I think my Biology teacher is a saytr.

1) He’s a big fan of nature and spends the whole time criticizing humans for ruining it.

2) He limps but he claims it’s because he was in an accident a few years back.

3) He laughs in a weird way. Like, really weird.

4) He’s a huge fan of food and is always treating us or asking us to treat him.

Satyr by Brad Wagner
Via Flickr:
357/365 I was walking by my mirror yesterday happened to strike this pose for some reason. It looked very classica/renaissance painting-esque, so I decided to do a photo in that style, especially since it’s been very smoky out which is perfect for the painting look. I even decided to go with the classical conveniently-placed-piece-of-random-cloth which, to be honest, is highly inacurate with how gravity works. But I’m really happy with how this turned out. Facebook. Formspring. Tumblr. Twitter.