sbarg requests

madlymoriarty asked: I ended up being the Witch of Space in the Land of Melody and Ladders, though you can do only my land if you wish. :3

I’ll do both!

As we all know, a witch can manipulate their aspect to their will completely!  But only if it already exists or is within the known universe ((where as, a mage of space could possibly manipulate or create another plane of existence if they put their mind to it!)).  And space has to do with distance, size, shape, location, speed, and several other factors.  You’d pretty much be as powerful as Jade is!  From teleporting to shrinking down planets, you can do anything!

Your land is a tad tricky, but what I see coming to mind would be a massive land that looks somewhat like a platformer game!  Ladders lead to higher places and quests you have to finish, but some can be confusing, as they can move and will try to trick you! The colors would all be basic, bright colors: like red, lime green, purple, and orange! 

I think, since I’m picturing this land of yours as a platformer game, that it’d look like an 8-bit game too!!  Pixelated ladders and bridges and colouds and water and everything else!  Just like a retro game.  The imps love using platforms to take advantage of you; throwing barrels and other misc video game projectiles we love!  Maybe your quest bed is at the very last level (hehehe puns) of the land!  The ladders all lead higher and higher, until you find the right one and can ascend!!  

The melody part makes me think that, as you explore, you get music that follows you around ((much like in older games)).  Think super mario and kirby!!

AS such here’s your theme song!!

((this is personally my fave land ever omfg))