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So how do you really feel about the whole thing? Like where do you stand?

Alright, this is my take on it, this is how I feel, and frankly, I don’t care what the rest of fandom thinks so there ya go.

Personally, I feel like they both fucked up. Something was lost in translation, and they’re both guilty of their own demons in this. Before Ohm even said anything, he was filtered out of Bryce’s comments, so that means something was going on before hand. Whether that be with what I said about fans previously, or something else, who knows? 

Ohm has since clarified that he wasn’t throwing shade at Bryce. I don’t know if you lot have fucking forgot, but Ohm has an eating disorder. He forgets to eat because his body has adjusted from the time he was homeless, to not being able to afford food every day. That being said, with everything going on with Toonz and now Bryce, Ohm probably felt the need to throw in his point that it’s okay if you’re not ripped, that there is more to being healthy than just eating right and the physical aspect. That getting a six pack won’t automatically make you healthy, you can be ripped and still be sick as hell. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Ohm wasn’t trying to pick fights, but he was speaking out for the people who may be struggling, people who look at Toonz and Bryce and see the amount of progress they’ve made in such a short amount of time and feel like they aren’t doing enough or that they aren’t good enough. 

Bryce started the shit show with assuming that Ohm was being rude to him. Instead of DMing him and asking what he meant by all that, Bryce took it upon himself to make it public that he felt like Ohm was throwing shade. But Bryce is the angel, the goody two shoes of the group that can do no wrong evidently. Ohm isn’t necessarily innocent either when Bryce initially responded Ohm should have said what he just posted immediately. Then the thing with Toonz happened. At this point you have fans, hundreds of people coming at Ohm, demanding he apologize, you have fans fight fans trying to keep the peace and just wanting people to let things be and let them figure it out. 

Toonz has been “picking” on Bryce the last few days, he made a comment about Bryce’s new twitter icon saying he “looks like a cancer survivor” and then on the video itself, made a comment “you look like a Holocaust survivor”. Bryce joked back on both of those, at least liked the comment on his video. Well this was tweeted at Toonz, and he retweeted it making fun of the pause game, and Ohm responded about how Bryce got pissed at him but is okay with being called a Holocaust survivor. To which I agree with Ohm, that’s some backwards fucking logic, and I would be pissed about it too. As for Ohm blocking Bryce, Bryce had him filtered out first, so technically Bryce did block Ohm first, and is playing the victim. 

So where do I stand? In the fucking middle. I sympathize more with Ohm because he is getting the short end of the stick here. I don’t know why, and I don’t know how, but everyone is making him out to be the villain. It’s the same shit I saw with the whole Toonz vs Terroriser drama months back. Neither are in the clear, they aren’t, but fans are making it 100x worse than it needs to be. How the fuck would you feel if someone misrepresented you and your notifications blew up with hundreds of people calling you a monster? Saying they have no respect for you? That they’re unsubbing? That you are rude and need to apologize? His heart was in the right place, he misspoke, but guys, twitter isn’t like Tumblr, I can make these long ass posts, twitter you have 140 characters to get a point across and nobody likes a chain thread! Ohm tried to keep it sweet and to the point and he’s being attacked for speaking up for people who have eating disorders, people who can’t gain or lose weight, people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, people who are skin starved. 

He didn’t get it across correctly but he didn’t mean any harm in it. I’m disgusted how fast fandom will jump ship and start full on war with itself, over a guy who has done nothing but been nice and supportive. Use your fucking brains, stop being sheep, and stop sticking your fucking nose where it doesn’t belong. I don’t care if Ohm apologizes or not, I don’t care if Bryce does or not, I don’t care if they start playing together or never again. I don’t care because it’s their life, their personal lives. So while I do stand in the middle, I will defend Ohm because fuck you all for being so damn quick to stab him in the back.

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Is ur kitty a calico? If so I have a calico too! She's only a baby and she's very feisty rn but I still love her

no, she’s not a calico. i’m actually not really sure what she is, but my guess would be that she’s some sort of norwegian forest cat mix. it’s a pretty popular breed in norway, and her mom resembles one pretty closely (except she’s a lot smaller than most norwegian forest cats)

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My parents have told me that going onto T will change me. I know that, but they've also said that it can make you lose certain abilities. For example I'm an artist, they said I would lose the ability to draw and such. Has there been any cases of this?

Lee says:

Nope, being on T won’t change who you are or affect your artistic abilities in any way. Your parents are either misinformed or lying to you. Below I’ve linked to real facts about testosterone and the changes that’ll actually happen. 

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one legend dies, and another one is born ♺. k no rly how much do you want me put on ur paypal so i can ensure my boi can have a happy healthy life.


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It's annoying as fuck to have people tell you that the only reason you like Snape is because of Alan Rickman. This is true for some fans but I'm fairly certain that most of us read the books before watching the movies. Most of us don't picture Rickman when we think of Snape. This is a character who both challenges and encapsulates binaries. Red & Green, Ugly & Lovely, Light & Dark etc. But no, we like blogging intellectual meta so much because Rickman's voice makes us act like dogs in heat.

I hate everything about this sort of comment, if I’m honest.

…because it’s all about attempting to devalue someone else’s enjoyment of a character or of fandom; it’s all about suggesting that you don’t really understand the character, and it’s a crude way of attempting to prove their own fandom credentials as being superior to yours.

But here’s the funny thing; there’s an obsession that people have about being a PROPER FAN - as if reading something a week earlier than someone else means you have more of a right to enjoy the media than someone else, as if liking the books before the films makes your opinion more credible, as if someone who first read Potter in 2017 cannot offer insight into the world because they weren’t around from the start.

With that in mind, I appreciate that the anon here doesn’t love Severus because of Rickman (I am a funny stance in the middle, really - because I love Rickman, but the Snape in my head is not Rickman) - but even if you do love Snape because of Rickman, that doesn’t make you any less of a fan, nor does it mean that your opinion is any less credible.

It’s all ludicrous, and is merely an effort to devalue your contributions.  Just laugh at people who post such things; it says more about them than you.  It’s evident to me that most people who post about Snape appreciate exactly what you’ve outlined in your ask - the beautiful juxtapositions and contradictions in the character…and really, it feels as if people who accuse fans of liking Snape solely because of Rickman are still failing to grasp Snape’s character - because they simply cannot fathom any other reason for liking him.

More fool them.

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lol remember when Gillies and Phoebe made fun of KC and Caroline because they were so sure their characters and ships would take off and everyone would forget about Klaroline and they wanted to scapegoat our fandom. Now our ship is the only reason they even got a 5th season and it’s stealing the show in the media, no one gives a fuck about anything else. KARMA fahrmigas-blog*tumblr*com/post/56101358676/the-originals-cast-talk-about-klaroline-and


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Very urgent! I'm going shopping with my 2 best friends today and I want to come out to them. I'm really awkward, how do I bring it up to them that I'm trans?

Lee says:

You can just straight-up tell them. 

Be like “Hey, I have something important to tell you. I identify as X gender, and I’d like if you started using Y pronouns to refer to me. I know it’ll take some time to get used to, but it would mean a lot to me. I’m telling you two because you’re important to me, and I wanted you to know this about me. I’m not any different than who I was all this time, I’ve always been trans, I just didn’t really figure it out until X date, so it’s not like I’ve been lying to you or anything. I’m not out to X people yet, so I’d appreciate if you didn’t tell anyone until I’m ready to come out to them.” etc

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Idk if you're the right one to ask for thoughts, but I was talking with a bud and we came to realize that... there's very few, if any, PowerBottom Vic Fics. At least from what we've been able to find. Which made us a little worried, bc like... pls don't let this be a "Yuuri's the woman :)" type thing. Like maybe we thought too much about it, but like... heteronormativity is still a thing. It just made me worried. Bc there's no woman in victuuri pls god stop that. Idk, maybe just overanalyzing.

Like obviously most of us thinks they’re a healthy switch couple, but it was just an observation. And the yoi universe don’t seem to accept gender roles, but it almost seems to be fetish at this point, making Yuuri out to be “a woman,” yet refuse to put the same onto Vic? Obv. ppl can do what they want, but it’s a little discouraging. Heteronormativity is just not pleasant. I just couldn’t find any fics, y'know? “The bottom” is still often “the woman” when there isn’t a woman at all. ;-;
Urgh, but like, me overthinking. Someone said on twitter that the switching of pronouns while performing is very common in japan, and I’m thinking it might have accidentally led to some unintentional heteronormativity in Yoi’s male, homosexual, relationship. I DONT KNOW ALLI, I JUST CANT HOLD THE THOUGHTS IN. Don’t be angry at me pls. ;-; I’m sorry I went on such an incoherent rant about fictional character porn lmao I’ll go to bed now, ‘night!

I WILL NEVER BE ANGRY AT ANYONE FOR BRINGING UP THIS IMPORTANT THING!! ♥ and yes i agree with you! and sorry it took me so long to answer, your ask got buried in my inbox D:

disclaimer: i am 110% aware that a lot of people have a preference whether they like to top or bottom, and that’s absolutely great! so that’s not what this is about. well kind of, but it’s really about the problematic and heteronormative characterization where the bottoming partner is written as/considered to be “the woman”!

even tho victuuri is an extremely versatile ship compared to many others, a lot of fics etc come across as very heteronormative and it bothers me as well. which is actually the reason i prefer bottom!vitya! i’ve found that those fics often have better characterization? i might post a rec list sometimes if there’s interest?

i don’t really have any input to how common the “pronoun” switching while performing is, but i do agree that yuuri doing that probably did contribute to him being written as “the woman” so often. but it’s not the only thing, since there’s also vitya being introduced as the playboy type of character, which (usually) is a very masculine trope, and then there’s the coach/athlete dynamic that kind of enforces those roles.

but all those tropes were proven to be wrong along the way! yuuri turned out to be the “playboy” of the story, vitya is a sweetheart that hasn’t had life or love for over twenty years and even in their professional relationship they’re pretty much equals. damn i love this series. but i think the first impressions can be very hard to shake and they fit so well into the traditional heteronormative roles that some people might not want to look past them. or might not even realize it. which is a shame bc vitya and yuuri are such great characters and a beautiful and healthy couple, and i really don’t like seeing them portrayed like that :(

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If your taking requests, will you draw your favorite regeneration of the Doctor and companion (regardless of whether that version of the Doctor traveled with the companion) because I love Doctor Who so much!

I am bad at picking favorites (and mismatching Doctors and companions is fun) soooOOOOOoOo…

here is Eight and Martha Jones

and also Ten and Romana I

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When you're seeing a therapist (in order to pursue hormone treatment) what kind of stuff do they ask you about? I'm booking an appointment soon and I'd like to be prepared.

Lee says:

This is an ask game post that has a lot of questions about being trans, and I chose the seven questions from the list that I’ve been asked by my treatment team to put below.

  1. Do you experience gender dysphoria? What makes you feel dysphoric?
  2. When was the first time you suspected you were transgender? When did you realize you were transgender?
  3. What (if any) steps do you want to take to medically transition?
  4. How does your family feel about your trans identity?
  5. What medical, social, or personal steps have you already taken to start your transition?
  6. How do you see yourself identifying and presenting in 5 years?
  7. Do you feel more masculine, feminine, or neither?
  8. Bonus question! Do you know all the effects and risks of hormone therapy? Can you list what changes will happen?

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Dunkirk didn't need to be all white though

Ok, I’m going to go through this one with you. First, there ARE actually black french soldiers depicted VERY briefly. Second, it DID have to be all white. There were Africans (who were colonized) fighting for Britain but they were in different parts of the war. The men at Dunkirk WERE white. 

Also, Nolan makes a point that these boys represent the experience of Dunkirk. Fionn and Harry’s characters’ names are never spoken. Fionn is Tommy because that was the general name for a British soldier. You’re supposed to be able to universalize the experience. And if suddenly Alex was an African British soldier instead, then that would be the movie AND you’d have historical experts wondering why.

So, yes, it did have to be as white as it was to tell this story.