says every girl

  • trans person: hi i'm trans
  • trans person: i'm actually a trans boy
  • The Cis™: i am 😳 So sorrey!! he trans boi sweet innocent flower prince🌿 uwu must protec at all cost ✨✨u adorable pupper 🐶here is a flower crown ur so smol!!!!🌞 u can do no harm 🌻i lov u sweet precious babby💫
  • trans person: what... the fuck

so when are we gonna make that female production of newsies happen…

i can provide my complete lack of acting, singing, and dancing abilities 

this is a story abt a girl named lucky………EARLY MORNING……. SHE WAKES UP. KNOCK KNOCK KONCK ON THE DOOR

I really love the idea of Cass completely falling in love with dancing.  She was raised to think that her body is nothing but a weapon, and dancing teaches her that she can make something beautiful with it.  No matter what genre of music is playing, Cass has an uncanny ability to move with the beat in a way that can’t be taught.  You know that one person who hits the dance floor and everyone around them stops and watches in awe?  That’s her.  Ballet is one of her favorites because of its storytelling and its elegance, so unlike the sharpness of battles. Dances have all of the good aspects of fighting –the intensity, concentration, fluidity, adrenaline– without any of the bad.  Her movements aren’t being used to hurt, but to create.  

Me: “I’m fine.”

Also me: *Suddenly remembers that the only time we heard Lorelai say I love you to Luke was when she screamed it at him before giving him an ultimatum.

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  • Someone: How could you even like Jumin Han? He is so rude and creepy!
  • Me: Well, I don't know. My last biases were *gazes at Sherlock* a high-functioning sociopath, *glances at Moriarty* a criminal mastermind, *peeks at Hannibal* a literal cannibal, *glimpses at Sebastian Michaelis* and a legit demon... Considering my taste in men, don't you think a sweet, pure, golden-hearted, intelligent, emotionally neglected, cat-loving executive director would be the best of them all?
BTS Reaction to meeting/finding their mate for the first time 💗

Jhope: “Hi, my name is Hoseok. I saw you over there and wanted to say that you’re really pretty. Do you maybe want to get some food with me and get to know me? 

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Jimin: *she is so pretty. I’m so lucky to have her as my mate. Now how do I get her to like me and not proceed me as a stalker if I approach her*

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jin:*you were the owner of a cafe. It was his first time going there* “WOW you have a nice cafe! Maybe we can talk about coffee over dinner”

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Jungkook: *Wow I have such a cute mate. but…. How do I talk to her. Maybe I should ask the hyungs*

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Suga: “hey there. I just wanted to say you are the first girl to ever caught my eyes. you may think I say that to every girl, but I promise this is the first.”

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Rap monster: *buys you a drink at the cafe* “I just want to buy you a drink and say hello. I’m namjoon and you are?”

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V: *Accidentally tripped over you* “woops. Sorry, I guess I fell for you”

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