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Like a list of what he does and stuff to calm down or something or even the type of things you can tell his emotions from

music for sure is a distraction thing for him, like, he probably does it all the time even in little ways. tapping or humming or drumming w odds and ends, probably goes thru headphones often bc they go thru so much cos he takes them everywhere. canonically he used music to ignore the horrorterrors i think but also probably coping. drawing was another cope he had but like idk if thats what ur lookin for. (sb&hj was deff an outlet).

i feel like hed def be like,, busyhands. messin w this, messin w that, pretends hes layin the beat when he listens to shit, mess w his shades, his hair, his headphones, mb even picks sometimes at acne or scars but he gets really self conscious abt it. Everything Goes In His Mouth. he has no nails bc he chewed them off, all his hoodie strings, prob a necklace or bracelet that he chews on, even the neck of his shirt ?? 

he wiggles,, , , ,,, , , bc he had to always be moving as a kid right theres so much restless energy pent up waiting for the shoe to drop. jiggle he legg ALL the time. jigglewiggles. bounces. clicks pens like mad. also chews on them. hes just generally awful to be around if u cant stand fidgeting