Every Robot Is Different
Every Robot Is Different
By Thomas Light Timeman

Every robot is different.
No two robots are the same.

Some robots have scissors are about to be crushed by boulders.
Cutman has scissors little chance for survival.

Some robots are very strong. <- and hard-headed
Gutsman is very strong a threat to society.

Some robots wear parkas.
Iceman wears parkas looks like a girl.

Some robots are left cannon-handed.
Oilman is left-handed an insufferable prick.

Some robots are responsible.
Some robots are intelligent.
Elecman is both neither and should be deactivated immediately.

Some robots have orange armor rigged the enemy castle with explosives.
Bombman has orange armor would if he were competent.

Some robots have a southern accent. <- and those are obnoxious
Fireman has a southern accent should never speak. Ever.

Some robots are still incomplete perfection.
Timeman is incomplete. Dr. Light is a lousy excuse for a scientist and parental figure.

Every robot is different.
No two robots are the same not reprogrammed by Wily.

Full of yes.


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