I don’t even know man, I think she’s done enough research to THINK she knows everything about seizures, but not enough to actually know anything. just enough to try to tell the doctors they are wrong and make an ass of herself. 

she just likes to be dramatic. but what doesn’t make sense to me is there are legitimate concerns she could have that are probably worse than hitting your head. but she latches onto that “he could hit his head and DIE” thing. 


it scares the shit out of me when he has them

not to mention I get to hear my mom for the next week say “HE COULD HAVE HIT HIS TEMPLE ON THE CORNER OF A TABLE AND DIED. MY SON ALMOST DIED.”

like I understand that’s her son and of course she’s going to freak out

but mom I trip and fall on my face more often than Dillon has seizures, that isn’t really the thing to worry about. I am more likely to die from head trauma than he is. I would be more concerned about the brain damage that can come from seizures.