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Im ftm and I like wearing dresses and skirts and that stuff, but since I dont pass right now I try to avoid them. I want to dress "femenine" once I transition, because validation and stuff. But Im scared that it might be offensive or considered as drag, so I wanted to ask for your opinion on it ;; If possible...?

Kii says:

Boys who dress femininely are not in drag. Anyone can wear skirts and dresses, because clothing does not have a gender.

We did get a few general questions that are not spoilery! Here are the answers.

Actually there is no plot significance at all! Frisk talks in both sentence case, all caps, and in lowercase, depending on the situation. The lowercase “ah!” is supposed to be a bit understated. What a versatile speaking style!

Chara rolls up their sleeves so they don’t get dirty or yanked on.

The solution to the spike puzzle is in the previous room. This is true to the game as well.

Yes, it was intentional. =)

No, Chara is 36 in human years.

Good eye! We completely changed the fire as well as made some adjustments to the overall look. We think it looks cooler this way, and we can work faster this way too! We have actually changed the line art and background style a couple of times to better suit our process. And of course, our art is always improving with practice too!

Actually, this latest fire is the fastest one yet! We went through several iterations of fire before deciding on this energetic stylized version.

I don’t have an answer for you, but I do have this requested coffee art of Chara getting their ass kicked.

It’s actually neither. Chara upgraded from that old blade a long time ago.

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I get really dysphoric about my chest (afab nb) but only while wearing clothes?? Like taking a shower isnt an issue and I dont get dysphoric then but whenever my chest isnt flat when Im wearing a shirt or something i hate it and I feel really gross?? Is this normal body dysphoria or something else?

Kai says:

I relate - no worries this is normal

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how did the queen of crecse come to meet and fall in love with a man from the enemy country?

Weird, isn’t it? The story will get there. I actually just drew a panel of Roger Foi-Hellick that disturbed me so much I have to now keep a Photoshop palette over it while I work ‘cause I just don’t wanna look at it. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything in the comic make me shudder like this does.

Poor Roger ;_;

speculation compilation #48

You guys sent in a bunch of great theories this week. Here are the speculations and thoughtful musings as of page 38!

Astute observation! If you really want to see Chara with cool magic knives, some check out these rad pieces of fanart: Knaifu Waifu and Don’t Touch the Child!

A fair theory, but it has been shown that Frisk does not want to die.

Aren’t you thinking of Blue magic?

I think this is the first time Gaster has been mentioned in a spec post.

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Stop shipping Bella with white boys lol shes clearly into Men of colour

This is the single dumbest thing people say about Bella. And just in general. Like dating one black person doesn’t mean you date exclusively black people, which is a weird thing to say like it insinuates that liking POC has to be some kind of Thing for some one to do- as if its a fetish to like POC and not just a normal thing that happens in everyday life… Lol.

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I wonder how the famethysts will act around modern humans if they visit earth .I mean they spend 5k years around humans that they cant do nothing themselves without a little voice telling them what to do .I also wonder how they will react when they learn that Steven is a hybrid and Rose is a part of him

Well … I don’t think they’d care, to be honest. I mean, they were probably around when all those Rose Quartzes got bubbled. It’s gotta be scary to see fellow quartzes bubbled away like that.

But as for humans, they work really well with Zoomans, so I think they’d do great with humans on earth too! It would just take time to adjust to how earth humans have such free will and free spirits.

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I might be able to get boxer briefs soon, but I have no clue what the sizes are and what to do about my hips. Are there any size charts for Hanes/Calvin Klein/any other basic brand??

Kii says:

Any brand’s sizing can generally be found by Googling “(brand) sizing chart”. Here is the sizing instructions page for Hanes and here is the guide for Calvin Klein.

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Does it get you whenever David uses sweetheart/darling?? I nearly chocked when he said 'oh sweetheart noooo' in last night's episode of broadchurch

i love the endearments sweetheart & darling (when not said by creepy strangers late at night, ofc lol), so whenever dt says them………👌👌👌

dad!hardy in general is hot af, i need more of it.

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can you just stop acting like you care about trans women considering you do the same violently transmisogynist taako designs literally half the fucking taz fandom does

????? would you mind explaining what you mean by this anon? don’t attack me on anon without telling me what you see wrong with these designs, please. i’m willing to apologize and change but i need to see your pov first? also i’m not sure what you mean by trans women when taako is a man

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Are you 20-21 living in the Midwest? Because I feel like we talk the same and you and I were both 12 ish when nardo was a hot commodity on cartoon Network.

I just turned 21 but I live in the South, not the Midwest. Also I feel like everyone alive was 12 when Naruto was a hot commodity, like it exists on some different plane of reality where everyones preteen years were spent watching Lee head-kick Gaara.  

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How will you handle Taka in your Akatsuki AU? You mentioned Sasuke going on missions with them in one post.

I did~

(more Akatsuki AU talk under the cut)

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this is really random but I started becoming a more active follower because of kght and then began going through ur fic list and I realized u also wrote human error which is literally the reason I started writing again and wrote my own Jungkook robot au n I'm only on anon bc my stupid tumblr only sends asks from my personal but yeah I just wanted u to know ur phenomenal and ily and I hope your hands better and I want to give you the moon n stars 🌹

omg this is so nice ;-; thank you for sending this and letting me know D”: im emotional. thank you so much, i love you! <333