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‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie NInja Pro-Am’

[PS2] [USA] [VIDEO, TRAILER] [2007]

  • Uploaded by MonkiAICN, via YouTube
I have to ask.

Is Disney having difficulties with reobtaining the rights to Tarzan or something? It’s one of the few Disney films you never see around anymore.

I noticed that the Tarzan Tree House was nowhere to be found in the Kinect Disneyland Adventures game despite the fact that it is in fact, an attraction at the park.

In fact, I believe the last major appearance of Disney’s incarnation of Tarzan was in the first Kingdom Hearts game. Obviously that’s a long time ago. I also heard that this was because Square Enix was not able to reobtain the rights to bring him back in the second game.

So what’s the deal? Why is a major film that broke the Disney stereotype of fairy tales and had quite a bit of action not being given much recognition?