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Ik some people seem to still believe that Eren hadn't changed at all but I'm one of the people who strongly disagrees with that. Anyways do you believe Eren's wit/intelligence has gone up drastically recently? I remember in the 2013 guidebook he had a pretty low score for wit but now to me atleast he seems so wise and intelligent, manipulative too obviously. I think the memories he inherited has enhanced his mindset and taught him more about Marley and Eldia than even some of the warriors know.

 Eren is far better known for his tenacious spirit than his intelligence, but I’ve always believed the guidebook score of “two” in wits was unfair. His attack on the kidnappers at age nine required intelligence and quick thinking. His conversation with Pixis in chapter twelve showed excellent comprehension skills. So is Eren intelligent? Yes. Absolutely. But wisdom? That’s not a word I’ve associated with Eren in the past. I’m not sure I’m seeing it now.

Wisdom is the judicious application of knowledge. If Eren has unlocked the memories of the Founding Titan he has all the knowledge in the world. He knows of the abuse and brutality on both sides of the ocean. He knows the outcomes of their previous battles and attempts at peace. He has The Big Picture, which like you said, is way more than anyone else has had. It’s a huge advantage.

The problem is that knowledge doesn’t automatically translate into wisdom. Making a martyr of Willy, body slamming the audience, and traumatizing the world’s dignitaries doesn’t exactly smack of wisdom. I’m not saying it isn’t, I’m saying we need to know more.

The biggest change I’ve seen in Eren pre and post time skip is his rock solid control of his emotions. When Koslow deliberately triggered the soldiers in chapter 94, young Eren would’ve completely lost his mind. The Eren of today barely reacts. There was certainly a wisdom in that.

Thank you for the ask!

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I'm dating a straight guy, he is super supportive about me being bi and LGBT+ in general. I started questioning my gender (nb or ftm?) and I'm not sure if I should tell him now or wait until I'm sure? I'm scared of loosing him but don't want to lie..

Lee says:

It’s your decision on when you want to come out to him! Waiting until you’re sure what label fits you isn’t lying. 

If you think he would support you being trans, you might want to come out before you figure it out since you could try on new names and pronouns with him if he’s okay with it.

Followers, any advice for anon?

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I neeeeeed to know who would be who with RexObi in a stardust au. Please

Hello, friend, come have a seat because I am always up for talking about stardust aus.

So naturally my first thought was to have my precious clone babies be the stars because the thought of Wolffe as the grumpiest shiniest star is endlessly delightful to me (on a related note, now I’m thinking the clones are actual clones of a star and how that would even work but alas that is not this fic), but then I decided to take another route because I gotta be me.

Stars are rare. They can be shot down or pulled or tricked to fall from the heavens. And sometimes they’ll leap.

So we still have the war, the clones, the droids, and in a sense the Jedi. Well, sort of. The Jedi are a great deal fewer in number, and no one really knows where they come from. Are they stars? Are they the descendants of stars? And if they are what does that make the Sith?

The war grinds on and Padme is urging the senate to negotiate for peace, but of course Palpatine can’t let that happen, and they just put in an order for even more clones, and Padme is Not Having That. And that is when a star falls, the first time it’s happened in generations. And then another one falls. That is unheard of, two falling so close to one another.

(Here’s what happens when a star chooses to jump: they burn as they fall and it is painful, as changing often is. The fall is long and it is lonely and at the end there is the unforgiving ground and the knowledge that you can’t go back to what you were).

Stars, everyone knows, are powerful. They say the heart of one can power an entire system for a thousand years. A heart of one can power a weapon strong enough to decimate the Separtists and stop the war.

Unfortunately for the senate, the stars look to land deep in Separatist territory. Fortunately for the senate, Padme I’ll beat that motherfucker with that other motherfucker Amidala has volunteered to go get them to help bring peace back to the galaxy.

Which is where Rex comes in, because Cody, the bastard, assigns him to keep her safe, or, more likely, have her back when she picks all the fights.

Fives and Echo are a better fit for this, Rex argues although he knows it’s useless.

Let me get this straight, says Cody. You want to put Fives and Amidala together and expect Echo to keep them out of trouble and alive on their own?

Rex doesn’t answer, caught in the horrified thought of what Fives and Padme would get up to.

Besides, Cody adds, you’re the only one that can keep up with her.

So Rex and Padme set off on their top secret mission to find the stars, but they’re not alone in that. I want to say Maul is after them as well. Maybe Ventress and Dooku too just all the sith I don’t know.

Because a star’s heart is powerful and grants certain abilities to whoever owns it. And Palpatine has been careful and rationed the last heart over the years, but it’s almost gone, maybe one last mouthful remaining. He needs another heart or two.

Padme and Rex make it to where the stars fell and Rex’s nerves are somehow still intact. He didn’t have to drag Pame out of a fight once.

They come upon a giant crater, the sides like glass, and at the bottom are two men, bickering.

Hey, says the one with shaggy hair sitting with one leg awkwardly stretched out in front of him. It wasn’t like I planned to break my leg.

Oh, of course not, says the other. How could you have predicted that your impulsive jump would turn into a long fall that would result in injury? No one could have foreseen that.

Excuse us, says Padme before the shaggy haired man could do more than glare, this is a strange question, but have you seen any stars recently?

Oh, says the kids with the hair, staring up in wonder at Padme, that would be us.

The other man pinched the bridge of his nose and said, Yes, thank you, Anakin, this is exactly what I meant when I said we need to keep a low profile.

But you’re a person, says Padme, the slow rise of anger cutting under the words. How can the senate use you to a stop this war?

The same way they use us, says Rex, unclipping his ascension cable. Can you climb up?

They can, and Rex helps pull up Anakin first and then the other man. I’m Captain Rex, he says.

Obi-Wan, the man answers. This is Anakin, my brother.

Hi, says Anakin, but he only has eyes for Padme, who is ready to go bare knuckle fight the entire senate. She is going t fix this.

Anakin and Obi-Wan have been watching the war, because that is what stars do: they watch and study and catalog. What they don’t do is understand what it means to stand with the earth under their feet and the sky above and how everything feels so much all the time.

But Anakin wanted to learn and so he leapt, and Obi-Wan followed, and here they were.

I couldn’t let him go alone, says Obi-Wan to Rex. He’s my brother. You understand.

I do, says Rex.

And, Obi-Wan adds, someone has to look after him. He’s far too young to realize what he’s getting into.

Anakin, who has been staring adoringly at Padme goes red and hisses at Obi-Wan to shut up he’s a normal adult age.

Which is when Maul decides to attack, and Rex is busy trying to keep three people, all of whom appear to have absolutely no self preservation instincts, alive. His life is going to get much harder.

So the four of them are trying to make it back to Republic space and piecing together that Palpatine is behind all of this, and there are a lot of feelings everywhere.

And in the end Rex learns what stars do: they shine.

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**URGENT** how do i get my therapist to tell my mom how important it is that she lets me socially transition? also, do you think i could convince her to let me start testosterone? (i’m 15 and ftm)

Lee says:

You should tell her what you want, and ask if she would be willing to advocate for your social transition in a group session with your mom! You need to ask for what you want if you want to get it.

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I really don’t feel like that person has a right to say you’re rude when they literally opened the discussion by insulting you repeatedly. That’s extremely rude of them. You’re not disgusting, and imo I’ve never seen you answer a question in a way that came off as rude, but I also struggle with tone too so I can’t be sure.

Thank you, it is good to hear that you feel that we have not been rude.

If we ever are rude, we are open to constructive criticism, so readers are very welcome to let us know how we can improve.

-Mod Snail

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Based on your previous question, have you considered: Build Ot4 cuddlepile with nebulous boundaries no one understands, least of all the four involved


You get me.

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can i still be genderfluid if i only change gender every couple weeks instead of days or something.

Lee says:

Yes, genderfluid people don’t need to change genders with any specific frequency to identify as genderfluid. It’s okay if your gender shifts over the course of hours or months; you can still identify as genderfluid.

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On the subject of Gwyn dialogue, one of my fave lines is when Augus compels him to share his feelings and he says, "scared. concerned. Alone." Gah. It kills me because of how disconnected he usually is at naming emotion.

I honestly feel so much weird second-hand embarrassment for Gwyn re: that line, in part because it’s a rawness he would never display otherwise. But at the same time that’s what I love about that chapter, and that’s what I love about Augus’ compulsions (especially that Augus responds by then touching him / being closer), it gives us an opportunity to see and hear things we normally wouldn’t.

I’m so glad you like it as a line though, like, that makes me so happy. (And man, he is usually so disconnected at naming emotion, omg).

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esports nerds on twitch give like 0 fucks about homophobia lmao its not so much as the white gay racism^tm this time it's just bc he was insulting Austin “Muma” Wilmot who's on the houston team that blizzard was forced to make a move. blizzard literally won't raise a single finger against anything that xqc spouts out of his vile mouth until it could threaten their precious ow league's PR image


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I had a crush on this girl and i told her by a letter that my friend gave to her, and in the letter i asked if maybe we had a chance and i put some little boxes like: yes, no, maybe, definitely no, never. (As you can see i don't have that much self esteem) And when i got it back, she wrote another box that said i don't have a clue

you wrote her a whole ass letter and she left you like that huh-

tell me your gay disaster stories