● OPPOSITES | Arabic

كبير - صغير
Kabeer - Sagheer
Big - Small

ساخن - بارد
Sakhen - Bared
Hot - Cold

طويل - قصير
Tawil - Qasir
Tall (long) - Short

سمين - نحيف
Samin - Nahif
Fat - Thin

فاتح - داكن
Fatih - Dakin
Light - Dark

خفيف - ثقيل
Khafif - Thaqil
Light - Heavy

غالي - رخيص
Ghali - Rakhis
Expensive - Cheap

مرتفع - منخفض
Murtafi` - Munkhafidh
High - Low

جميل - قبيح
Jamil - Qabbih
Beautiful - Ugly

هادئ - مزعج
Hadi’ - Muz`ij
Calm - Annoying

جيد - سيئ
Jayyed - Sayye’
Good - Bad

بعيد - قريب
Ba`id - Qarib
Far - Near

حلو - حامض - مر
Hilu - Hamidh - Mur
Sweet - Sour - Bitter

أسود - أبيض
Aswad - Abyadh
Black - White

صعب - سهل
Sa`b - Sahl
Hard - Easy

شمس - قمر (n.)
Shams - Qamar
Sun - Moon

أنثى - ذكر (n.)
Ontha - Thakar
Female - Male

صباح - ليل (n.)
Sabah - Lail
Morning - Night

مثير - ممل
Muthir - Mumil
Exciting - Boring

To all the people wondering if the Galra were heavily invested in keeping up Shiro’s Look™ with his undercut, I now have proof and can honestly say

Yes. Yes they were. Like, obsessed with maintaining that Champion Aesthetic.

  • Here we see Shiro’s Pilot Profile or whatever:

Note the very well maintained undercut.

  • Next, we have Shiro on the Kerberos Mission

That undercut is looking a little long, is it not?

  • And finally, Shiro as Champion

It seems to be cut back in!

This leaves us with a few very important questions.

1) Was this just a mistake in animation where they forgot to colour Shiro’s hair properly for a scene? To that, I say fuck off and let me have this.

2) Did the Galra instantly capture Shiro and take him directly to the Galra fashion studio to get him into his leotard where he was promptly sat down in the stylists chair, given a quick buzz and told to never let his hair grown in like that again? And was then given biweekly trips to the salon to keep it trimmed and on point? Im possible to tell, isn’t it (but I vote yes)

3) This is clearly a look that has some serious upkeep to it. The Galra were determined to have Shiro kept looking like “””The Champion”””. If this was all leading to something, that would mean that the fans would recognize Shiro always, his brand, if you will, and so they must be into his look….so are there Galra out there going to their local barber asking for the Champion’s Cut???

who knows.


My drumming skills aren’t too good! In Victoria Station with @ncsyes @ncs #sayyes :).

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so here’s a dramione rant

i just saw a post (can’t remember who posted it tho I just saw it through the recommended for you tab) saying that by shipping dramione we are promoting a toxic and abusive relationship and I HAVE A FEW WORDS TO SAY

  • Yes it is true that draco was a nasty little shit to Hermione
  • And it is true that he probably wanted her dead the entire series
  • And Hermione suffered so much because of draco
  • And he had no kind words for her AT ALL the entire series

Continued under the cut cause THIS IS LONG

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