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Oh gosh, that was fast! I might open requests again depending on how long it takes me to finish this batch. Thanks to everyone who sent one in, I’m working on them now.

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I know it’s a bit late in the game but I would like to help out with the sbargrist efforts too, so I’m offering a couple of drawing options. I’m not doing so well creatively lately so I can’t guarantee I will do every request I get, but I will do my best!

Examples and descriptions under the cut.

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nuregator asked: I would ask about my title but it came out to be Sylph of Space! So perhaps my land instead? Land of Cobblestone and Poison?

I can do both!

Sylphs are a healer class, so a Sylph of Space would be a tad tricky.

Maybe the space they heal could be metaphorical distance between friends.  Maybe they can heal broken friendships caused by distance… or they might even be able to heal a sick universe frog! 

As for you land…

For some reason I think Salem witch trials.  Old style colonial buildings and streets with consorts dressed in pilgrim outfits!  The poison aspect might come in from… maybe a curse put on the land. 
I could see the forest being sick:  trees being gnarled and spiny, unhealthy in color and texture, as well as green smoke spewing forth from the ground. 


In all honesty, the color scheme would be similar to this

External image

I can’t stop thinking Paranorman with your land :/

The music that comes to mind is this

awesomedoogie asked: Seer of Blood (Kankri ftw) and Land of Prisms and Acid?

Okay so seers use their power of foresight to help their team succeed.

To me, blood represents friendship, relation ships, bonds, and history.

A seer of blood would be able to make decisions based on past events if you go with blood meaning history.  If you go with bonds and relationships, a seer of blood would be able to see future bonds and maybe even see HOW to become friends/form bonds with others.

Your land would be really bright in color… almost neon.  There would be small towns perched on white cliffs above oceans of green hydrochloric acid.  The colors of the land would be reflected by enormous crystals and prisms shooting off rainbows in all directions.  The acid ocean is the thing you have to fix, though!  It’s dissolving the land holding up the towns.  Just don’t fall in!

The sky would be permanently dyed red with clouds the color of violet- everything about your land is bright and neon

music wise… this is what comes to mind

heartsbanegardener asked: I already know you said a thing for my land, but can you say it again so I can save it? And if you want, maybe my God Tier? (I will love you forever if you do.)

Sure thing, Lisa

Okay as I have covered, a Sylph is a Healer class.

I see hope to represent literal hope, as well as magic and positive energy ((where as doom is death/negative energy))

So a Sylph of Hope would restore/heal a team’s hope and positive energy.  Probably by being overly optimistic or physically healing them with magic!

Lisa’s land is The Land of Copper and Flow

I picture this as a planet with large, amazing cities built of copper, where the light is at the perfect level to not be blindingly reflective, but allow the copper to shimmer nicely.  The flow part however… I think of it like Venice:  Canal streets made of water in all shades of blues, greens, and violets to compliments the gorgeous copper architecture.

As for music… I think of this song

madlymoriarty asked: I ended up being the Witch of Space in the Land of Melody and Ladders, though you can do only my land if you wish. :3

I’ll do both!

As we all know, a witch can manipulate their aspect to their will completely!  But only if it already exists or is within the known universe ((where as, a mage of space could possibly manipulate or create another plane of existence if they put their mind to it!)).  And space has to do with distance, size, shape, location, speed, and several other factors.  You’d pretty much be as powerful as Jade is!  From teleporting to shrinking down planets, you can do anything!

Your land is a tad tricky, but what I see coming to mind would be a massive land that looks somewhat like a platformer game!  Ladders lead to higher places and quests you have to finish, but some can be confusing, as they can move and will try to trick you! The colors would all be basic, bright colors: like red, lime green, purple, and orange! 

I think, since I’m picturing this land of yours as a platformer game, that it’d look like an 8-bit game too!!  Pixelated ladders and bridges and colouds and water and everything else!  Just like a retro game.  The imps love using platforms to take advantage of you; throwing barrels and other misc video game projectiles we love!  Maybe your quest bed is at the very last level (hehehe puns) of the land!  The ladders all lead higher and higher, until you find the right one and can ascend!!  

The melody part makes me think that, as you explore, you get music that follows you around ((much like in older games)).  Think super mario and kirby!!

AS such here’s your theme song!!

((this is personally my fave land ever omfg))

thebraid asked: Hey, Am, can you possibly do the Heir of Light in the Land Of Gears and Night?

And Heir has the potential to actually BECOME their aspect, as seen with recent story developments.  heirs also have pretty amazing control over their aspect.

Light is the aspect of luck, fortune, knowledge, and light

So as an Heir of Light, you have both the abilities to BECOME light, and possibly travel AT the speed of light (outrunning all space players, as the fastest they can make stuff travel is JUST BELOW the speed of light) as well as use fortune in your favor.  An Heir could possibly control knowledge to a point too, making the enemies unaware of basic facts like locations or weaknesses.

As for the land of Gears and Night it’s impossible for me to think of anything but Clock towers and a beautiful starlit sky.  Think gear platforms and machines everywhere.  The color scheme would be a faint violet and gold, with the scenery being all blues and whites in color.  There is no land besides the platforms around your land.  Everything is supported above a massive ocean of orange-pink water, filled with fish and luminescent life.

The main problem with your land is that the lack of sunlight is causing the consorts to become ill, as they are diurnal creatures.  You must bring back the sun to your land!!

In all honestly the only song that came to mind is this- AKA my favorite song ever

thephilosopher4 asked: Land of Steam and Stars, Lord of Space

Lord is a mysterious class, since we don’t know much about it yet!

But as my friend said, he thinks that Lords have complete reign over their aspect, but are HIGHLY susceptible to corruption by the horrorterrors and power!

A Lord of Space would be able to completely control every aspect of distance, size, depth, and perception of the world around him.  But all this control might just go to his head!  He has to be careful not to abuse his powers!!

Your land makes me think Steam punk

Industrialized complete with copper and bronze pipes, gears, and chimneys spewing white steam everywhere.  The main problem is that the steam has obscured the stars’ lights!!  That’s what you have to solve- a way to see the night sky again!

As your consorts have said:  “The tales of old tell how our night sky was the most beautiful and vibrant tapestry of stars to ever exist.  Sadly, we cannot see thanks to all of this blasted steam!  But, there is a legend that a hero will come forth and clear the steam from the heavens!”

This is the music that comes to mind with your land!

mysteryflavour asked: I was wondering what the Witch of Time would be able to do?

Witches are very powerful as a class.  I would deem them passive, as in they manipulate what is already there instead of actively creating it ((think waterbending VS firebending; waterbenders manipulate what is already there while firebenders create what they need))

A witch of time would be able to manipulate time as finely as she wanted, as long as it doesn’t include making doomed selves!  I think the main weakness is not being able to CREATE time, meaning you would probably not be able to create paradox selves, meaning you are always in the alpha timeline.  Your only hope of fixing doomed timelines is by rewinding your consciousness and hoping for the best!  Sadly this also means no armies of doomed selves like Aradia did.

The difference between time travel and reversing consciousness is that time travel would create time paradox clones, IE: doomed selves, where as reversing consciousness would just make you wake up at a different time exactly as you were, but with all your memories to make a better decision.

You could also manipulate small areas as well as large to distort time:  Slowing down the area around your enemy while speeding up the area around your teammates for example.