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For every single gift daddy, splenda or free vacay I’ve gone on (I’ve been on 3 this yr and was suppose to have one this weekend 😧😟🙁) this is the trap I use.

1) I casually throw out lingerie shopping for myself out there which of course will entice them. Note: I initially didn’t ask him for anything, just stated it would inevitably happen.

2) He bites…he wants to see. That’s when I ask if he’s buying it. Usually its a “yes” to which I’ll flirt back. In the rare occasion that it’s a “no”, I let him no that he shouldn’t even ask to see me in anything sexy if he’s not willing to buy me something sexy to wear. This usually turns a “no” into a “yes”.

3) I include him in the shopping. I send him photos of things I’m thinking about buying. If he starts to fantasize, I’ll slightly indulge him like “oh yea, I DO think my butt will look great in that…”

4) I up sale him. For example “oh yea, I DO think my butt will look great in that… Can’t you imagine me in lingerie and pearls/at dinner in nude heels and a form fitting dress with my lingerie peeking from underneath/ red lipstick and chanel?”

I’m creating an image for him that he thinks is based for his pleasure but already I’ve gone from just lingerie to pearls, dinner, shopping for shoes and dresses, makeup and perfume. And he doesn’t feel forced because he’s trying to bring to life the image I created for him.

Another trick could be to double up. Once you agree on a set or whatever tell him that you want to pick out another as a complete surprise for him and that he can’t see it until you wear it. Now you have two sets! (Assuming you have his card or he paypal you the money).

It starts small then you just add on a bit more every time. It helps if he believes You’re already accustomed to this treatment. If he thinks every man does this for you and that if he doesn’t do it, another will, And that he won’t get your time of day without it then he’ll more than likely get on board if he truly wants your attention. Btw of all the men I’ve used this on…. young vanillas are the easiest. Truly. Honestly.


Super late post. I haven’t made any personal posts in a while.

Went on a POT date with this asshat. I destroyed my phone (gifted to me by another POT) two days before I met up with him. He got it fixed for me then we went to dinner and a jazz concert. Very lovely. He also honored my gift request to show he was interested. All very good signs. He also gave me $160 for “gas” because I confessed that I enjoyed partaking plus money to cover my travel expenses.

We talked morning to night everyday. He kept making sexual references which was annoying because he refused to talk about allowance. After jazz, he wanted me to come to his house. I declined. This forced him to finally talk about allowance. I gave him the option of monthly or per meet. He then proceeded to try to convince me that I just come over anyway because he paid for gifts. I explained to him for the 200th time that gifts and allowances are not interchangeable 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃. Gifts are a choice and though they would ensure that I’m happy as his baby, I still required an allowance for intimacy. He finally offered me $600/month for 6 meets. Again, I declined and he was so mad he turned red. He proceeded to tell me that all he needed to do was get back on tinder and change the age range to get another baby and that being a sugar baby was a cultural thing because all the black girls are sugar babies. I informed him that not only was that racist, but manipulative and untrue and that if he could find a black sugar baby willing to show him the same graciousness I showed him for $600/month that he shouldn’t waste his time with me.

I got in my car and he texted me to make sure I was home safe. However, the next day he sent me a super NASTY 7 page text about how I’m a dirty “prostitution” that scammed him. I kindly told him that the correct word was PROSTITUTE and that not only did he need to chill because he was the one at a disadvantage for needing to pay for companionship anyway, but that he also needed to pick up a dictionary and come again. I sent him a list of words he misspelled/mispronounced with the correct phonetic spelling and bid him a good day.

Since we started talking everyday,
it’s always you.
It’s you that I remember whenever my favorite songs are playing.
You are the reason why I can’t sleep at night, because I keep thinking about what we are and what we will continue to become.
It’s you;
You are the reason I randomly wake up at 2am and smile uncontrollably.
It’s you when I’m breathing, or eating, or studying.
You are everywhere to me, no matter how far away we are from each other.
I see you in random places in my head.
You are everywhere and you are my everything.
It’s you, it’s always been you.
It will never be anyone else.
Only you.

I delete the numbers of no call no shows and don’t think twice about it. Time is money. I could’ve set ANOTHER POT date up. I’m suprised that he even responded back. Usually it stops at “who is this?” because their egos are bruised. Like yes motherfucker, you wasted my time and I moved on. You thought I would wait on you?


It’s my turn now. I’ll show you how cool and strong I am.


Sehun, Suho - 170328 SBS Power NCT’s Night Night! Instagram update: “여러분 ‘세수'하고 ‘재쟈'요😻🎶 #잘생긴사람🌝->#잘생긴사람🌝#잘생긴사람🌝->#잘생긴사람🌝”

Translation: “Everyone, ‘wash your face (SeSu)’ and 'good night (JaeJa)'😻🎶 #handsome person🌝->#handsome person🌝#handsome person->#handsome person🌝”

Credit: SBS.

Getting less than 6 hrs of sleep increases your risk of diabetes.
Getting more than 8 hrs of sleep has the same effect on the body as smoking cigarettes.
Bees claim the lives of approx 61 people in the US a yr.
The loss of bees will mean the eventual extinction of humans.
My point is… something is gonna kill you one day…. might as well suck that dick!