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Silena had been spending most of the past days inside the Aphrodite manor. She hadn’t been feeling well lately neither in the mood to walk around the island. However, realizing that it had been like 3 days since she had gave any sign of life, she decided to step outside her manor. 

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After the Storm

Sigrun hadn’t slept since the storm. The storm had ended days and days ago, but she could still hear it. The water, that is. She could still hear the water sloshing and crashing against the riverbank, and the trees ripping from the ground. 

She hadn’t slept and that was starting to take a toll. Often, that toll found her in the library late into the night, eyes wide and searching. Such as they were today. Her research, protection for herself and her friends, she couldn’t rest until she finished it and she knew that they all were safe.

Something moved in her peripheral vision. She looked up. Deep, dark circled ringed the undersides of her eyes. Her throat burned raw, she did not speak.

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      ALAS, all medical equipment has now been reclassified as toys. the sapling’s joy is almost as infectious as the winter’s colds as he scoots around the doctor’s office, pen torch wrapped in vines as he basks with utter delight in the warmth of the small LED !  he’d barely stopped long enough for house to examine the rash on his trunk, or the cough that had allegedly been plaguing the sapling –––– 

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Kakyoin hadn’t a clue. The two of them had been together for awhile now, yet Kakyoin sometimes never realized the horrific thoughts that crossed Mitsuhide’s mind. Perhaps it was foolish, but Kakyoin trusted the man. After all, Kakyoin was notorious for putting his faith in the worst of people. Part of him wanted to watch the world burn – maybe that was why he ended up here in the first place. Ended up with Akechi and the Oda. 

He had no complaints. In that moment, he felt utterly at peace as he laid there, resting against Mitsuhide’s cold body, obviously soothed with the way those skeletal fingers toyed with his red curls. Truly, he was thoroughly tuckered out by the gruesome events from earlier that day. War.

 As ruthless and cold-hearted as he was, it didn’t mean he was immune to the limitations of being human. He was only vaguely aware of Mitsuhide’s eyes on him, watching him as he tried to rest.

A Call to Arms

From the moment the message appeared on the wall, Sigrun’s thoughts immediately turned to her friends in Haus Bronze. The message hadn’t said anything about hurting the Bronzers, but knowing the type of people who would say that about Muggleborns…she wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t far behind. She tried staying in her room, but the combination of her thoughts and the waves from the Rhein crashing around in her head made her too anxious. She had to do something. Her friends could be in danger. She had to move.

So she waited for her opportunity. She wasn’t sure exactly who would be willing to help. But it was worth a shot. She knocked on the door in front of her.

Finally the day was over. As she walked out of her class, Sigrun pulled her hair out of her perfect ponytail. She shook her hair out so it fluffed up, back to a more natural and free shape. She got about five feet out into the courtyard before she felt a pair of eyes on her. She turned around. “Can I help you?”

“Ready to go?” he asked as he brushed behind her to begin locking up the cash register. Hearty light shone through the windows of the shop and yet he was preparing to close. It wasn’t something he often did, but their honeymoon had ended abruptly. Much too abruptly. He could lose one day of dealing to spend time with his Belle. It was sort of a spare of the moment decision, one that he hadn’t told her about… But he doubted she would have many objections, though. Or he hoped.