[28032017]  GOT7 - Opening + Mission 60 @ The Show

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Finally landed two fucking whales 😍

I am one’s personal trainer (we are taking it slowly but I know it will yield a ton - I met his son already and he’s so sweet). We are spending all of Friday together after his session and the other is infatuated with me (he’s sent me 7k for this month and all we have done is met up for five minutes) and he renewed my expensive ass lease.

Shit is really picking up for me 🙈💕


Splenda is back (haven’t seen him for 3 months, as a punishment 😤), told him that I was bothered by the fact that he turned the guest star into SB without telling me. Not that I care he has another playmate, but he went behind my back and promised her a fixed allowance and the same time he wants to cut down my allowance (thinking I didn’t know that he is supporting our ‘guest star’). Oh well, long story on how I found out..

Anyways, it’s my birthday month and he sponsored my flight ticket to Japan as a gift. Hehe.. Japan was perfect if only I have more time and a SD with me, I will go crazy with the omakase and shopping. 😎