sbs gayo daejun 2008

[081229] Wonder Girls - Nobody Remix

I really miss Sunmi.. I mean I somehow like Lim too.. but Sunmi had such a good voice and she fit better into the group~ but well..

but lol.. I guess army/military theme is a JYP thing for Gayo’s huh? ;D xD


[081229] Big Bang - Oh Ah Oh + Strong Baby + Heaven @ SBS Gayo Daejun

[081229] Bi Rain - I'm coming + Rainism + Love Song

forever loving Papa Rain and his loud sighs and moans and his dancing skills and OF COURSE his “rain” performance… hah.. too bad he didn’t take off his shirt xD he’s one reason why I’m into Kpop today~

and yes! that one hot back up dancer is Namyong xD

[ENGSUB] Big Bang & SNSD - Hit Songs Parody @ SBS Gayo Daejun 2008

this will forever be the best parody from a year end festival~ xD although 2PM’s were good too~ but this is just.. well it’s Big Bang ;D

[081229] Big Bang - Oh Ah Oh + Strong Baby + Heaven

last but not least now Big Bang :D had to upload the video because I couldn’t find it on yt so it took a bit longer xD weeeell~ good old days :D Big Baaang~ and baby Seungri doing his first solo song :D and now.. OMG he’s just hot stuff *O*

[081229] 2PM + 2AM - Dance Battle + This Song + 10 Points Out Of 10

god I can’t get over this xD 2PM in their rookie days… they looked so shitty xD hah I love them xD

and I really gotta say.. 2AM’s stage wasn’t that good back then.. JYP why you let them dance? xD they were totally out of breath! but damn… they improved so fucking much.. OMG.. 2PM too~ so proud :D

lol I still remember when I couldn’t tell 2PM apart xD and OMG.. skinny Taec… it’s so strange to see him like that again xD my bb changed sfm~ hurrr