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homophobeslayer  asked:

dirk strider

MY BOY!!!!

  • sexual orientation headcanon: hes gay, brent.
  • gender headcanon: trans boy dirk is so good but cis is ok too
  • mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon: Autism, OCD, AVPD, anxiety, DPD. i also like DID for no game AUs.
  • 3 random headcanons: 
    1. has a lot of unique stims and calming methods, like counting and doing math, sharpening weapons, doing really tedious and mundane tasks like making meticulous graphs or making the millenium falcon in minecraft, listening to asmr, learning to recite long lines of text (especially meme copypastas), and taking things apart and putting them back together.
    2. memorizes tons of meme/anime dances and performs them in front of a camera with a horse mask on and puts them on nico nico douga under a pseudonym. they get increasingly weird as it goes on but he never really gets famous for it.
    3. he is a very organized and clean guy, he needs to know where everything is at all times. this makes it to where he autopilots through his day, including cleaning. and more than once he zones out and eats toothpaste or puts his box of tools in the fridge. he doesnt realize for days at a time, sometimes. and sometimes, he just leaves it that way even if it makes no sense, and often because it makes no sense. what im saying is…he has about 500 tiny bolts /screws all organized by size in a tacklebox in the bathroom and it lives there now

send me a character and ill tell you my headcanons!