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I do not understand why these old ass men think I care that they work out or are “athletic/fit” or “attractive”…you’re not good looking fool! These men look like pink versions of Shrek with less hair and think a young beautiful girl in her 20s is gonna be impressed by them because they think they qualify as “athletic”. I actually date athletes, my age!!!! you moldy Swiss cheese yellow toothed creep! Just pay my bills and stay in your ugly place please.

I find it funny when a POT messages me and he’s using emojis HEAVILY…I mean like placing them every other word 🤦🏾‍♀️ You can tell he just discovered emojis and he’s attempting to “fit in” by using them. Older men & their lack of technology is something I may never get accustomed to.

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If one more man tries to manipulate me into lowering my prices and attempts to hide it by claiming he’s giving me “business advice” i’m gonna scream. I have no idea how some of you ladies stay so calm when men act like this. I’m stepping on the throat or the next man who comes at me like this 🙃

suspicious partner ep 39-40 (finale): kdrama rants

awww I’m so sad suspicious partner is over bc no more weekly ji wook n bong hee but this episode had so much fluff and cuteness like lets take a moment to appreciate how adorable bong hee and ji wook were this finale with the typical drunk piggy back ride and their morning kisses and hand holding

aaand the return of the dirty but pretty line for the third time cause third time’s the charm (:

aLso yees i finally got the amazin trio I was waiting for and hoping for throughout most of the entire show !! although the three of them had heaps of drama come between them, they’re such an oddly great trio of friends and ever since yoo jung and bong hee kicked that thief’s ass together i wAS HOPING FOR THIS AND IT FINALLY CAME TRUE (also lmao at yoo jung’s complete obliviousness to eun hyuk’s feelings for her and how adorable she is drunk)

and even though ji wook and bong hee had lil fights throughout this episode, mr byun’s top notch advice made it all worth it (like seriously, 30 years tried and tested this one’s a wise man)

“just apologise. even if you don’t know what it’s for.”

*forgets that women usually ask what you’re sorry for, to which you can’t answer since you never figured out what you did wrong in the first place*

and even though we never found out, I hope that someday mr bang found his girl and finally found a wife to mother his four children with him cause the four kids need a mother as well as a father <3


like actually finaLLEh after eun hyuk dropping so many hints and being an adorable cute puppy hiding his feelings for so many years he got his girl ((:

and some more cute fluff with the drama ending with them getting engaged like aawww (also how beautiful is the ring that ji wook gave bong hee like it’s so dainty and simple but also so elegant and pretty but not flashy at all like i rEALLY LIKE THAT RING cAuse i’m such a fan of dainty jewellery) it was kinda cheesy but cute all the same my heart is so happy with this drama i’m so sad it’s over and now i’m just gonna sit in a slump for like a day or two and find the effort and strength to move on to another drama yknow no biggie just that mY HEART IS FULL AND IS BEING DRAINED BC iT’S ENDING )’:

(it’s okay I’ll hopefully survive lmao)

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What’s so hard about NOT bringing up sex?

Like I don’t get why you feel the need to tell me all this 5 minutes into a conversation. Understand that SBs KNOW that sex will most likely be involved in our arrangements. WE KNOW YOU WANNA FUCK, YOU DON’T HAVE TO TELL US ON POT DATE. You can leave out every detail of your dark, twisted, 50 shades of gross, published by Zane fantasies. My appetite is gone.

Also, if you bring up sex, don’t be offended when we bring up money. TF?! Don’t act surprised bitch, you knew what this was!

“Oh, well I’m not really comfortable talking about mon-”

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i’m not even a twice stan but i think i’m gonna become one just to spite all the haters of pretty and talented girl groups/female artists

i’m watching sbs on vlive right now and i have not seen a single girl go on without some bs comment or poop emoji spam,,, like how petty can u get,,, even cl, hyuna and sejeong???? why do y’all hate literally every woman in kpop

and w/ almost every other girl group performance people were like: ‘so boring’ bruh the only boring one here is your girl-hating ass

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What's going on with the Siamdang drama? I decided to skip since I've been burned by SSH dramas before, so I have no idea what's been going on.

Hoo boy,  So, pretty much:

1.  SBS thought they had a guaranteed hit on their hands with Lee Young Ae’s big comeback drama.  Up until shortly before it aired, it was always meant to be a weekend drama, and while it got pushed back once or twice, the earlier possible slots were for the weekend.  Then someone went “hey, we have a guaranteed, no chance of failure drama, why are we making it a weekend drama instead of primetime?”  So they moved it to the Wednesday/Thursday slot without taking into account that, well, it was meant to be a WEEKEND drama, and not only do weekend dramas have a different vibe from primetime dramas, but viewers also have different expectations.  If it had been a weekend show, there would have still been some problems, but I do believe that it would had had the ratings-or close to-that it was expected to have.

2.  Even though Lee Young Ae apparently didn’t want to rely on nostalgia too much, SBS really really did, and played up the nostalgia in marketting, and in the show itself.  On paper, it makes PERFECT sense why she’d go with it.  It’s set in the same time period as Dae Jang Geum and the characters are familiar but not identical, it featured a character who rarely (never?) appears in sageuks, a romance between a couple in their late 30s, and a rather unusual and somewhat original spin on things.  It isn’t the first series to combine modern and  historical parts (and it should be noted that filming finished long before Goblin or Chicago Typewriter, which also feature reincarnation and historical and modern timelines, were ever announced) but it’s still an uncommon approach.  Unfortunately, SBS opted too much for the nostalgia.  Nods and homages to LYA’s previous iconic works are natural and expected, but SBS decided that people who liked LYA in an early 2000s drama wanted to watch her in an early 2000s drama in 2017.  Personally speaking, while there were some not-great sageuk parts early on, it worked for me.  It didn’t work for a lot of people because…well, even if you liked something 14 years ago you don’t WANT something that hasn’t progressed in those 14 years.

3.  The series was hyped as a sageuk with bits of modern plot, and marketing really built up the nostalgia.  In reality, the series was always meant to be roughly evenly split between the modern and historical plotlines.  Unsurprisingly, when fans got something VERY different from what they’d been promised (the first episode was mostly modern parts, the second was half modern, half snippets from different points in the sageuk plotline) they reacted pretty loudly.  SBS reacted by being SBS and making drastic edits.  It should be noted that the ratings didn’t fall below what’s normally considered decent until AFTER the major edits took place.  Most of the editing was removing large chunks of the modern parts.  Unfortunately, it was constructed for the two plotlines to feed into and support each other.  The sageuk plotline was perfectly decent on its own, but was obviously lacking something, and that something was the bulk of the complementary plotline in the present.  As a result, while we’ll likely get resolution for the sageuk plotline, they cut so much from the modern plotline that I don’t see how they can fully resolve and explain everything in the final episode.

4.  I’m not completely up to speed on this part, but it was apparently also expected to do well internationally, like Moon Lovers did, but the China ban pretty much killed that.

5.  It’s SBS doing a sageuk?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, more often than not,  sageuk that doesn’t get stellar ratings sails through SBS unscathed.  But then…well, they pretty much did the same thing to Moon Lovers with the heavy edits that made things a mess and did more harm than good, but at least they didn’t do so many edits that they dumped 2 entire episodes worth of plot.  Then there’s poor Ja Myung Go, which had the misfortune of competing with Queen Seon Deok (and another really popular drama that QSD replaced early in its run, tough I forget that drama’s name) to which it bore some similarities.  The ratings Ja Myung Go pulled in were low, but not actually terrible, but it was meant to be 50 episodes and they cut it to 39.  IMO, having to condense the last 20 episodes into 9 episodes (and I can’t recall if they even had that much forewarning) pretty much ruined it.  I loved that show despite not caring for the male lead at all, or being very invested in the romance, until the final handful of episodes, which I thought went downhill fast, and the ending pretty much ruined it for me.  (Tragic is one thing, but I thought that went OTT with the tragedy, and actively ignored Ja Myung’s agency to have the tragedy, but that’s another rant.)  SBS seems a little more trigger happy and panicky if their really hyped dramas don’t immediately perform as expected, and both Saimdang and Moon Lovers probably would have fared better in ratings if someone hadn’t hit the panic button and sent the editing department into a frenzy.

I mean, I’ve spent half the run of the show going “MBC wouldn’t have done this to us.”  (I mean, in general, MBC seems more willing to stick with sageuks and let them do their thing even when they only have average ratings.)  Sure, we would have had even more Dae Jang Geum shoutouts, but at least they would have given the show a proper chance.

6.  I honestly have no idea if this is a factor, and I touched on it in a post last week, but Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People has been…not a sleeper hit, but it’s a show pulling in good ratings and a lot of acclaim despite relatively little promotion.   MBC kinda threw it out there and it took off was better than the overlapping and way more hyped sageuks from SBS and KBS.  But Rebel is, IMO, a truly revolutionary and progressive show in a lot of ways.  Even if you don’t see it as revolutionary or progressive, there’s no denying that it deals with and addresses things other sageuks usually don’t, and is very different from what we’re used to in a lot of ways.  At the same time, you have Saimdang relying on tried and true tropes for the sageuk, and steadily losing a lot of what set it apart thanks to SBS edits.  A lot of people I know (as in, all of them that I can think of) who initially watched Saimdang but couldn’t get into it DO watch and love Rebel.  Whether or not this holds true for Korean viewers, I don’t know.

I mean, I’m biased.  People who follow me who don’t watch kdramas, or even those who do but don’t watched Rebel, are probably sick and tired of me talking about it.  Someone out there probably isn’t reading this post purely because I post so many walls of text about the show that they have every possible version of the title plugged into tumblrsavior.  Unless it goes south in the last few episodes, I’m going to say that Rebel is probably one of the best shows I’ve watched in the last few years, while Saimdang is pretty much my most anticipated drama of the last two years. Aside from the first few episodes, Saimdang did not live up to my expectations, though I do still like it for the show it is.

End rant.  Sorry, you probably didn’t expect a reply anywhere near this long, but ti’s one of the things that gets me going these days.  My friends in Line have put up with a lot of this from me lately.

What I think some of the Marauder fans don’t seem to understand about why people relate and love Snape as a character is the fact that many of us were bullied as children, suffered through the same abuse that he went through, and we see a kindred spirit in Snape. 

I myself suffered bullying as a child. I was chubby, I was a different race to the majority of kids in my school, and I had a strange name that lent itself to all sorts of interpretations before I changed my name to an English name. And I was bullied. Horribly. I had no friends, spent all my time alone with books for company, and I would often come home crying and dreading school the next day. Of course, my tormentor had no qualms about leaving me isolated. 

And that’s what James Potter symbolised for me. He had the good looks, the popularity, was good at sports, was rich, had friends who supported him, and he was the spitting image of my tormentor. And to top it all off, he’s given a pass by the fandom for treating Snape the way he did. 

It leaves a rather sour taste in my mouth when I read posts about how people love James and Sirius and defend his actions against Snape because there’s always that part of me that thinks “well, if these people think what James did to Snape was okay, then I guess in these people’s eyes, I deserved all the bullying that I received as a child as well.” And it only gets worse when they justify it through Snape’s actions later in life. The thing is, Snape had done nothing at that point to deserve the abuse he suffered from the Marauders. 

Put yourself in Snape’s shoes: You’re minding your own business, and suddenly you’re attacked by the same people who have made your life a misery. You’re hoisted upside down in front of dozens of students, and exposing your underwear. Meanwhile, your tormentor is casually telling your only friend that they’re doing this “because s/he exists”. And not only that, your friend seems to almost smile for a moment at your humiliation. It’s enough to make anyone snap and say something that they’ll regret in that moment. 

I don’t care what people say, but that situation should NEVER be allowed to happen to anyone. 

So why do we like Snape? Because we sympathise with him. We empathise with him. We have all been him. And it’s hard when you can see yourself in Severus Snape’s shoes.

I don’t mean to start a fight guys. But some ugly A*MY saying how amazing Jimin is and the rest were backup dancers..?

Momo did not dedicate her life to dancing and left her country to be called a backup dancer.

Mina did not come to Korea, did not train in ballet for so many years to be called a backup dancer.

Hakyeon did not work his ass off and did not win Grand Prize at Korean Youth Dance festival for his amazing choreography to be called a backup dancer.

I acknowledge Jimin as a great dancer, I am not going to.. degrade your faves just to show how much “better” mine is.

I’m not even annoyed or anything because I already gave up on those kids that call themselves their fans. But I wanted to get it off my chest.






Men are so irrelevant. This guy tried to tell me that women buy materialistic items to show off to other women and to attract men… when really it scares men away, “It makes you look bitchy.”

Get the fuck out of here. I don’t spend thousands of dollars on my shit to justify my self worth. I want quality shit for my hard earned money. I scare men away because I look like a million bucks? Good. Stay the hell away.

The Delusions of Men

Thank God - Coffee and I are over. And of course, in typical “me” fashion, there was lots of drama and heated words. As I mentioned in my previous post, I could feel Coffee was getting attached to me. I really started to ease up off the relationship  I felt that the “let’s turn this into the real thing” talk was coming. For me, I just saw this arrangement as sex and a good time.

Either way, I had to end this arrangement twice. The first time, I became extremely distant. He blew up my phone constantly and accused me of hiding something. His texts to me said he wanted “quality companionship” and “not just sex or that physical bullshit”. It was insane and I ended up having to tell him to come by my place and pick up some clothes he left there.

When we was here, he tried speaking to me. And me, being wayyyy too nice, allowed him. I think I’m traumatized from the way I broke up with my ex. I still feel a lot of guilt for the way I shattered his heart and it was hard to see myself to do it to another man. Anyways, his tune changed completely. I told him I was just in this arrangement for sex, fun, and money. I didn’t do feelings and I wasn’t able to reciprocate his. He breathes out this sigh of relief and goes “Me too! I’m so glad you said that!”. At this point, I look off camera with the most exasperated look a la Michael Scott from The Office (this sentence was funnier in my head, I promise).

Suddenly, his ego comes up and he starts talking about how he’s a great fuck and how he’s into some crazy sex. As a certified nymphomaniac, I can assure you this is not true. He’s good in bed, but I’ve had better since him. I was clearly unhappy and turned off by his personality but he was too self absorbed to notice. I ease him out of my condo and hope that I can just ghost him.

Then the next day, the huge blowup occurs. We text, I tell him I’m done with him because he changes his mind way too much and his personality really, really sucks. He goes nuts, accusing me of being in love with him (???) and that he wanted his money back. At this point, my blood is boiling and I told him that if he’d like the money back, he’s more than welcome to come over and watch me burn it in front of him. He then calls me insane and that I was so clearly in love with him. The arrogance and the delusion of man is insane. Even after I told him I had fucked to close to 10 men since the last four weeks I’ve seen him, he claimed I was lying and didn’t believe me.

He has threatened to get in trouble and use the law if he had to to get his money back. I laughed him off and told him to try, because I’ve been an SB way longer than he’s been an SD. My finances are untouchable and there’s no one that can fuck me at this point. Ah, the hubris of men. They’re all talk until they realize how smart women actually are. Deuces, Coffee.

Don’t Make Me Feel Bad for You (Because I Won’t)

To Girls Who Aren’t Successful in the Sugar Bowl,

I don’t feel bad. So don’t try to make me feel bad for you. I’m not saying I don’t feel bad about the racism or fat shaming parts of the bowl (because those are leaking in from institutionalized bigotry/discrimination from the outside world and that does really suck). I’m talking about other girls who I see just bitching and whining about not being successful.

My answer to you: get the fuck off Tumblr and go do something about it. No SDs in your area? Then get to traveling or pick something else. For some reason men talk to you and then aren’t interested? Fix what you’re saying or learn how to be more sociable or find something else

I see girls on here all the time bitching and whining or girls constantly asking question who say they’re interested in the bowl. There is no interested. Get off your ass, go make a POT date and start learning for yourself. POT dates aren’t going well for some reason? Figure out the reason and put yourself out there. 

The world doesn’t owe you anything. You have to earn everything. And again, this post is NOT targeted toward those of you who have unfair odds stacked against you. This post is directed at the girls who just want to sit around and bitch and whine about not succeeding. Maybe you’d succeed if you spent less time on Tumblr and more time on your hustle. 

I see girls on here all the time talking about how we don’t owe these men anything, but guess what? They don’t owe you anything either. You have to earn the money. You have to put in the effort. Sitting on Tumblr and whining will not get you anywhere I promise.