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J/H = ■ & ♦

■ - Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon 

Jackie likes filling their living room with pictures that she’s changing all the time. She says that they need to have pictures of their friends, family and friends on display. The pictures of them are always changing.

He knows the ones she takes away will end up in her albums and scrapbooks, so he has stopped asking where are they or what happened to the pictures.

The only picture he has told her not to move is their prom picture. 

He doesn’t like how he looks in it and Jackie is kind of embarrassed of her teenage self once they are older, but none of them want it anywhere else.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

Before having kids, even before going to live together, they started doing short road trips to smalls town between cities. They would search a dinner that serves disgusting burgers and eat them.

Jackie marks on a map the places were the food isn’t as bad, and the ones were the food is the best. At some point, they have all Wisconsin marked with places to eat burgers she would never admit to put in her body to anyone else.

Once they had their first kid, they thought about stopping doing these trips but Hyde suggested they shouldn’t, just add a small person to it. They kept doing it, even when their kids were older and about to leave the house, and even before they did.

I’ve always been fascinated by the evolution of Aaron’s court and prison experiences. I can’t help but think about the previous times we’ve seen Aaron inside. He’s always been cocky, aggressive, had an attitude, until his stint in 2015. When he was in there for something he didn’t do. He became suicidal, he was a mess. And I can’t get over how, heartbreaking and gut-wrenching as that scene was with Cain, I wasn’t nearly as shaken up as I was today. There’s something about seeing his environment within the prison (as opposed to just being out with visitors) that makes everything feel tenuous, like one wrong move and your whole world is going to break.

I feel sick to my stomach watching it, but I’m also glued to the screen. In some ways he’s stronger now than he’s ever been before. He came in happy, with something to look forward to when he got out (the first time he’s really had that). The way he handles himself is bound to be more careful, and I’m fascinated with the choices this new mature Aaron is bound to make, knowing he’s about to spend a year in there and knowing that by the end of it he needs to be as intact as he was when he came in.

paraph. block10/part3

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♡ + hyde/jackie

♡ - romantic headcanon

You know how Jackie can’t cook for dear life? She asked Kitty to teach her so she could surprise Hyde during their first anniversary together after they moved in together. 

She cooked something simple and it wasn’t exactly good, and she knew this. Yet, Hyde eated it all, even what she left. 

“You didn’t had to eat that, I know it wasn’t good.”

“What wasn’t good?”

He refused to say her food was crappy, and at the end she accepted this as a victory. But the next day, he called her to the kitchen and cooked their dinner with her in order to teach her properly.

None said anything and she just followed what he said, her lessons ended in laughs and small messes in their kitchen every day, until she was able to put together a few things.

He still does most the cooking, but she likes helping him now.


Bcoz.. Their ‘WHUT?WHUT?’ Face Expressions are always be My Favorite ONE!😂❤
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♦ with jackie :)

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

She loves taking pictures.

It’s something she probably picked from Mrs. Forman since she asked her in various ocasions to take pictures for her during parties and other gatherings. Otherwise, she doesn’t know from where since, in fact, there aren’t many pictures of her when she was a kid, only from big parties and events at school.

Jackie makes albums and scapbooks with her pictures, she displays her favorites on her living room and takes some to her dressing room at the channel she works in, she also puts some on Steven’s office at Grooves.

Soon Hyde starts getting her supplies for her camera(s) with the groceries of the house. He doesn’t mind being part of her sometimes extreme hobby as long as she is happy and loving all these new memories she never had when she was a kid.


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★ and ☆ + steven hyde

★ - sad headcanon

Things weren’t that bad with his parents when he was little, before Edna catched Bud cheating on her. 

They weren’t the best parents either. He was still pretty much absent and Edna got distracted easily or didn’t put that much of disposition on stuff regarding motherhood. But it wasn’t that bad.

But once Bud’s shit was discovered, Edna started to change for him.

Hyde had to live the horror of having your beloved mother transform into a monster that slowly tears you apart. And he didn’t understood that until her was older.

☆ - happy headcanon

When he became a dad, he was scared as hell of fucking up and screwing his kid like his parents did to him. 

The normality of his days as a father comes as a surprise. It helps his nervouness and paranoid about swering up a lot the fact that he can sit down and watch Jackie carrying their kid around the kitchen, signaling things and calling them by its name because Mrs. Forman told them that will help the kid to develop his capacities faster.

He can see her came out with a song for his bath, a song for his meal, another to change the diaper, one more for sleeping and napping time. 

She takes their baby in arms and lays beside him on their couch, cuddling into his chest and sighs. He rounds her with one arm, resting his hand on her belly and looks at his baby making small noises and looking around, smiling to his mother and starting to laugh.

“Are you happy?” he asks out of nowhere one day.

“Of course!” she answers immediately, and he knows his kids are never going to get through that nightmare of his childhood.