One of the main lessons that we should take from the story of the Mi'raj.

The Prophet ﷺ had called people to Allah for over 10 years in Makkah. He was once the one that they called the truthful and the trustworthy, but suddenly all those who were once close to him turned their backs on him and betrayed him. He was stoned and pelted. He was called names and mocked. His family were starved. His companions were tortured and killed. All those who he once trusted now plotted against him and it was the hardest ten years of his blessed life. He saw hardship and he saw pain, but non of it compared to the pain he experienced just before this journey. He lost his uncle Abu Talib who looked after him as a child, the one who protected him when people attacked him. The one who took care of him when his father and grandfather passed away. His death caused the Prophet ﷺ indescribable pain. Then He lost his wife, Sayyidah Khadijah. She was the one he loved, she gave him ease, she honoured him and she remained with him when everyone left. When she passed away, it broke his blessed heart.

When all of these trials and tribulations came his way, he remained steadfast and content with the destiny of Allah. He never gave up and he never despaired. He carried on calling to Allah. It was in this time that Allah took him upon the night journey and He saw His Lord. In those moments, He gazed upon Allah. He was rewarded for His patience, and he was honoured with the ultimate prize. Dear Ummah, you may be going through turmoil, pain and real confusion, but Allah has promised us that ease shall come after hardship. An ease which shall make us forget all that which we faced. Remain patient and keep steadfast with prayer, supplication and gratitude. A day shall come when Allah will reward you beyond measure. He only tested you as a sign that He loves you.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

Dear sister, you are not defined by the age that you get married so stop stressing about the meaningless opinions of others. Did you forget Sayyidah Maryam? The greatest woman ever created. عليها السلام

Your job is to worship Allah and to rely on Him, and He will show you miracles.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam


Sayyidah Hajar was the first person to occupy the area today known as ‘Mecca’ in Arabia, she’s the mother of Ismā'īl who is the father of the Adnani Arabs. There is difference amongst scholars as to the origin of Sayyidah Hajar, some authorities say she is a princess from Egypt, others say she’s Ethiopian, while others proclaim her to be Nubian; in any case it all leads back to Africa. It is from her sacred womb that the Prophet Muhammad would descend thousands of years later in the 6th century C.E.

Sayyidah Hajar is the the most revered Black woman on earth today for a couple reasons;

1). Part of the rites of Hajj performed by millions of Muslims each year are in honor of Sayyidah Hajar’s own actions; such as walking between the mountains of Safa and Marwa, and drinking from the well of Zam Zam. Without mimicking these actions of Sayyidah Hajar, the Hajj is not complete.

2). She is buried in the sacred precincts of the Ka'ba where millions of Muslims make pilgrimage to every year, however, over her grave is a small circular wall built by her son Ismā'īl, so that no one would walk upon her grave.

The African matriarch origins of Islam, along with some of its rites, proves that Islam and Africa are congenial at their very fundamental base.


Sayyidah Ruqayya Mosque - Damascus, Syria

The mosque is a holy shrine & it contains the grave of Sukayna bint Hussein, the daughter of Imam Hussein, granddaughter of Imam Ali, & great-granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad.

All men want to marry to marry a woman that walks the path of Sayyidah Khadijah, but as a man you need to fulfil your rights in order to see that the marriage is successful. You need to spend quality time at home. You need to: be her best friend, love her, cherish her, honour her, magnify her, remember her, think about her, miss her, yearn for her, respect her, praise her, pray with her, joke with her, raise her and overlook mistakes. You need to show her she is the most important person in the world; more than all the chilling with mates and the late night missions. You must bow, prostrate and worship with her, and you must supplicate together.

All women want to marry a man that walks the path of Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ, but as a woman you must exert efforts in order for your marriage to blossom. You need to: increase his confidence, lift his burdens, keep his secrets, trust him, console in him and show him you care. You need to smile, joke and laugh. Be his source of peace, happiness and tranquillity. Emotionally strengthen him and spiritually assist him. You need to show him that you love him and that nothing is more important to you in this world than him; more than wealth and the material of this universe. You need to help him reach his potential in being a servant of Allah.

This is what the Messenger of Allah taught us about marriage. ﷺ

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

Kisah ini diriwayatkan Ja’far bin Muhammad, yang memiliki sanad dari ayahnya, lalu dari datuknya. Suatu ketika, datuknya Ja’far menceritakan bahawa Sayyidina Ali bin Abi Thalib karramaLlahu wajhah mengunjungi rumahnya selepas silaturahim kepada Rasulullah.

Di rumah itu Ali menjumpai isterinya, Sayyidah Fatimah, sedang duduk memintal, sementara Salman al-Farisi berada di hadapannya meminta S.Fatimah membuat kain untuknya.

“Wahai perempuan mulia, adakah makanan yang boleh kau berikan kepada suamimu ini?” tanya Ali kepada isterinya.

“Demi Allah, aku tidak mempunyai apapun. Hanya enam dirham ini, kos upah dari Salman kerana aku telah memintal kapas untuk membuat kain yang diminta olehnya,” jawab S.Fatimah. “Wang ini ingin aku belikan makanan untuk (anak kita) Hasan dan Husain.”

“Bawa kemari wang itu.” Fatimah segera memberikannya dan Ali pun keluar membeli makanan.

Tiba-tiba beliau bertemu seorang laki-laki yang berdiri sambil berujar, “Siapa yang ingin memberikan hutang (kerana) Allah yang maha menguasai dan mencukupi?” Sayyidina Ali mendekat dan langsung memberikan enam dirham di tangannya kepada lelaki tersebut.

Fatimah menangis saat mengetahui suaminya pulang dengan tangan kosong. Sayyidina Ali hanya boleh menjelaskan peristiwa secara apa adanya.

“Baiklah,” kata Fatimah, tanda bahawa beliau menerima keputusan dan tindakan suaminya.

Sekali lagi, Sayyidina Ali bergegas keluar. Kali ini bukan untuk mencari makanan melainkan mengunjungi Rasulullah. Di tengah jalan seorang Badui yang sedang menuntun unta menyapanya. “Hai Ali, belilah unta ini dariku.”

”Aku sudah tak punya wang sesen pun.”

“Ah, kau boleh berhutang dahulu, boleh dibayar nanti.”


“Seratus dirham.”

Sayyidina Ali sepakat membeli unta itu meskipun dengan cara hutang. Sesaat kemudian, tanpa disangka, sepupu Nabi ini berjumpa dengan orang Badwi(orang Arab kampung) lainnya.

“Apakah unta ini kau jual?”

“Benar,” jawab Ali.


“Tiga ratus dirham.”

Si Badwi membayarnya tunai, dan unta pun sah menjadi tunggangan barunya. Ali segara pulang kepada istrinya. Wajah Fatimah kali ini tampak berseri menunggu penjelasan Sayyidina Ali atas kejadian yang baru saja dialami.

“Baiklah,” kata Fatimah selepas mendengarkan cerita suaminya.

Ali bertekad menghadap Rasulullah. Saat kaki memasuki pintu masjid, sambutan hangat langsung datang dari Rasulullah. Nabi melempar senyum dan salam, lalu bertanya, “Hai Ali, kau yang akan memberiku khabar, atau aku yang akan memberimu khabar?”

“Sebaiknya Engkau, ya Rasulullah, yang memberi khabar kepadaku.”

“Tahukah kamu, siapa orang Badwi yang menjual unta kepadamu dan orang Badwi yang membeli unta darimu?”

“Allah dan Rasul-Nya tentu lebih tahu,” sahut Ali memasrahkan jawapan.

“Sangat beruntung kau, wahai Ali. Kau telah memberi pinjaman kerana Allah seharga enam dirham, dan Allah pun telah memberimu tiga ratus dirham, 50 kali lipat dari tiap dirham. Badwi yang pertama adalah malaikat Jibril, sedangkan Badwi yang kedua adalah malaikat Israfil (dalam riwayat lain, malaikat Mikail).”

Kisah dari kitab “al-Aqthaf ad-Daniyah” ini menggambarkan betapa ketulusan Ali dalam menolong sesama telah membuahkan balasan berlipat, bahkan dengan cara dan hasil di luar dugaannya.

Keluasan hati isterinya, Fatimah r.a, untuk menerima keterbatasan juga melengkapi kisah kebersahajaan hidup keluarga ini. Dokongan penuh dari Fatimah telah menguatkan sang suami untuk tetap bermanfaat bagi orang lain, meski untuk sementara waktu mengabaikan kepentingannya sendiri: makan.

(Mahbib Khoiron)



Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque - Damascus, Syria

Dating back to 682 CE, the mosque is a holy shrine & contains the grave of Zaynab bint Ali, the daughter of Imam Ali & granddaughter of the prophet Muahmmad.

Prophet Ibrahim sacrificed and he was given the Ka'bah. Prophet Musa struggled with Firawn and he was given the splitting of the sea. Prophet Yusuf persevered with slaveship and he was given rule. Prophet Ya'qub was patient with separation and was given reunion. Sayyiduna Zakariyyah was tested with old age and was granted a child who was a Prophet. Sayyiduna Sulayman was grateful so he was granted dominion. Sayyidah Maryam had full convinction in Allah and she was granted a child who spoke in the cradle. عليهم السلام

The solution to every one of your problems is with Allah. So many of us are going through a million problems. We’ve got pain, anxiety, obstacles and indescribable worries in our way. I promise you that Allah is in control of every single going on in your life. Will you adopt the characteristics of the Prophets and be rewarded beyond measure or will you be like the devil whose haste caused him to be rejected?

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

Dear ummatī, you lost your wife? Sayyiduna Uthman was married to two daughters of Rasūl'Allāh ﷺ and they both passed away so he stood and cried. What patience! You lost your husband? Jamila lost Handhala in Uhud and she was only married to him for a day so she never married again! What strength! You lost your mother? Sayyiduna Hasan and Hussain lost their mother whilst they were only 7 and 8 and she was the greatest woman created. What a test! You lost your father? Sayyidah A'ishah lost her father whilst he is the greatest man after the Prophets. You lost your brothers and sisters? Sayyidah Fatimah saw 4 sisters and all her brothers leave this world before her eyes and she wept in their remembrance. What Iman! You lost your friends? Sayyiduna Ali saw the departure of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman whilst they were the leaders of the greatest generation. What faith! You have to leave home? They left Makkah. You lost wealth? They lost their lives. You are hungry? They tied rocks to their stomachs. رضي الله عنهم

You lost hope due to all the suffering? The sahaba gave hope to the whole of humanity despite their pain. You forgot how to be content due to the hardship. They were not seen except with thankfulness upon their lips.

- Shaykh Muhammad Aslam

Diriwayatkan pada masa kecil menjelang lebaran, Alhasan dan Alhusain tidak memiliki pakaian baru untuk lebaran, sedangkan hari raya sebentar lagi datang.
Mereka bertanya kepada ibunya,
“Wahai ummah anak2 di Madinah telah dihiasi dg pakaian lebaran kecuali kami, mengapa bunda tidak menghiasi kami?”
Sayyidah Fathimah menjawab,
“sesungguhnya baju kalian berada di tukang jahit”.
Ketika malam hari raya tiba, mereka berdua mengulangi pertanyaan yg sama, Sayyidah Fathimah menangis karena tidak memiliki uang untuk membeli baju buat kedua buah hatinya itu..
Ketika malam tiba, ada yg mengetuk pintu rumah, lalu Sayyidah Fathimah bertanya, “siapa?”
Orang itu menjawab, “Wahai putri Rasulullah, aku adalah tukang jahit, aku datang membawa hadiah pakaian untuk putra2mu”.
Maka beliaupun membuka pintu, tampak seseorang membawa sebuah bingkisan hadiah, lalu diberikan kepada Sayyidah Fathimah.
Kemudian beliau membuka bingkisan tersebut, ternyata didalamnya terdapat 2 gamis, 2 celana, 2 mantel, 2 sorban serta 2 pasang sepatu hitam yang kesemuanya sangat indah.
Lalu Sayyidah Fathimah membangunkan kedua putra kesayangannya lalu memakaikan hadiah tersebut kepada mereka.
Kemudian Rasulullah Saw datang dan melihat keduanya sudah dihiasi dari semua hadiah yg terdapat dalam bingkisan tsb.
Kemudian Rasulullah Saw menggendong kedua cucunya dan menciumi mereka dg penuh cinta dan kasih sayang.
Rasulullah Saw bertanya kpd Sayyidah Fathimah, “Apakah engkau melihat tukang jahit tersebut?”
Sayyidah Fathimah menjawab:
“Iya, aku melihatnya”,
Lalu Rasulullah Saw bersabda, “Duhai putriku, dia bukanlah tukang jahit, melainkan Malaikat Ridwan penjaga surga…”
Bahkan para penghuni langit dan bumi pun berbahagia jika kedua cucu Rasulullah berbahagia dan bersedih jika mereka bersedih….

Sahabat andai kau tahu
Hati ini terlalu sakit
Terlalu banyak memendam rasa

Aku tahu
Memang bukan mudah
Jalan ini banyak onak dan duri
Jalan ini aku yang pilih
Aku cuba untuk kuat meski acap kali jatuh tersungkur dek kerana mulut bangsat manusia

Kadang aku keliru
Tersasar dalam mencari langkah
Kadang aku rasa seperti ingin lari dari semua ini
Ku lihat burung bebas berterbangan
Sungguh aku cemburu

Tapi aku belajar untuk menerima
Kerana aku yakin disetiap mendung
Akan ada pelangi indah
Kerana itu janjiNya

Doakan aku berjaya
Aku ingin kita bersama melangkah
Mengapai cinta Dia
Kerana aku pelukan seseorang untuk menarik aku
Andai aku tersungkur lagi

-sayyidah suhaila-

It’s really strange. People believe Islam is so rigid that they can’t have any fun. You don’t have to kill your spouse with pure boredom to be “Islamic” You don’t have to just sit down together and read books all day. You don’t have to be on the tasbih 24/7 together. You don’t have to just speak about the torment of the hell fire and the crushing of the grave and make tawba. That’s not always so romantic and optimistic for a long term relationship. Go for walks, take trips out the city, tell each other jokes. Smile, laugh, have fun, converse and appreciate each other. These can all be acts which earn Allah’s pleasure and you are rewarded for them.

No one had more taqwa or responsibility than the Prophet ﷺ but he raced with Sayyidah A'ishah whilst on a journey to make her happy. He was humourous with her. He told her stories. He would share food and drink with her. He told her about how much he loved her. He would smile with her. He would ask her about how she felt. He would ease her problems and make beautiful her day. Her favourite moments of life were whilst she was with him. رضي الله عنها

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

Parents who lose young children shall be given entrance into jannah through their intercession. When Sayyidah A'ishah heard this, she asked about those who have no children to intercede for them on the day of judgement, so the Prophet ﷺ replied, “I shall be enough for my ummah!” رضي الله عنها

Sayyidah A'ishah did not have children, but it never caused her pain or anxiety. You know why? She knew that she forever had the Messenger of Allah ﷺ. That’s all that mattered to her and that’s all she ever cared about. Ignore the thoughts and opinions of people and don’t give it any attention. At the end of this long journey of life, their bad thoughts and trivial talk will end, and you’ll enter paradise with Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ and rest therein for eternity.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

Dear married couple, remember Sayyiduna Ali and Sayyidah Fatimah. What was the condition of their home? How did they live? They lived a life of utmost simplicity. They were the definitions of sacrifice. She is the queen of paradise and he is the Lion of Allah, yet their home contained very little food, very little provision. They had little wealth and did not possess much of the dunya. They spent days feeling hungry. They spent days struggling. They spent days striving. There was no glamorous kitchen. There was no expensive sofas and costly furniture. There was only bowing, prostrating, supplications, tears and pure love.

Sayyiduna Ali worked tirelessly through-out the day to earn his own wealth. Sayyidah Fatimah would raise the children, she would grind grain and she’d bake bread. Things would get so difficult for them, yet their love only continued. They’d become extremely tired due to their struggles, yet they only increased in contentment. What is our condition? If our fridges are empty of juice, drink and food, we begin to fight. If our cupboards don’t have enough biscuits and cereals, we get upset. If breakfast, lunch and dinner is not extraordinary, we bicker. Our women all call themselves queen and want the world. Guess what? She IS the queen and she only wanted the akhirah. Our men think they are brave and deserve the best of lives. Guess what? He IS the Lion of Allah, yet he never once complained of the conditions. We have everything yet how happy are we? What is the state of our homes and how do we raise our children? They had very little of the world and they are the leaders of paradise. Look at how they were tested, yet they still raised the likes of Sayyiduna Hasan and Hussain. رضي الله عنهم

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

Many sisters become extremely upset, disheartened and worried when they cannot get married due to various reasons or if they haven’t been blessed with children. Relax and refuse to despair no matter your situation. Sayyidah Maryam never got married and she never had a husband, yet look at her rank, her honour, her piety and nobility. Thousands of years have passed and her praise and mention has not left the hearts of mankind. Her remembrance is recited daily by millions, Allah named an entire Surah after her, He made her an example of excellence for mankind until the end of time and made her from the greatest women who tread this earth, yet she had no husband.

Prophet Ibrahim and his wife didn’t have children until he reached an old age. It didn’t affect them and didn’t cause him to despair. They remained filled with gratitude, worship and supplication and never lost hope. When they were blessed with offspring, they were given a son who was a Prophet. How beautiful was their patience and how beautiful was that which they were gifted by their Lord. عليهم السلام

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam