This is for Arielle and Janet‘s fanzine called That’s So Sugoi!, a self-published compilation dedicated to western cartoons/anime nostalgia mash-ups with eighteen fifteen?! cool artists. I went for Older!Powerpuff Girls/Rowdyruff Boys “Beach Episode” trope, heavily based on sbj’s More Than Human.

They’ll be selling at Anime Boston and AnimeNEXT, so be sure to get one when you get the chance! Check out the That’s So Sugoi! zine tag to see more awesome pieces!!


Happy new year!

I haven’t posted things up in a while, so here’s something that took a good amount of time the last quarter of last year. Dear friend sbj commissioned me to draw something in context with her fic More Than Human! this image is rife with symbolism.

Some close-up of the boys bc they’re babies.

Now that it’s a new year, I’m hoping to get my ass back into gear and ready for some crazy time management. Wish me luck!


A week or so back, yssadalawa commissioned me to do a new background for the blog she moderates, morethanhuman-fans, since it recently hit a 1000+ followers. (She does a bang up job, and she also happens to be a super delightful person in general.)

If you like the Powerpuff Girls and you haven’t read More Than Human, you should go check it out!


Aaanndd some more sketchies. 

Because of my projects, I haven’t actually drawn or sketch anything personal in forever. Finally had some time to just sit and sketch while I listened to something, so naturally…….sbj’s MTH. 

I could actually go through my tag and see how my drawings and style have changed. 

(fun fact: after I drew Butch, I cursed because I gave him the jaw-shape I intended for Brick….Brick’s “supposed” to be the most handsome one, but my bias shows for Butch…)


SBJ made a list of Disney songs that she thinks suits the kids over at her and it really inspired me to make my own portrayal of who I think everyone would be as a Disney character!

Blossom- Jane Porter from Tarzan, the scientist’s daughter who’s passionate about studying the jungle.

Brick- John Smith from Pocahontas, the explorer who learns the error of his violent ways.

Buttercup- Mulan, China’s kickass heroine.

Butch- Flynn Ryder from Tangled, the former flirty thief.

Bubbles- Anna from Frozen, the silly, energetic princess that loves her sister(s).

Boomer- Hercules, the boy with a dream to belong and be accepted for who he is.