shance AU
  • shiro + keith as satyrs ,
  • lance a naiad nymph ,
  • pidge a harpy ,
  • hunk a cervitaur ,
  • allura + coran as dryad nymphs
  • shiro + keith roam around the woods, finding allura and coran soon after they get lost; keith sees them as a threat as they’ve never seen nymphs
  • shiro has to make him back down as he apologizes for his (keith’s) actions
  • coran and allura quickly forgiving him and allura inviting them to join them with other friends for that night as not many satyrs come through their forest.
  • shiro agrees as keith doesn’t want to talk because he’s a stubborn piece of shit
  • The two dryad nymphs take them to a watering hole after leaving them for awhile too which keith is on edge as well as shiro due to fear due to past happenings.
  • lance shows through the waters surface some time after allura coaxes him out.
  • shiro is awestruck by the nypmhs beauty and even if his hair is water matted and stuck to his face, the water that drips down his face brings out his freckles and makes his eyes pop and shows how high his cheekbones are and god, shiro is so gay.
  • lance gasps softly as he sees the cute saytrs near his home and he quickly pushes his hair back and gives a bright cheery smile.
  • this follows with many chapters of pining shiro + lance and smut at some point dudes.
PJO Headcannons

Nico and Kids

Nico is surprisingly good with children. This was discovered shortly after the battle with Gaea ended when Jason found Nico comforting a nine year old son of Hephaestus about Leo’s sacrifice. Harley took it pretty hard and stuck to Nico like glue for a while.

When Percy went home for the summer Nico took over his sword fighting class. Jason was too busy building shrines to do it so Nico stepped in. The kids were a bit afraid of the child of death to begin with but warmed up quickly after Nico gently corrected a daughter of Iris in her grip and explained carefully but not condescendingly how she could do it better.

Nico has a small army of children that follow him around camp. When he’s forced to go do things for his father or is off visiting Hazel they visit Will in the infirmary every day to see if Nico’s back yet. Will thinks it’s adorable.

Coach Hedge only trusts three people outside himself and his wife to care for his son and that’s Clarisse La Rue, Reyna and Nico. Nico was reluctant at first but loves baby Chuck Hedge and will with Coach Hedges permission summon small skeletons to entertain the baby saytr. Chuck likes to break these skeletons while screaming something that sounds like WAR at the top of his lungs. Nico Reyna and Clarisse think it’s adorable and Coach Hedge couldn’t be prouder. The rest of the campers just shake their heads.

Nico tends to be the one the younger kids will go to if they feel anxious or depressed. If nothing else Nico is a fantastic listener and will offer up surprisingly safe advice for a fifteen year old. Some of the older demigods will come to him too but not many.

Nico does his best to hide his problems and pain from the kids. He’s pretty successful most of the time too. But sometimes it’s too much for even him. Memories of Tartarus are hard on anyone but as a child of Hades Nico saw the face of the pit while he was down there it still haunts him. The kids know this and recognize that Nico doesn’t like being touchy-feely with anyone but Will and so they find their own ways to help.

Some children of Hypnos will ensure that Nico has a dreamless sleep that night when he’s having a bad day. A few children of Iris will make flower crowns that Nico wears around and glares at anyone who dares question him. Others find other ways to help the child of Hades and he’s grateful for it. He finally feels like he has a home thanks to the younger set at Camp Half Blood even if some of their older siblings are still wary of Nico.

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Siren, inccubus/sucubbus, vampire, zombie, werewolf, Dragon, mermaid/shark people, ghost, faerie/fairy, saytrs(diff from centaurs), Donald Trump, witches/wizards/worlocks, angels, demons, deities(make your own god), aliens(if wanting to go that way), furries, animal hybrids, or creatures of grimm.

Holy shit u guys cant be making me laugh like this in the middle of class


Have my Sawbones Sawsbuck Gijinka, Sawyer Bone.

YES, his little tail does wag and YES, he does listen to old swing records while getting Cadavers ready for their big day.

Also, when his body changes according to the seasons, so does his personality. Spring he’s more affectionate and sweet, Summer he’s more agressive and mean, Fall he’s at his most docile and Winter is very introverted and depressed.

I think my Biology teacher is a saytr.

1) He’s a big fan of nature and spends the whole time criticizing humans for ruining it.

2) He limps but he claims it’s because he was in an accident a few years back.

3) He laughs in a weird way. Like, really weird.

4) He’s a huge fan of food and is always treating us or asking us to treat him.


New Concept: Fairy Train.

It’s a speacil kind of train that only runs at midnight. Humans that find the train are usually ones who desire to dissapear. The Train is run by strange creatures who say they’re fairies, but they look nothing like the fairies of lore. They’re most likely interdimensional creatures on a daily commute between our world and theirs.

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