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The last moments of Zahra (sa)
  • Imam Ali (as): I swear to Allah, I washed her in her dress and didn't take it off. I swear to Allah, she is pure and purifying.Then I embalmed her with the embalment of the Messenger of Allah (sawa) and enshrouded her. Before I tied the shroud I said, "O Um Kulsoom, Zaynab, Sukaina, Fizza, Hasan and Hussain come to take a last look at your mother. Now is the separation and the company is in heaven.
  • Then Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein came to her crying: O the sorrow that will never end because of the loss our grandfather Muhammad Al-Mustafa and our mother Fatima Al-Zahra. O mother of Hasan and Hussain, when you see our grandfather Muhammad Al-Mustafa salute him on our behalf and say to him, "We are orphans after you in Dunya."
  • Imam Ali (as): I swear to Allah, she sighed and stretched her arms then embraced them.
  • Then I heard a voice in the sky saying: O Abu Al-Hassan, take them away from her. I swear to Allah they have made the angels in the sky cry. The lover misses the loved one.
  • Imam Ali (as): So I took raised them from her chest.
  • Bihar Al-Anwar 43;179, Bayt Al-Ahzan 182
Surely my daughter Fatima is: The Mistress of all women from the beginning to the end. She is part of me, and the light of my eyes, She is the flower of my heart, and is my soul.
—  The Messenger of Allah (ص) Bihar al-Anwar v. 10
Ya Zahraa

- Its the night of martyrdom sayyeda Fatima Alzahraa (روحي لها الفداء)

- Fatima Alzahraa daughter of Alnaby Mohmmed (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم )

- Fatima Alzahraa Wife of Ameer Almoamenen Ali ibn iby talb (عليه السلام)

- Fatima Alzahraa Mother of syeda Shbab Ahle Aljannah Al hassen w Alhussien (عليهما السلام)

-Fatima Alzahraa Mother of Sayeda Zainab Alhwraa (عليها السلام)

-Fatima Alzahraa sydet Nissaa Alalmeen

In spite of all this .we find some people who -call themselves (Shia) and they do not care about the martyrdom of Fatima Alzahraa and listen to music and do thier engagement party today … specifically, but can be postponed to after the martyrdom ???

-Alnaby Mohmmed said

( فاطمه بضعة مني فمن سرها فقد سرني،ومن ساءها فقد ساءني ،فاطمه اعز الناس علي)

-Imam Mahdi (عجل الله تعالى فرجه الشريف)when see his followrs of shia doing that made him sad 💔😔

-pleas respect these days

-be true shia not in the name only !!

O Fatima, whoever, man or woman, neglects his\her prayer Allah will afflict him\her with fifteen things; six in this life, three at dying, three in his\her grave, and three on the Day of Resurrection when he\she will be taken out of the grave.’

The details are the following:

The six in this life are:
1. Allah removes blessing from his\her age.
2. Allah removes blessing from his\her livelihood.
3. Allah effaces the miens of the benevolent from his\her face.
4. He\she shall not be rewarded for any deed.
5. His\her du’a (supplication) is not taken up to the Heaven.
6. He\she shall not be included by the du’a of the benevolent.

The three things at dying:
1. He\she dies lowly.
2. He\she dies hungrily.
3. He \she dies thirstily.

The three things in the grave:
1. Allah will entrust with him\her an angel who will trouble him\her in the grave.
2. The grave shall be narrow for him\her. 
3. The grave shall be dark for him\her.

The three things on the Day of Resurrection:
1. Allah will entrust with him\her and angel who will draw him\her on his\her face while the creatures looking at him\her.
2. He\she shall face a very strict reckoning.
3. Allah will not look at him\her, nor will He purify him\her, and he\she shall get a painful torment.

—  Prophet Muhammad (sawa), Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 83 p.21, Falah as-Sa’il, p.22.
Allah (س) fixed one fourth of the Earth, Heaven, and Hell as the mahr of Fatima (س) for she will send her enemies to Hell and her friends to Heaven. She is Siddiqa al-Kubra, and the entirety of past Prophets were delegated upon the knowledge (ma'rifat) and guardianship (wilayat) of Sayyida (س).
—  Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (ع), Jila ul-Ayoon p. 208
Gabriel told me that when Allah Almighty married Fatima to Ali, He ordered Ridwan to order the Tuba Tree so it grew leaves for the lovers of the Household of Mohammad (pbut) and then he made it rain angels of light as the number of those leaves. Thus, these angels took the leaves and when Resurrection Day comes and all the occupants of the world rise, Allah shall make the angels descend with those leaves. Hence, if one of those angels met a lover of the Household of Mohammad, he will give him this leaf to be a safeguard from Hell.
—  Prophet Muhammad (sawa), Al-Manaqib vol.3 p.109, Al-Bihar vol.43 p.44, Al-Lamaa al-Baydaa p.55 
When Imam Ali (as) was forced out of his house, Fatima (sa) went after him along with every Hashemite woman till they reached the grave. She said to them: “Free my spouse or else I swear to He who sent Muhammad my father with truth, if you don’t free him I will unlock my hair, cover my head with the shirt of the Messenger of Allah, and call upon my Lord. Salih is not more honoured to Allah than my father, the she-camel isn’t more honoured than me, and the young camel isn’t more honoured than my children.” Salman said: “I was near her. I swear to Allah, I saw the walls of the walls of the Messenger’s mosque uprooted and rising. A man could pass under it. So I came to Fatima (sa) and said: "My Lord and Lady, Allah sent your father to be a mercy so don’t be a damnation.” So she stopped and the walls were back on the ground chattering dust in the air that entered our noses
—  Al Ikhtisas p185, Tafsir Ayyashi v2 p66, Bihar al Anwar v28 p227
There is no tragedy like ours at Karbala, albeit the day of Saqifa and how the fire was set at the door of the Commander of the Faithful, al-Hasan, al-Hussain, Fatima, Zainab, Umm Kulthum and Fidda. And the killing of Muhassan by kicking, is greater and worse because it is the origin of the Day of Torment.

Imam Sadiq (as)

Fatima al-Zahra’ Bahjat Qalb al-Mustafa, Vol. 2, p. 532, quoting Nawa’ib al-Duhar by Sayyid al-Meerjahani, p. 194. Al-Khasabi, Al-Hidaya al-Kubra, p. 417 (Beirut edition).

Fatima is a human houri, who whenever she stands in prayers in the presence of Her Lord, her light illuminates the skies for the angels, like stars shine to people on Earth.
—  The Messenger of Allah (ص) Bihar al-Anwar v. 10
The Day after Fatima's (sa) burial
  • قال الراوي: وأصبح البقيع ليلة دفنت " سلام الله عليها " وفيه أربعون قبرا جددا وإن المسلمين لما علموا وفاتها جاؤوا إلى البقيع فوجدوا فيه أربعين قبرا فأشكل عليهم قبرها من سائر القبور فضج الناس ولام بعضهم بعضا وقالوا: لم يخلف نبيكم فيكم إلا بنتا واحدة تموت وتدفن ولم تحضروا وفاتها والصلاة عليها ولا تعرفوا قبرها، ثم قال ولاة الأمر منهم: هاتم من نساء المسلمين من ينبش هذه القبور حتى نجدها فنصلي عليها ونزور قبرها. فبلغ ذلك أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام، فخرج مغضبا قد احمرت عيناه ودرت أوداجه وعليه قباه الأصفر الذي كان يلبسه في كل كريهة وهو متكأ على سيفه ذي الفقار حتى ورد البقيع فسار إلى الناس النذير وقالوا: هذا علي بن أبي طالب قد أقبل كما ترونه يقسم بالله لئن حول من هذه القبر حجر ليضعن السيف على غابر الآخر. فتلقاه عمر ومن معه من أصحابه وقال له: ما لك يا أبا الحسن؟ والله لننبشن قبرها ولنصلين عليها، فضرب علي عليه السلام بيده إلى جوامع ثوبه فهزه ثم ضرب به الأرض وقال له: يا بن السوداء أما حقي فقد تركته مخافة أن يرتد الناس عن دينهم، وأما قبر فاطمة عليها السلام فوالذي نفس علي بيده لئن رمت وأصحابك شيئا من ذلك لأسقين الأرض من دمائكم فإن شئت فأعرض يا عمر، فتلقاه أبو بكر فقال: يا أبا الحسن بحق رسول الله وبحق من فوق العرش إلا خليت عنه فإنا غير فاعلين شيئا تكرهه قال فخلا عنه وتفرق الناس ولم يعودوا إلى ذلك
  • In the next morning after the burial of Lady Fatima (sa) Al-Baqee graveyard had forty new graves. When Muslims knew that she died they came to the graveyard and saw forty graves and so they didn't know which one is her grave. They had disputes among each other as some said, "The prophet left one daughter only among you. She died and none participated in her funeral and none prayed upon her body. Even more you don't know where her grave is. Then the men of authority said, "Bring Muslim women and let them dig the graves so that we find her and pray upon her body. The Commander of the Faithful (as) heard the news about this and so he came in anger, red eyes, enlarged veins, wearing his yellow clothes that he used to wear in the hard times. Then he marched towards Al-Baqee. People walked towards them and said, "This is Ali Bin Abi Talib coming as you see swearing that he will kill anyone who moves a stone from a grave. Omar came to him with his companions and said, "What is wrong with you O Abu Al-Hassan. I swear to Allah, we will dig her grave and pray upon her body." Then Ali grabbed him from his clothes, threw him to the ground and said to him, "O son of Al-Sawdaa'. I ignored my right because I feared that people would disown their faith. As for the grave of Fatima, I swear by the one who has my soul, if you try to move a stone you and your companions I will water the soil from your blood." Then Aou Bakr said, "O Abu Al-Hassan, in the name of the Messenger of Allah and in the name of Who is above the throne leave him. We will not do anything that you hate." Ali (as) left him and people left not doing what they intended to do."
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  • بحار الأنوار ج 43 ص 171, بيت الأحزان ص 185

Workers busy in decorating the Sayyeda Fatima Zahra’s [sa] lawn for its opening in Holy Shrine of Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib [as]

Fatima (s.a.) weeps and laments over Husain (a.s.)  as  a  result of which  Hell sighs  so  intensely,  that if  the keepers  of  Hell  who also hear  her  voice  did  not  prepare themselves to restrain it, it would burn all the inhabitants of the  earth  with  its  blazing  fires  and  sparking  fumes.  So  the keepers restrain it and hold its doors tightly closed as long as Fatima (s.a.) laments. Because they fear for the inhabitants of the earth. But Hell is not pacified until Fatima’s lamentation ends.
—  Imam Sadiq (as), Kamil Ziyarat, Ch 26, h7