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Since we started talking everyday,
it’s always you.
It’s you that I remember whenever my favorite songs are playing.
You are the reason why I can’t sleep at night, because I keep thinking about what we are and what we will continue to become.
It’s you;
You are the reason I randomly wake up at 2am and smile uncontrollably.
It’s you when I’m breathing, or eating, or studying.
You are everywhere to me, no matter how far away we are from each other.
I see you in random places in my head.
You are everywhere and you are my everything.
It’s you, it’s always been you.
It will never be anyone else.
Only you.

I haven’t been keeping this blog updated lately so here’s a long post to get it up to date. I am truly ASTONISHED by my luck with this sugar daddy. I saw him for *literally* 3 hours *once* this month, was treated to a nice meal, a nice time, and I left with a fat wallet 😂 I recently moved into a new place and he helped me and my roommates so much. He provided a brand new washer and dryer (whirlpool and mint green 😭) along with movers, not to mention an extra $2200 in addition to my allowance that month. Oh yeah!!! And I took these pics with the brand new iPhone 7 he bought me ;) Happy sugaring babies!💞


Since my last post, I have completely changed my skincare and makeup routine. Out with the old and in with the new.

First, these are are tricks and tips that have really helped my skin
1. I waxed my face. Although my sideburns came out slightly more looking like a line up versus a fade, I have seen my face clear up since I have began doing this. Do this at your own risk - I did not breakout luckily. However, when I began waxing/threading I always broke out. I think this has helped because there is not baby hairs trapping bacteria and dirt. I was able to see blackheads that I did not before and I was able to really focus on those areas. Furthermore, my makeup looks more bomb with a baby-ass smooth face.

2. Wash your brushes regularly with baby shampoo. It’s cheaper than the solutions sold in makeup stores.

3. Tea tree oil is bomb for spot treatment, however it is too harsh to be used directly on your face. It can cause your skin to overwork itself - SO I have a recommended tea tree oil infused product (down below). BUT THIS NEXT TIP REQUIRES OLD SCHOOL TEA TREE OIL. Buy a spray bottle and mix some parts of water and tea tree oil (obviously not a lot). I use this solution to spray on my pillows - it is an antiseptic. And I only wash my sheets once a week if I did not do the dirty SO. Spray this on your pillow before bed because there is so much bacteria trapped on those fuckers.



So ever since I have changed my skincare routine, I have found that my skin has changed from being oily to hardly combination. I have never had such control over oil and I believe my skincare routine is to thank. 

LUSH Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser - I use this product every day and it is incredible (HOLY GRAIL FOREVER ALERT). This is a product I would say that I cannot live without. If you have never tried Lush products, then it will seem a bit weird at first because unlike other brands it is not a squeeze-it-in-your-palm kind of thing. It is a breakdown of many natural products such as lavender (an antiseptic)/grounded almonds. Instantaneously my face feels amazing after washing it with this stuff. It does not dry out my skin like the Clinique does and it provides a light exfoliant. 

LUSH Dark Angels - Instead of using my cleansing brush, I find myself reaching for this product once a week. It is a strong exfoliant (not to be used everyday) with charcoal. TBH I don’t wear makeup every day, so I do tend to use this every night I wear makeup out. BE WARNED, it is a messy product because the black residue gets everywhere BUT it is worth it. If I feel myself about to break out, I use this and leave it on for about 2 minutes. 

To find the right moisturizer, I went through a series of samples at lush. Some products dried my skin out and others look greasy. You should do this to find out what works best for you! I swear it prevents you from wasting your money on products that just are not meant for your skin.

LUSH Cosmetic Lad - Even though this product is used as males after shave, it has worked amazingly as my moisturizer. It is not too greasy nor does it leave my skin feeling dry. HOLY GRAIL BABIES. I think it works in the same way Nivea’s after shave cream does. It smells yummy and feels yummy. 

LUSH Tea Tree Water - If you are about to breakout then zap it with this solution. Whenever I thread my upper lip, I expect to breakout. NOT ANYMORE WITH THIS.

There you have it, my new skincare routine that has kept my face looking flawless in 94 degrees weather.


NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint - I am obsessed with this product. I swear it is my new go to for day time and evening makeup. It has awesome coverage for a tinted moisturizer and it is buildable in my opinion. It does not cause my skin to flake. I LOVE THIS.


BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blushes - These are stunning colors with perfect pigmentation that melt into my skin. I have not stopped using the one I purchased (copper blush) since I picked it up. I cannot wait to purchase some more. I think these blushes are best for olive complexions and darker. 

Okay babies, that is all I have for now. 

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Confession time! I use to be something of an ace skeptic. Not that I didn't think ace people existed, just that I didn't think they face oppression or marginalization. But instead of running my ignorant mouth, I shut up and listen and I learned so much. So to anyone that feels the need to spew their opinion on things they've never experienced, just don't. Anyways, happy pride to all my ace/aro lovelies! 💞

omg ily tysm and happy pride month to you too!!!!!! 


It’s my turn now. I’ll show you how cool and strong I am.

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My profile is horrible! Idk what to say about myself. I'm completely boring. Haven't traveled, don't know any other languages...oh my :-( Please help me

Uhm, hello these men don’t know that about you! (Plus I’m sure it isn’t true!) Now I’m not saying you should lie and say you travelled to Bora Bora. BUT I am saying is that you can put the best version of yourself out there. You have to build confidence, to keep sane. You need an erect back for this game.

There is nothing a man loves more than himself. Now for profiles, I always tell girls that they should describe themselves through speaking about these men. That sounds confusing right? 😬 Here’s what I mean… Instead of expressing your interests by saying I like this and that, you can say “I look forward to listening to waves crash at the shore as I lay by your side, hiking the trails of Kungsleden, and watching the next no-hitter as I cuddle up next to you.” Maybe not so corny but you get the idea. In that short statement, you have suggested that you’re into sports, you lead a healthy life, you like to travel (he’ll be like where the fuck is Kungsleden aka in Switzerland), you’re cultured, you like relaxing at the beach - most importantly you have done all of this while including him every step of the way.

Polish idioms: Body

mieć głowę na karku [lit. to have a head on your neck] - to be responsible, resourceful

od stóp do głów [lit. from toes to head] - covering your body completely

rzucić okiem [lit. to throw an eye] - to have a quick look on sth

mieć nosa [lit. to have a nose] - to predict sth well

mieć dwie lewe ręce [lit. to have two left hands] - to be clumsy, to fail at sth

mieć coś z głowy [lit. to have sth off your head] - to deal with sth you didn’t necessarily wanted to do

pięta Achillesa [lit. Achilles’s heel] - sb’s weakness, weak point

mieć kogoś na oku [lit. to have sb on your eye] - to observe sb carefully

wpaść w oko [lit. to fall into an eye] - to have a crush on sb

trzymać rękę na pulsie [lit. to keep your hand on pulse] - to keep up, be updated

wstać lewą nogą [lit. to get up with your left leg] - to wake up in a bad mood

mieć łeb jak sklep [lit. to have a head like a shop] - be very smart, have a big knowledge

nie mieć głowy do czegoś [lit. not to have a head to sth] - not being able to focus on sth

być oczkiem w głowie [lit. to be a little eye in sb’s head] - to be the most important person for sb (usually said in the context of children being most important for their parents)

niebo w gębie [lit. heaven in mouth] - delicious food

złota rączka [lit. a golden litttle hand] - sb who is handy and can fix everything in house

mieć olej w głowie [lit. to have oil in your head] - to be responsible, smart

mieć muchy w nosie [lit. to have flies in your nose] - to be in a bad mood

kręcić nosem [lit. to twist your nose] - to be fussy

dać nogę [lit. to give a leg] - to escape, to run away

zawracać głowę/dupę [lit. to turn around sb’s head/ass] - to bother sb (notice that “zawracać dupę” is colloquial!)

stracić głowę [lit. to lose your head] - to panic

mieć motyle w brzuchu [lit. to have butterflies in your stomach] - that sensation in your belly when you’re in love

mieć głowę w chmurach [lit. to have your head in clouds] - to daydream, to be dreamy

nabrać wody w usta [lit. to fill your mouth with water] - not to tell anything, be quiet (especially when sb keeps asking you about sth)

chylić czoła [lit. to bow your forehead] - usually said when you want to show your respect for sb’s work

brać nogi za pas [lit. to take legs behind belt] - to escape, to run away

stanąć na (własnych) nogach [lit. to stand on (your own) legs] - to become independent financially

Feel free to add your own Polish body idioms if you know some! :)