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#78: The Eight

Did y'all know we were in “Say Yes”!? We made a quick cameo as the dumpster that Richonne have their cute little banter behind. 😂😋

Lol but for real this scene is so fun and memorable and such a great insight into the adorably lighthearted dynamic of Richonne. 👌🏽 

I told myself I was going to try and stop over reveling in how playful they are in these posts cuz I say it so much but I can’t not mention it in literally their most playful scene to date. This whole little sequence was so playful and amazing. I adore their banter. 😋

So it starts with them behind us the dumpster and I love the framing of the way Michonne is behind Rick. Like they just look so perfect together and so like a unit.

Then they step closer and start strategizing about how to best go about this walker situation. And at first it just seems like business as usual, like this is just the Rick and the Michonne all up close and personal and making a plan and following along with what the other is saying perfectly. The norm.

And if you watch Michonne she’s very intently listening to her man with a plan lol but then she hears something that makes her sort of smile. And we find out that this change in reaction is because of the sort of uneven tasks that Rick has just assigned.

Rick is going to go take out one walker and Michonne realizes “You’re leaving me eight.” I absolutely positively adore this. 😋

Like she’s not asking a question she’s making an amused statement that her man has just suggested she take out eight walkers on her own. You know she has no problems doing this but I love that she says this sort of teasing him about it and just to acknowledge the humor in this situation.

Like I love that she’s so amused by this and probably low key flattered. It’s funny too cuz like walkers are life threatening things (as much as they’ve become more like nuisances) and so for anyone else, taking on eight walkers would be a risky thing but Rick knows that’s a walk in the park for Michonne.

And it’s funny how Rick then proceeds to give an explanation as to how he’s come to this conclusion that it should be eight vs. one.

He said it’s about doing it quiet with the sword and for some reason I really like that he says “with the sword” cuz it just reminds you that Michonne has a dang sword. And not just that, she’s also a pro at using it and low key you know that’s super cool to Rick lol. 😋

Like literally who else has a sword, but his wife? And then I love the way that Michonne is looking at him while he’s trying to explain. Like it’s so cute and hilarious cuz she’s doing that subtle head nod that says “Okay riiight, keep talking”

Originally posted by thewdead

It’s just so playful and you can’t help but smile at seeing this side of their dynamic. It’s cute cuz they’ve been doing this flirty teasing long before canon and now they’re pretty much pros at it.☺️ 

And then as Michonne listens to see how many words Rick is going to use to try and explain himself he eventually realizes there’s actually a much simpler explanation. So as Michonne starts walking he tells her, “You can handle eight.“ 

That moment is such comedic gold. 😂Also, it’s literally him acknowledging that she’s a pretty impressive warrior in this apocalypse so I’m here for it.

And the way he says it is just so hilarious, like he knows she had no issue with this and was just trying to see how he’d justify it and so now he’s just telling it like it is.

I also love that he knows his woman can handle this. Like it makes me realize there must have been plenty of times throughout the seasons where Rick had taken note of and been impressed by Michonne’s fighting ability.

And when he says this Michonne looks back at him sort of like "Duh. That’s all I was waiting for you to say” lol. 😂

And then I love that it’s then her turn to call shots when she whispers to let him know that she’ll go first and then he can go. And then she’s off to swat these flies real quick cuz that’s what killing walkers has become to them. 😋

It’s funny cuz not only is Homegirl going to take out more walkers but she wants to go first to give him time. Rick’s got himself the realest, y'all. 🙌🏾👸🏾

What makes this scene so great is that it had all the Richonne elements in one. There was the playfulness, the strategy, and the adoration, hence why I love this scene so much. 👌🏽

Richonne Party 7x12

Friyay: Favorite episode feat Richonne

It’s gotta be, season 5 episode 11: The Distance.  Hands down.  Easy pick.  This episode, for me, was aaallll about Rick and Michonne and their dynamic as a pair and as individuals.  Their similarities.  But most importantly, their differences…  Unlike Rick, Michonne saw the good in Aaron.  She played it smart, scoped out all she could, and came to the conclusion that Alexandria was the group’s next step.  It had to be.  But Rick wasn’t sure.  He wasn’t buying it.  But can you blame him?  

Given their lives the past few days, weeks, and months, the Governor/Woodbury, Garreth/Terminus, Noah’s campsite, and Grady Memorial Hospital, have all been dead ends.  And they all resulted in losing members of the group.  He’s tired.  Tired of trusting strangers, and risking the lives of his family.  He had every right to put his guard up.  It’s “safer” that way… right?Wrong.  The rules change… and they keep changing ;)  

But after suffering through all of that– side by side, after being on the same wavelength for so long, Michonne thinks and acts differently.  Adjacent to how Rick’s thinking and acting.  What I love is that she doesn’t cower when he instictively pushes back at first.  No.  She knows what she knows and goes after it.  And because of her bold choice, the rest of the group speaks up and their opinions are the same.

I love this episode with every fiber of my being.  Rick may be the “ring leader” of this band of survivors, but he wouldn’t be the kind of ring leader he is without Michonne.  We know it.  He knows it ;)

2 MORE DAYS Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

● OPPOSITES | Arabic

كبير - صغير
Kabeer - Sagheer
Big - Small

ساخن - بارد
Sakhen - Bared
Hot - Cold

طويل - قصير
Tawil - Qasir
Tall (long) - Short

سمين - نحيف
Samin - Nahif
Fat - Thin

فاتح - داكن
Fatih - Dakin
Light - Dark

خفيف - ثقيل
Khafif - Thaqil
Light - Heavy

غالي - رخيص
Ghali - Rakhis
Expensive - Cheap

مرتفع - منخفض
Murtafi` - Munkhafidh
High - Low

جميل - قبيح
Jamil - Qabbih
Beautiful - Ugly

هادئ - مزعج
Hadi’ - Muz`ij
Calm - Annoying

جيد - سيئ
Jayyed - Sayye’
Good - Bad

بعيد - قريب
Ba`id - Qarib
Far - Near

حلو - حامض - مر
Hilu - Hamidh - Mur
Sweet - Sour - Bitter

أسود - أبيض
Aswad - Abyadh
Black - White

صعب - سهل
Sa`b - Sahl
Hard - Easy

شمس - قمر (n.)
Shams - Qamar
Sun - Moon

أنثى - ذكر (n.)
Ontha - Thakar
Female - Male

صباح - ليل (n.)
Sabah - Lail
Morning - Night

مثير - ممل
Muthir - Mumil
Exciting - Boring

Richonne Party 7x12

Tuesday: Favorite Richonne Moment(s)

I broke mine down into three parts… don’t hate me.  I couldn’t help it.  After all, I am complete trash.

PRE CANON - 5x16 “Conquer”

I LOVE THIS MOMENT.  Though very small and minuscule compared to all of their other powerful and emotionally beautiful moments.  BUT I LOVE THIS Y’ALL.  It says so much.  To me, at least.  It shows Rick’s humility.  He’s being apologetic.  Which are two words I wouldn’t necessarily use to describe him lol.  But they DO describe him whenever he’s around Michonne.  This was HUGE for him.  Huge.  Handing over a gun?? By choice?? Rick?? But he is! And he does! To Michonne.  There aren’t many people he’d be vulnerable enough to surrender to… And what I love the most, is when she lets him keep it.  She knows and understands what must be done.  She trusts him.  She loves him.

CANON - 6x10 “The Next World”

Okay so we ALL know this moment.  It changed/ruined our entire lives I’m pretty sure.  But allow me to express how much I love their individual moments of absolute joy.  In the first gif, Michonne has her moment.  You can see it on her face. She has stood beside this man for ages; through hell and more.  And in the process, has fallen in love with him.  And finally, they share this happy and long awaited moment. Now the second one… y’all, it made me burst into tears.  Not tears of “FANGIRL SHIPPING FEELS”… No, I cried because of a much deeper reason.  Andrew Lincoln’s face.  Rick’s genuine smile.  This man has been through the RINGER.  Well, everyone has obviously– it’s the apocalypse, but his sorrows go to a different level somehow.  To me, at least.  And finally… it’s almost as if despite everything, it was all worth it.  Because he has her and she has him.

POST CANON - 6x11 “Knots Untie” 

AAAHHHHH! I’M STILL NOT OVER THIS MOMENT.  STILL.  After a year!  It’s ironic, my third and possibly favoritest Richonne moment goes to my baby boy, Carl.  After all, he is the whole reason Rick brought Michonne into the prison in the first place.  Carl is the reason, she became one of them.  He initiated this ship.  Carl did!  He’s the Captain.  And I love how Rick saw it as a priority to tell him about his recent relationship with Michonne.  “This is different” Rick assures him.  THIS IS DIFFERENT HE SAYS.  And then… this perfect and cheeky boy responds in the best and most appropriate way: “It’s cool.”  With a similar smile, Rick and Michonne shared the night before.  #GrimesFam2.0

Most common Turkish verbs

Git - go

Gel - come

Ol - be

Konuş - talk

Al - take

Ver - give

Yap - do

Gör - see

Bak - look

Dinle - listen

Bil - know

De - say

Ye - eat

Çalış - work

Düşün - think

İste - want

Söyle - tell

Anla - understand

Oku - read

Yaz - write

Kullan - use

Bul - find

Ara - search

Sor - ask

Koy - put

Yıka - wash

Kes - cut

Oyna - play

Göster - show

Yardım et - help

Başla - start

Bitir - finish

Yaşa - live

Yürü - walk

Koş - run

Getir - bring

Devam et - continue

Otur - sit

Kalk - get up

Uyu - sleep

Giy - wear

Gül - smile

Ağla - cry

Unut - forget

At - throw

Tanış - meet

Recalcitrant Reticence

Please forgive my recalcitrant reticence
as I haven’t done this for a very long time
yet I’m exactly the poet for the job
as every word is true and it happens to rhyme
so with no further ado or additional delay
just in case no one’s told you yet today
allow me to be the very first to say
yes it’s true, I do, I do

I do love all of you,
Mike <3

Richonne Party 7x12

Wednesday: Favorite kiss

Wow, wow, wow.  How is this question even possible?  We’ve been so blessed.  Each kiss has been, what’s the word–? Satisfying? Perfect? Satisfyingly perfect?  Well. After a lot of deep thought (about 13 seconds), my favorite kiss goes to…

Like.  What else is there to say?  Out of all of their moments of lip locking, I always somehow drift back to this one.  I mean cuz I think it’s safe to say that WE ALL REMEMBER EXACTLY WHERE WE WERE when Rick said, “Have your mints” and the two of them had that lingering stare and then before we knew it… our very souls lit fire.  This kiss marked history for us!  We’ll always remember this kiss!  And nothing I could have ever imagined for a fiery first kiss came CLOSE to what Andy and Danai created because daaaaayyuuuuuum!!  I apparently can’t handle straight fire!

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The river bore me a stone
with edges smoothed from the
water’s caresses
glistened from nature’s lacquer
shined of sapphire
like it bled moonlight
Yes, this one, I decide,
and I place it in my pocket
and I carry it with me
absorbs my sorrow
and my joy
when I hold it
I shape the stone
to fit the imprint of my thumb
Yes, this one, I decide
for my soul’s mosaic
transforming planes
transferring dimensions
until you, my tessera, can nestle into my soul’s mosaic
and say
Yes, I belong here,
No, you can’t

To all the people wondering if the Galra were heavily invested in keeping up Shiro’s Look™ with his undercut, I now have proof and can honestly say

Yes. Yes they were. Like, obsessed with maintaining that Champion Aesthetic.

  • Here we see Shiro’s Pilot Profile or whatever:

Note the very well maintained undercut.

  • Next, we have Shiro on the Kerberos Mission

That undercut is looking a little long, is it not?

  • And finally, Shiro as Champion

It seems to be cut back in!

This leaves us with a few very important questions.

1) Was this just a mistake in animation where they forgot to colour Shiro’s hair properly for a scene? To that, I say fuck off and let me have this.

2) Did the Galra instantly capture Shiro and take him directly to the Galra fashion studio to get him into his leotard where he was promptly sat down in the stylists chair, given a quick buzz and told to never let his hair grown in like that again? And was then given biweekly trips to the salon to keep it trimmed and on point? Im possible to tell, isn’t it (but I vote yes)

3) This is clearly a look that has some serious upkeep to it. The Galra were determined to have Shiro kept looking like “””The Champion”””. If this was all leading to something, that would mean that the fans would recognize Shiro always, his brand, if you will, and so they must be into his look….so are there Galra out there going to their local barber asking for the Champion’s Cut???

who knows.

I Am Beautiful - PC Witchcraft/Music Spell


  • The ability to play the song “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera (Youtube video:
  • Your voice
  • An object to charge with self-confidence/self-love that you can apply to yourself. Lotion, perfume, makeup, etc
  • Optional: pink candle and incense you associate with beauty, love, self love, etc
  • A mirror


  • *Light your candle or incense if you have it
  • *Play the song “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera while holding the object you wish to charge in your hands. Listen to the music and visualize an energy (visualize a color you associate with beauty and love) emerging from the source the music is playing from. Visualize this energy entering your ears and flowing throughout your body and into the object you are holding in your hands.


Don’t look at me

Every day is so wonderful
Then suddenly it’s hard to breathe.
Now and then I get insecure
From all the pain, I’m so ashamed.

I am beautiful no matter what they say.
Words can’t bring me down.
I am beautiful in every single way.
Yes, words can’t bring me down… Oh no.
So don’t you bring me down today.

To all your friends you’re delirious,
So consumed in all your doom.
Trying hard to fill the emptiness.
The pieces gone, left the puzzle undone.
is that the way it is?

You are beautiful no matter what they say
Words can’t bring you down….oh no
You are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can’t bring you down, oh, no
So don’t you bring me down today…

No matter what we do
(no matter what we do)
No matter what we say
(no matter what we say)
We’re the song inside the tune
Full of beautiful mistakes

And everywhere we go
(and everywhere we go)
The sun will always shine
(the sun will always, always shine)
And tomorrow we might wake on the other side

We are beautiful no matter what they say
Yes, words won’t bring us down, no, no
We are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can’t bring us down, oh, no
So don’t you bring me down today

Oh, yeah, don’t you bring me down today, yeah, ooh
Don’t you bring me down ooh… today

  • *When the chorus plays: sing along (do this every time the chorus plays)

I am beautiful no matter what they say.
Words can’t bring me down.
I am beautiful in every single way.
Yes, words can’t bring me down…
Oh no. So don’t you bring me down today.


You are beautiful no matter what they say
Words can’t bring you down….oh no
You are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can’t bring you down, oh, no
So don’t you bring me down today…


We are beautiful no matter what they say
Yes, words won’t bring us down, no, no
We are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can’t bring us down, oh, no
So don’t you bring me down today

  • *Continue visualizing the energy charging your object of choice after the chorus yes over, and listen to the lyrics as you’re visualizing (if you can only manage to do one, that’s fine.  You can alternate between visualization and listening if you wish)
    *When the song is over: look at yourself in the mirror and sing the chorus one last time.

I am beautiful no matter what they say.
Words can’t bring me down.
I am beautiful in every single way.
Yes, words can’t bring me down…
Oh no. So don’t you bring me down today.

  • *Apply your object of choice to yourself.  If it’s makeup: apply it.  If it’s lotion: use it.  If it’s perfume: spray it.  The object is now charged with self love.  When using it: remember the lyrics.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL