• Simon: I’m sorry, perhaps you can’t read all too well. It clearly states here that you’re a bitch and that it’d be wise of you to fuck off.
  • Camille: That’s clearly a napkin you grabbed from the cafeteria.
  • Simon: That doesn’t make it any less official.
  • Camille: You scribbled a doodle of Harry Potter yelling ‘avada Ke-FUCK OFF, bitch!’
  • Simon: Yeah? What’s your point.
40; photographer!jungkook

eyes shut (40)
p: kissing along the eyelids to show reverence

dating a photographer… wasn’t as easy as people thought it would be. for one, yeah, sure. you’d have a never ending supply of aesthetically pleasing pictures of yourself you never thought possible; taken in an angle out of the usual forty-five or ninety, exceeding front, side and three-quarter. it would constantly leave you in awe to how many kinds of pictures of yourself you’d see before you die and when you do, all thousands, close to a million would be buried along with you for the world to memorize every crevice and outline of your body before you leave.


oh… where do you begin with that?

to put it into correct terms, it’s not exactly a disadvantage but it’s something you need to get used to. in your case, jungkook’s case… it was still hard for you to wrap your head around the idea of your face being framed and being hung up in a museum you can’t pronounce filled with people you never knew existed along with compliments being thrown in your way enough to drown you in self-conscious that they all have been staring at your face as if they know you but you don’t even know a single one that said you’re beautiful.

so how do you handle this?

you… run.

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