Today was my first day back at college and it was a baptism of fire! Assessment in the morning, following by some very tricky pattern cutting well into the evening (I got home at 7.30!) To some this might sound like a nightmare, but I adore my course and I love being busy <3 (It’s when I’m too busy there’s a problem) :P

Anyhow, I came across this beautiful illustration of a panda -somewhere- I have now forgotten… But it’s absolutely lovely isn’t it? A friend of mine illustrates in a very similar style and she’s awesome :)

I have been thoroughly neglecting my tumblr the last while… Part of this is due to me being ridiculously busy but it’s mainly because I indulged in some downtime back in the motherland for a few days ^__^ I must say I did have a wonderful time back in Northern Ireland, caught up with a load of friends, saved a drunk guy from a river and got very, very drunk in the process! I learned that The Cutters Wharf actually does first class food nowadays, Filthy McNasties is an awesome wee bar and also there are clubs in Lisburn! O__O 

Anyhow, now it is most definitely back to the old grindstone, starting with the essay I have due in a few days and my chicken-man puppet!