He is just so lovely and so wonderfully British. When he said ‘ratty’ I laughed. Such a down to Earth, awesome dude. 


“They’re sooo cute together, though I’m not their fan actually (SNOWBARRY FOREVER).”

-A Closet WA Shipper

You know WA is good when decent SB shippers have to come up with justification for vidding a ship that they supposedly don’t love. Lol.

Check out this vid though. It’s cute!

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So I already lowered my price for a POT and preformed oral. And now he wants me to have unprotected sex with him for a hundred less than I'd want...I told him I'm not comfortable with that and he makes me feel guilty for not trusting him. I really need the money but no don't even think he'd be a good sugar daddy. What do I do?

Girl seriously just end that arrangement. It’s not worth it, and trying to guilt you into something you’re not comfortable with is a huge red flag. He probably knows you’re desperate for money and is doing it on purpose. Don’t let him manipulate you into doing anything you’re not comfortable with. Be careful when breaking it off because guys like that are usually the ones that snap and try to blackmail you or some other crazy shit. You can tell him it’s not anything personal, or about trust, but you are a SB and he is a SD. If the money isn’t there what’s the point honestly.


[SBS Game Show] Block B Jaehyo, Starcraft Championship Win!


Went home a day before K daddy, feels good flying alone in business class, and without daddy there were no duty free shopping 😩. But on the bright side, i do not need to tolerate the weird stares from check in and cabin crew. Also, airport VIP lounge is the perfect place to go freestyle. 👀 only if I wasn’t too tired and had my makeup on 🙈

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not really a hc but shoutout to jet and kobra being total badasses and still being the sweetest guys known in their zone. jet gives awesome hugs while kobra is like everyone's brother. party is very proud. ghoul will tell you he doesnt give a flying nor a crawling fuck (but deep inside, he knows it's true and thank goodness for them he is still alive)

My babies <3 I think a lot of people overlook them, assuming that Poison and Ghoul are the “heroes,” but the guys know that they probably wouldn’t have made it without Kobra and Jet. Kobra has kept Poison going even when he didn’t have anything else to live for.


glims, glams and tank progress!!

i switched back to my old AST glamour b/c i missed it ;___;

also v in love with my BLM glamour (i ran pharos sirius HM and st mocianne’s so many times for that friggin caster coat but it FINALLY dropped)

AAAAAND I made it to paladin!! level 32 and no one’s had a bad word to say about my tanking yet!! (keyword “yet”) (ノ◠‿◠)ノ*: ・゚’✿

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I'm chatting to a POT out of town and he wants to do a video chat before we meet (which is fair enough and isn't setting off any red flags; he's a little ways away, and so it's understandable he doesn't want to travel for hours to meet someone he has no chemistry with). I'm a little weary of it, though, because I'm always worried about being recorded (even if it's just entirely non-sexual chatting, it worries me). Would me suggesting a videoless call seem sketchy?

Honestly you can literally say you’re worried about being recorded (maybe make up a story about how it’s happened to you before so it’s more understandable) and ask to call first. Let him know you’re up for a video chat after the call, you just would prefer a call first. If he gets angry about that, he was probably planning on doing something shitty anyway, because that’s a totally reasonable request.