says the girl with multiple blogs dedicated to you

anonymous asked:

why r u guys so happy and excited to visit or see videos of a racist mass murderer. seems fishy.

ah, my good friend winter springs, florida. so lovely to see you’re back to obsessively checking my blog every few hours.

i would love to know what ‘seems fishy’ about being excited to meet my close friends for the first time in real life and viewing unsealed documents about a case we have all been following for nearly two years.  

tell me again why you had a blog dedicated to murderer barry loukaitis? seems you’re not so above me, huh. i won’t say your real name/url, but just stop girl. i know you don’t like me. so what are you looking for? why are you so obsessed that you check my blog multiple times a day? i will happily post receipts of the 20+ times you’ve visited my blog and all the hate messages you’ve sent me.