house. But I feel a little better with all the nice and kind messages from BoA fans. Even though it was a hard job as a manager, he truly enjoyed it and was very happy. Sang Yup praised BoA until he was tired, [he would say, she was] “very kind, pretty, smart, good at dancing, [and] eats well”. Although he left, Sang Yup would love to see BoA, who he adored, work harder and be a better, great singer.

Also, I would like to thank BoA for trying to sing a song during the funeral. BoA really wanted to sing a song for him, but only cried. Sang Yup probably heard the song BoA couldn’t sing. Please do not be sad and just remember the fun, happy memories you had with Sang Yup. 

Thank you.

He would be proud of what BoA has accomplished.


Big Bang SBS Inkigayo - Fantastic Baby [HD]

My favourite part is from 1.40-1.54. seriously LOL- ed at that. Love that BigBang still have fun and enjoy performing even after promoting ages. ^^



[VID/HD][720p] 140119 #B1A4-#Lonely at SBS Inkigayo cr: SBSMusic1

Baekhyun, Suho - 150405 ZE:A Kwanghee’s Instagram update: “SBS인기가요 MC광희를 많이 사랑해주셨던 많은 분들께 감사드립니다 ~! 2년4개월동안 너무 즐겁고 행복한 일요일 이었습니다~! 그리고 함께 엠씨를봤던 아이유 현우 민아 유비 수호 백현 종현 유정 에게도 고맙다는 말을 전하고 싶습니다~! 그리고 오늘 마지막방송을 응원해준 많은 가수분들께도 감사드리고 항상 응원해 주신 팬 여러분들께도 감사합니다 ! 인기가요 ! 화이팅! ^~^”

Translation: “Thank you to everyone who loved SBS Inkigayo’s MC Kwanghee~! I had such fun on Sundays over the past 2 years and 4 months~! I also want to thank the previous MCs who have worked with me: IU, Hyunwoo, Minah, Yoobi, Suho, Baekhyun, Jonghyun, and Yoojung~! Also, thank you to the artists who cheered for me at my last broadcasting, and the fans always supporting me! Inkigayo! Fighting! ^~^”

Credit: prince_kwanghee.

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Actually what is the criteria to win the music programs? i know different program has different criteria, but i don't know what is the exact criteria.

The criterias are quite complicated so pardon me for the length of this post. You can share this post if you want to TVXQ fansites/forums so ifans can decide the best strategy to help TVXQ winning all music shows.

Music Bank (imo this is the music show that matters a lot for Kpop fans since Mubank is very clear for the criterias and numbers)

They gave 200.000 kpoints to be shared to all artists each week. The kpoints’ distribution is:

Digital 65% (130000 kpoints) based on digital music sales on Melon, Bugs. Soribada, Mnet, Dosirak,etc. It made up from 3 scores, 45% streaming, 20% download and 5% mobile download.

Broadcast point 20% (40000 kpoints) based on the number of airplays the songs have in KBS programs for a week.

Since April 2013, Mubank changed the criteria of broadcast points so that news programs are excluded from the airplay count. If you remember how Gangnam Style won so many awards against TVXQ Catch Me on Mubank, that’s because news programs reported the hype on GS over and over again until Psy could get around 20k broadcast points. With this new rule, it’ll be impossible to get that many broadcast points even if the song becomes such a huge phenomenon like GS.

Viewer votes 10% (20000 kpoints) this could only be done by people who live in Korea. For a week, people can register their names and id to Mubank homepage and before Mubank is aired, they will pick sample viewers from registered members to vote. They choose fairly based on gender male/female and also all range of age 10s-20s-30s-40s-50s.

Album points 5 % (10000 kpoints) based on physical sales on Hanteo, which collected from sales from Synnara,Hot Tracks, Gmarket,etc

Now, this is how it works for digital sales (remember the points I wrote are my own made up points and NOT a prediction. I still wait for instiz winner prediction for Mubank)

Let’s say that MC the max day made up 5% of digital sales, Girls’ day made up of 4% of digital sales, Ailee made up of 3% of digital sales because they rank well on digital charts, and TVXQ made up of 0.6% and Rain made up of 0.4% digital sales because they didn’t do too well on digital chart.

The formulations would be:

MC the max : 5% x 130000 = 6500 kpoints

Girls’ Day : 4% x 130000 = 5200 kpoints

Ailee : 3% x 130000 = 3900 kpoints

TVXQ : 0.6% x 130000 = 780 kpoints

Rain : 0.4% x 130000 = 720 kpoints

The formulations for album sales

TVXQ made up of 70% of album sales, meanwhile Rain made up of 10%, and Girls’ Day 5%

TVXQ : 70% x 10000 = 7000 kpoints

Rain : 20% x 10000 = 2000 points

Girls’ Day : 5% x 10000 = 500 points

So, considering physical + digital sales alone, TVXQ would be a step ahead since their kpoints will be :

TVXQ : 7000 + 780 = 7780 kpoints

Girls’ Day : 5200 + 500 = 5700 kpoints

Rain : 2000 + 720 = 2720 kpoints

SBS Inkigayo

Digital sales (50%) They based it on Gaon weekly chart. 

It’s the accumulation of rank points (the higher the rank, the more points) and also percentage from Gaon Mobile points (combination of Streaming + download + mobile on various digital charts)

SNS points (35%) based on Gaon social charts. It’s collected from Youtube views, likes and comments. For each views, likes and comments, they will count it as 1 points.

Viewer votes (5%) works the same like KBS viewer votes, just difference in you have to register on SBS inki homepage.

Live votes (10%) for winner candidates only. Rest assured, TVXQ will be included as one of the winner candidates, so you need to be online when Inki aired to vote them through SOTY application

Music Core

Digital + Physical sales (60%) the biggest percentage is, of course, in digital sales. They also based it on Gaon digital and Gaon album sales chart.

Music video views (10%) based on Melon, Bugs and Mnet videos. I-fans can view TVXQ - Something MV on those three sites.

Viewers Committee pre-voting (10%) based on 2000 people who have MBC ID and also registered on MBC Mucore homepage. They will select them based on gender and age.

Live voting (10%) for winner candidates only. The difference with Inki live vote is, you have to vote 2 candidates among 3 candidates. Like for example, the winning candidates are TVXQ, Girls’ Day and Ailee, then you have to vote either TVXQ-Girls’ Day or TVXQ-Ailee.

Mnet Countdown

Mcountdown have quite shady history for picking winner in favour of PDs’ interests so I don’t really care to this music program (beside Mcountdown is just a cable TV program). But here you go

Digital sales (50%) Also based on streaming + download + mobile on various digital charts.

Album sales (10%) Based on Hanteo, Synnara, Hot tracks

Global fan voting (5%) create a Mnet id and vote here. The vote has started from Friday-Monday.

Age preference (20%) different points for different rank.

Live show preference (10%) this is the point where PDs usually gave points to artist they favour because this point is hard to check

SMS voting (5%) for top 3 artists nominated for the win and it would be done when the show is aired. 

For Mcountdown, the rank is very important since the points would be distributed differently for each rank.

Let’s say that TVXQ ranks first on album sales, so they get around 1000 points and Rain ranks second so he got 750 points and Girls’ Day ranks third so they got 500 points. Meanwhile for digital sales, Girls’ Day ranks 2nd so they got 4500 points, TVXQ ranks 8th so 1500 points and Rain 9th so 1000 points.

The formulations for Digital and Physical sales would be

TVXQ : 1000 + 1500 = 2500

Girls’ Day : 500 + 4500 = 5000

Rain :  750 + 1000 = 1750

So, from physical + digital sales alone, Girls day would win. This is just a scenario if Girls’ Day gets as much points as TVXQ in another categories.

Hope this helps!