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Ghostly aradia at full height.

RED was on his many travels as usual, mostly because his attention span was shorter than a bloody pencil tip, it was pretty much impossible to keep him still (in his saytr form anyway, in his other form, he needed to be injected with coffee to just stay alive) he had been darting around the various timelines he loved to go around, when he suddenly fell flat on his face, that was funny, only a few seconds ago he could have sworn there was some kind of land here..Wait, what was he standing on..It was soft, and grey, and sort of transparent..Hmmm, he jumped up and down a bit to test what this stuff was, it was flesh, definetly flesh, what kind of thing got this big? And on that note, what living thing was see through? This did not add up, as he began to go into some thought on the matter, he was suddenly pressed against a wall, more or less completly slammed flat between the wall and the soft fleshy substance, he pretty much could not move and kind of hoped whatever this thing was it would notice him soon…

Aradia yawned as she pressed her rear against a wall, she had been staring at her phone for an hour now waiting for equius to respond to her texts, she was still waiting for that new robotic body of hers, and more importantly, was waiting for his conformation that it would be bigger than the last one he had made of her, which was suspiciously small for its size, when questioned on it, he simply said he “forgot her measurements”, he was quite obviously lieing as she had given him them a million times, ugh, maybe this time would go better…
‘The New Jersey Devil’ by lilbuztahs
Quite literally the Jersey devil is my absolute favorite cryptid. In my digital art class, I made this design. Since I was not going to be printing it out I figured I would put it on my redbubble. • Buy this artwork on apparel, stickers, phone cases, and more.

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