says a lot about both characters

I don’t have a lot to say about this episode, it was mostly setup.

I’m not sure how to feel about Zwei. I mean, he’s cute and his interactions with Blake are bound to be wonderful but… I don’t know. I guess the team needed a comic relief character if Jaune is not going to be in the vicinity.

Everything seems to be pointing towards this being a disaster, with all those warnings from both Ozpin and Velvet but maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, see ya next time!

otakugirl-art  asked:

Head cannon about Junkrat, Roadhog, Reaper, Soldier76, Zenyatta, McCree, Genji and Hanzo raising babies/children?? That was a lot of characters, whoops.

~I only do up to 5 characters so I’ll just do the first five. Feel free to send another request for the others/more. 


  • Their first word was ‘Boom’ Junkrat was ecstatic. Roadhog wasn’t. 
  • Junkrat is the baby’s uncle. Roadhog didn’t have a say and doesn’t particularly mind. They both have a lot of energy, if he can tired them both out together it’s killing two birds with one stone.
  • There’s definitely pictures of the baby sleeping on his stomach. Junkrat took thousands of pictures of them.
    • The baby’s first bomb: It’s only a toy that lets out confetti but Roadhog still looks terrified.
    • Their first steps: Toward Roadhog. They landed in his arms.
    • The day they created their first weapon: It’s an older model of Roadhog’s hook in a launcher. It was modified to shoot the hook and to shoot bombs on another setting. Junkrat and Roadhog are proud of the kid’s ingenuity.
  • The fridge is overloaded with their drawings and grades. In the later years, he stores the older ones in the attic. The attic is full of memories. 


  • His baby’s first language is Spanish because it’s the language he speaks most often. Their first word was Mío (Mine). They quickly learned the word ‘No’ after that. 
  • One of those parents that hand makes their kid’s Halloween costumes. 
  • The teachers fear him. If his kid is in trouble, he’s down at the office immediately ready to raise Hell. 
  • The PTA Mom™. He’s got the whole place on lockdown. He doesn’t get along with anyone but no one dares to try and tell him he’s wrong about what’s best for the children. 
    • Makes the cookies for the meetings. 

Soldier 76: 

  • Their first word was ‘da-da’ He cried when they said it. 
  • He’s got billions of home movies of his kid. They’ll be embarrasing blackmail later but honestly, he just likes filming their smiles and laughs. 
  • He’s tired. Someone give him a nap. I can only imagine him with the most hyperactive child to counterbalance him. 
  • He’s not the best when it comes to emotionally connecting to his kid because of how gruff he can be but when it comes to expressing interest, he’s got it down to a science. 
    • His kid likes this new thing? He knows all about it in two days. 
    • New TV show they’re obsessed with? He’s all caught up. 
    • New video game? He’s not good but he can play. 
    • New sport they want to try? He’s at all the games. 


  • Zenyatta’s baby took a while to speak. He started getting worried. They said their first word in Zenyatta’s garden. It was ‘Flower’ He melted.
  • He lets them ride in his lap and loves to hear them giggle as they float around. They fall asleep in it often too. He loves to feel their heartbeat against him.
  • A big fan of fluffy onesies with animals on them. He likes to play with their little feet. 
    • Also a fan of overalls. 
    • and footie pajamas when they get a little older.
  • They remind him of how wonderful humanity is. The world is still full of surprises for him and double the amount for them. Watching them learn about the world and seeing their wide awe filled eyes is easily his favorite thing.


  • Their first word was ‘uh oh’ when they caused a big mess and McCree couldn’t even get upset about it. 
    • They’re a clumsy kid in general. They had a lot of bumps and bruises all the time. A few scars here and there. Nothing major. 
    • McCree is constantly scrambling to keep up with them. 
  • He’s the parent that always leaves his baby in a diaper and just let’s them run around without anything else on. 
  • 9 out of 10 times when he’s missing his hat, his kid has it. They like to dress up as him. He has pictures. 
  • A family cook out kind of dad. Makes the best burgers and plays sports with them if they like to. The cook outs have everyone over and the kid gets to sees the other overwatch members and play with their kids. It’s a fun time for everyone. 

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so I got my bf into Trollhunters and he turns to me and says “Jim and Strickler look a lot alike”, and I kinda picked up on the resemblances before (esp in some fan arts I’ve seen) but it never hit me just how much they look alike and can we just talk about that for a sec

Character designs are always very conscious and deliberate choices, and Jim and Strickler share a lot of likenesses. They both have long faces, long hooked noses, darker hair, thin lips, noticeable eye bags. Their body types are the same too: long and lean. Jim, in all honesty, looks more like Strickler than his own mother. Barbara has a rounder face, a smaller upturned nose, paler skin, red hair, and electric blue eyes. Very pretty, but not much like her son. We can assume Jim probably takes after his dad in this case, but I think its interesting that Strickler is the only character we’ve physically seen so far who Jim seems to resemble a decent amount. In the words of my bf “imagine what Strickler looked like when he was Jim’s age and tell me they don’t look alike.”

To which you’re probably thinking: ‘so whats the point?’ I don’t know, but characters designed similarly usually indicate similarities between those characters, like in personality or familial relations or maybe to show Jim has some changeling blood in him too. Regardless, I do find the parallels between Jim and Strickler interesting. Such as how they both love knives and are skilled knife twirlers

Or how they prefer passive aggression and snark

Or “Get [Barbara] out of here!” and “I’m only helping you for [Barbara]” aka Barbara Lake is both of their biggest concern always

Or how they trick each other, which I think Jim managing to do is pretty impressive considering Strickler’s a crafty little shit

Or how they come to the same conclusion and concoct the same clever plan to defeat Angor Rot together, following which Strickler claims how he’s surprised how well he and Jim work together. Basically: they make a good team

Or how they love being petty and annoyed with each other, but secretly care about the other

Or how they lie to others (esp Barbara) continuously

Or how they literally yell the same thing in unison at one point

Etc. Jim and Strickler are definitely not the same, like at all. But parallels like these are some of the things that make their interactions so fun and interesting. They have a great dynamic, definitely one of my favorites, and I think their physical similarities kinda emphasize that.

the thing about zeke/mylene is that they BOTH go through character development to get with each other. mylene’s speech in ep 1 really says everything: she won’t be with zeke because she won’t be with a man who has no ambition, a man who will drag her down when she leaves the bronx

at the beginning, zeke’s only ambition is to be w/ mylene, but that’s not enough for her; this causes him to run into shaolin and start everything with the get down brothers. we all see how this becomes zeke’s ambition, the one thing he wants to pursue out of everything else he’s been offered. zeke’s confidence in himself and his ambitions is something mylene likes A LOT (after she gets used to the record scratching) and it literally completes the only reason she wouldn’t be with him (i mean, really, mylene DID give zeke a “how to date me” guide lmfao)

for mylene, the biggest thing people misunderstand is that she had zero feelings for zeke, which is plain wrong lmfao. she didn’t LOVE him, but she did have feelings for him. she just wasn’t going to sacrifice her future for them (which is understandable, jesus). so zeke finally has a Goal in Life, and mylene likes that, but more importantly mylene is the one who approaches zeke in the blackout and offers support and love. she does that by herself, her own prompting!! and by being w/ zeke she a) learns to accept the get down as something zeke likes & wants to pursue and b) is willing to date him while he stays in the bronx (end of ep 6, where she asks if he’ll visit her), a complete difference from the end of ep 1

it’s fucking tiring to see all this ridiculous mylene hate when part 1 showed both zeke and mylene working to be with each other and going through some Good Old Character Development, it’s really unfair to both characters and usually always unfair to mylene


MD: “We have a similar process,” says Davenport of her and Cotrona’s approach to their roles. “D.J. and I are not Method actors so we kind of just played it as ourselves, but thought about what our characters had gone through and how that would influence our feelings toward one another. [Seth and Kate] kind of hate each other and love each other at the same time; D.J. and I have the same thing. Sometimes I tell him I’m going to murder him in his sleep, and he says the same to me!”

DJ: Madison [Davenport], in my opinion, is the most talented actor on the show. She’s a beast; she’s so good and effortless, so I have a lot of fun and learn a lot from working with her. We both enjoy the fact that we have such different characters.


I’m growing right before your eyes

Song is “Young Man in America” by Anaïs Mitchell, which is a song I have many, many feelings about. There’s a violence and harrowing feeling to the song, but in the end there’s a sense of contemplativeness that  I feel really fits with both Alfred’s character and just… this country itself. "There’s a feeling that the American is something of an orphan, that we can’t trust we’re going to be taken care of,” says the songwriter in reference to uncertainty and unease in this country, but at the same time I feel like there’s a lot of hope, which is necessary to survival, which i tried to sort of capture with this little piece. :0 

Thinking about possibly expanding to do the entire song in the black/white/gold style just to see how it’d work out, but I was struck with emotions for APH America while watching the PBS Hamilton segment, so I had to do something featuring him. Hope you enjoyed!


A new doodle dump to introduce you one of my other character I called Jee.
It’s a younger version of my character called Zunde.
They have different name ‘cause, at the start they just havent have one. 
Events in their life make them choose their own name.
They are both in the same timeline, the presence of Jee is a temporal paradox.
For now, they can meet each other.

Both are an alternate version of Gaster!Sans with my headcanon backstory for him. 

There is also a lot to say about him but I let you ask cause he’s now availabe for asks ♥

Feat. Sanzu, Dre, Adre @cursetale@plundertale-au , Plum @glitterypeachlover

Credit for G!Sans goes to @borurou

Yuri on Ice Ending Analysis

So I think it’s safe to say we all were nervous for the last episode of YOI, but I think we ended with the best and most satisfying outcome. So it started with Victor being angry with Yuri and then Yuri not doing so well in the Finals. This is already stressful. Yet, before Yuri goes to skate, Yuri and Victor have a moment I saw as very important. Victor tried to put on a happy coach face but Yuri instead redirected the pep talk to confront the decisions they would have to face head on and I think as a whole this showed a lot about both their characters. Look at Victor, who doesn’t know exactly how to be a coach, but what does he know how to do? Preform. So he puts on a happy face to try to pump up the audience, being Yuri. But then Yuri has an opportunity to show not only Victor, but also us- that their relationship isn’t just the professional one. That they aren’t just skater and coach but people who have to actually talk about their feelings. The next part Id like to point out is the speech Yuri does on the ice. It was an AMAZING use of this dialogue. We were conditioned to remember this dialogue from episode 1 yet the way Yuri says it now puts such a different meaning to it all that makes his journey look that much bigger. Once he finally finishes, he also says he doesn’t want to go to Victors kiss. Just thought I’d point that out for the the people who say it was just a hug a few episodes back. When the results for the Finals come in, yeah I was heartbreaking to know he lost by that little, but I think it really was the best way to go. Besides avoiding an obvious ending of Yuri winning, it showed we wouldn’t be seeing the last of Yurio. That yurio wouldn’t be a one arc competitor, but a friendly rival. And how Yuri took this was SO important. This is the first time Yuri is up there, he beat his hero’s record, and it gave him something to still shoot for. And the whole conversation with Victor was perfect as we got to have our cake and eat it too. Victor IS going back to his own career, but still working with Yuri, and it shows how healthy their relationship is as it doesn’t depend on Victor pouring 100% into being Yuris coach. And finally, the figure skating dance together was such a satisfying wrap up as it used another aspect we were conditioned to remember through the show. These two have been through a lot together, and seeing them finally be able to have that moment was fantastic. Yuri on Ice was spectacular and I can’t wait to see what’s to come. Thanks for reading!

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i was looking at some of the clothing in bojack horseman s3e03: bojack kills. the wardrobe in this show is so well-done! so detailed, so deliberate. 

i find that in animated stuff, woman characters’ wardrobes can get really… off. necklines are a good way to examine it.

like, in the simpsons, tho i love it so, marge and lisa both wear strapless dresses? as everyday wear? (and do NOT get me started on marge styling her hair in this incredibly elaborate updo thing when it is canonically straight as hell). 

if we’re talking fox network products, well, i personally try to think about seth mcfarlane products as little as possible, for obvious reasons. but i will say that lots of the women in those shows are allowed to regularly wear pants. amazing. though… minus the main alice kramden sit-in, main woman characters in his shows are apparently universally regulated to scoop necks of varying depths. likewise with bob’s burgers characters.

it’s just weird! women know about different necklines! sure, it’s in the nature of these shows to put women in the same stuff day after day, episode after episode. that just doesn’t explain why different women are wearing such similar stuff.

explanations i will float: laziness on creators’ parts, a sheer lack of artistic self-examination on creators’ parts, some complicated part of the animation process that makes it cheaper/faster to have women in the same necklines.

on the other hand! bojack horseman, as a universe, seems a lot more aware of the fact that women don’t all shop at the one-style-only-ever store. (possibly/probably thanks to the input of the show’s production designer, lisa hanawalt, @lisahanawalt.) 

the whale world commercial in s3e08 provides a good example:

okay, yes, similar necklines on the whale women and the human woman. but! all of them have different sleeve styles. they’re all wearing different shoes. the two who are supposed to be wearing the same uniform are still wearing different clothes. the lattice style on the left whale’s… is it a swimsuit or underwear in this context, idk, is different from the split-side style on the right whale’s whatever-it-is.

the betty boop/pin-up type whales in the background are wearing a look that’s sort of the retro answer to the whale world uniform standards. 

this is my favorite one, maybe. the whales are both wearing wraparound tops but they’re two different wraparound tops! (left fastens in back, right ties to the front side.) 

it’s probably sad, in a way, that “the women are not dressed in absolutely identical uniforms” is my standard for animated wardrobes, but… hell, man, i’ll take it.

This is something I’ve mentioned before on my main which I know some of you have seen, but I’m gonna piggyback off of this analysis and talk about Lightning as a Sentinel again because this particular role says a lot about her character.

Let’s first establish what SEN signifies for somebody that mains this role (I’m looking at you, Snow and Fang!). Primary SENs are protectors and guardians - to a fault. Snow and Fang are both willing to go extraordinary lengths to keep the people they care about safe, even if it means sacrificing themselves to do so. Self-sacrifice is, in fact, the trademark of a primary SEN.

Watch how quickly Snow is willing to sacrifice himself and become a l’Cie if it means freeing Serah, or how quickly Fang does a face-heel turn if destroying Orphan means sparing Vanille and the other l’Cie a fate worse than death.

Lightning is not a primary SEN. It’s a role that can only be opened up to her very late in the game, after you’ve completed the main storyline. And when it does become available to her, the only guarding ability she can learn is Elude - a move, as @thispleasestormod noted, that grants 100% evasion against physical attacks (but not magic). 

What does all of this mean?

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Hi everyone! This is Choko, Kabula and I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone who has been following us, new and old. We’ve had this blog up for about a year now and we’ve got close to 1k followers (we’re at 997!!!).

While both of us have had numbers like that before on past blogs, this is the first time we’ve sorta hosted a blog that has (almost) all original content on it. Kabula and I both ran Pokémon blogs before this. But getting as many followers from our own original creations really means a lot to the both of us! Seeing so many people like characters like Desi, Cadence, Janette, Thomas, and so many more honestly fills my heart with joy.

So thanks to everyone for being there to show your love and support for what the two of us do! You guys are awesome <333333 Here’s a Juli as a thank you, I’ve been trying to practice with some body references and stuff. I haven’t drawn Juli in a while!

Okay but I think I need to talk about a new frontier, there a lot of people saying that the game is shitty and poorly written but honestly I don’t think that’s the case.

Javier is an amazing lead, he carries the games story with both amazing voice acting and being a well written character, he’s complex and kind but also a bit of a ass he’s not a one dimensional character he’s really well written. Clementine as a fantastic secondary character with the same wit we’ve seen before, people have said that she’s too cold and not who she was in the previous games but she is, she i older and has lost a lot more than we know. It’s been a few years since we last saw her she has definitely changed and that flashbacks show how and why she did. She’s not that innocent little girl from season one,she someone that’s has had to adapt and survive and is sick of losing people so of course she’s going to be guarded and reluctant about sticking with someone.

I’ve noticed while playing that there’s a lot more choices in how you play as well, and yeah it might now seem like your choices matter in the long run but it’s about the experience you create for yourself and the characters.

I understand people will be pissed about the kenny/ Jane situation, understandably, but they had to show what shit clems been through and how her path was altered from the end of season 2.

I think we should keep hope for the rest of the season because what I’ve seen so far is promising


Okay, but let me just say. Malec is such an incredible ship like. First off, Malec has two individuals that are not apart of the same race, like talk about representation! Also, Magnus and Alec aren’t both homosexual, Magnus is bisexual. We don’t get a lot of bisexual characters or couples with different sexualities, talk about an A plUS. Next, Alec literally disobeyed every order he had as a Shadowhunter to be with Magnus. He fucking made out with him at his wedding to prove that nobody would stop him from being with somebody that made him happy, (even if this person wasn’t well respected). Finally, MALEC FUCKING TALKS ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS AND THEY ARE IN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP. SO HEALTHY I DIE OKAY BYE

Jim Beaver closed his social media accounts

Why? Because people attacked him after he tweeted this:

And who was leading the charge against him? Certain destiel/cockles shippers like this one:

Take a look at this person’s header if you don’t believe me:

And of course violue and friends had lots to say:

So let’s be clear- according to these people, the following things are fine:

  • objectifying the hell out of Jensen and Misha by talking about their bodies 
  • arguing incessantly about who tops and who bottoms based on stereotypes
  • reducing both of these men to nothing but props for a ship in photo ops, meta, etc.
  • denying the stated sexuality of both real people and the fictional characters they play because their actual sexuality is inconvenient bc SHIPPING
  • using stereotypes to determine sexuality
  • in violue’s case, it was also apparently A-OK to commission fan art of Castiel murdering J2 fans. (Here’s that disgusting bit of nastiness if you haven’t see it: X)

BUT a man admiring a woman’s looks is completely 100% WRONG. How dare he? 

Man, the double standards of these people makes me sick. Look at yourself before you tear someone to shreds for being “problematic”. EVERYONE is problematic because we are human and Jim is going through a rough time so maybe back the hell off. I’m so sad that he’s gone and I hope these “fans” are happy now. 

Identity and Idiolect

I don’t know if anyone has talked about or mentioned this but Jon and Sansa describe themselves in very similar ways. Both characters describe themselves as:

the blood of Winterfell.

Granted, Jon says it more than Sansa but the fact still remains that they’re both the only characters to use that description for themselves. The fact that they share an idiolect that is key to their identity as Stark says a lot and provides another connection between the two. However, it is only during AFFC that Sansa begins to use this phrase. I can’t imagine Jon vocally labelling himself as: ‘the blood of Winterfell’, nor can I imagine that Sansa would be close enough to ever hear him say that if he did. This may, therefore be something done to bring Jon and Sansa closer, especially since Sansa uses this phrase while hiding as a bastard. 

Both characters are then internally cementing their place as Starks whilst the world calls them anything but that.  The fact that both fall back onto the actual building Winterfell as a way of cementing who they are rather than looking to their family symbol suggests that they could be integral to the rebuilding of Winterfell. Both characters dream or have moments when they are taken by the need or desire to rebuild Winterfell and their family. For characters who are supposedly very different, there thought patterns are shockingly similar when thinking about the future and dreams. Both characters have rebuilding type of imagery in their storylines. Jon was trying to rebuild and create a better Nights Watch and dreams of one day rebuilding Winterfell. Sansa in this way is very similar.

The snow fell and the castle rose. Two walls ankle-high, the inner taller than the outer. Towers and turrets, keeps and stairs, a round kitchen, a square armory, the stables along the inside of the west wall. It was only a castle when she began, but before very long Sansa knew it was Winterfell

Winterfell, he thought. Theon left it burned and broken, but I could restore it. Surely his father would have wanted that, and Robb as well. They would never have wanted the castle left in ruins.

Both these characters are being set as rebuilders and are beginning to share a growing number of parallels, parallels that even extend to their idiolect and how they describe themselves. The links may be subtle but they are no less powerful or interesting. It may now be time to ask why. 

Unpopular Opinion Time :

I DO NOT ship Cassian and Nesta.

I don’t. There’s nothing that will change my mind and if ACOTAR3 happens to put them together, I still won’t ship it. It’s like that fly that’s buzzing around but I don’t feel like swatting it.

And here’s why:

Nesta is not a good person. Her character is fabulously written because Sarah J Maas is a goddess, but Nesta just isnt a good person in my eyes.

For starts, she chose between sisters. How you treat your family says a lot about the type of person you are. (Especially Cassian. He sacrificed his bloody WINGS for Azriel and they aren’t even blood (but the Inner Circle relationship is much closer than blood)). But here we have Nesta, who is Feyre’s blood sister and she treated her horrible. She chose Elain over Feyre (instead of just, I don’t know, loving both?) and protected her. While Feyre goes out every day and night to provide for a family who doesnt give a rat’s ass about her. 

No, ‘are you okay?’ No, ‘do you need help?’. No nothing. Nest is a spoiled brat sulking over the fact her family lost all its riches and she letting her youngest! sister! go out and risk her life while she sits by a fire and sulks. It’s pathetic and disgusting. 

‘Hey guys. I just killed a Fae in Wolf form today. No I’m fine. No it’s fine I’ll make dinner again. No I’m not like having many panic attacks. No, no, it’s fine. Sit there. Yeah sure, have some of our only coins to waste on stupid things. Do this all over again tomorrow, yeah?’ Nesta is a complete waste of space and she’s eating food that could have been put to good use. 

But then she also acts like she’s BETTER than Feyre. Which is abusive towards her sister. Always putting her down and making her feel like shit after all she’s done to keep your useless self alive. Why? Because she loves you. Anyway, Nesta always acted like she was BETTER. So what, Nesta? You remember being rich and famous and la-dee-do comfortable in a mansion and Feyre doesn’t? Feyre is a hundred times the person you were and will EVER BE. Name ONE OTHER PERSON who would put up with Nesta’s shit? *cricket noises*

Next example. Here we have, la-dee-do, Tamlin the Tool, waltzing in and bLOWING THE DOOR OFF THE HOUSE. And here he is, demanding for Feyre because she killed a Fae. What does Nesta do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PROBABLY FILING HER NAMES! And no. She wasn’t scared (but reasonably she probably was Tamlin’s beast form is horrifying) she just didn’t CARE about Feyre.

I will bet you every gold coin Celaena Sardothien used to own that if Tamlin had asked for Elain, Nesta would have beaten that Tool to death with her iron bracelet. But since it’s Feyre and Nesta doesnt care, she sits there and hold’s Baby Elain (WHO IS NOT A BABY!!). It’s sick. 

Next, here we are, about a year later?? And her sister comes back a Fae. It doesnt come as a shock Nesta doesnt run to her sister and hug her and ask if she’s okay (no, that’s what a decent person would do) she’s afraid of her. Now I get it, Nesta grew up thinking Fae = bad. Fae = kill. Fae = sucks meat on my bones. 

But here’s another thing, Nesta REMEMBERED what happened to Feyre. And here she is, sitting in a mansion once again like she was when she was a little girl, singing and brushing her hair ‘oh look at me. i sat still and looked pretty and i was rewarded’

(Nesta did go and look for Feyre. Once. And I’m pretty sure she just wanted someone to protect her again and was pissed Feyre left them. Prick (and not the hot High Lord of the Night Court kind)

Feyre comes back, not begging for money or anything like that, but she comes back asking Nesta to open her house up so tHEY CAN OH I DONT KNOW SAVE THE WORLD! And petty Nesta goes “No”. Um. Exsqueeze me? You are os lucky I’m not your sister because I’m petty and would have lET YOU DIE OF STARVATION AND DEHYDRATION!! (sorry mum, but I’m breaking my promise)

Even Cassian hated Nesta for what she did to his future High Lady. DETESTED HER EVEN. Now I get it, It’s a YA novel (but Sarah is none for not always following the norm) so I don’t see how Cassian, someone who values family above his WINGS, HIS PRECIOUS ILLYRIAN WINGS, could ever love Nesta. 

I don’t give a Cauldron’s bubble if they somehow have a mating bond. (which in my mind, is not possible for two reason above all. One, mating bonds are extremely rare so why the hell is everyone just buying mating bonds from Walmart? Two, mates are supposed to be EQUALS. In my mind, there is no way Nesta could ever be equal to precious Cassian) But if they do somehow have a mating bond, I don’t think Cassian should immediately love Nesta.

He should still hate her for what she did to Feyre (and don’t say she was a child or anything like that, because no no no my friend, she’s the bloody eldest). A mating bond doesnt mean you automatically fall head over heels for them. (Exhibit A. Rhysand’s Parents. (self promoting my fanfics haha) they never fell in love. They had a friendship and a deep respect for each other and their mating bond and realized a mating bond is a rare thing, bUT THAT DIDNT MEAN THEY WERE FORCED TO LOVE EACH OTHER LIKE TAMLIN LOVES HIS HAIR!)

So honestly, in my mind, if Cassian sticks true to his character and doesn’t do a complete 180 tenfold, he wouldn’t love Nesta. I’n sure he would respect the mating bond and realize the universe thinks they’re perfect together, but (here it comes) : That doesn’t mean Cassian thinks he’s perfect for Nesta. 

So who would Cassian end up with? Okay, One: What? What is this question? Since when did Cassian, (OR ANY BOSS ASS MALE) need a female in his life to be happy? Sure, Mor made him happy. But he’s even happier being her friend and Azriel’s brother and awkwardly being the buffer between them, whispering “screw him, screw her” under his breath. So honestly, Cassian don’t need no female like Amren don’t need no man. 

But it is also 100% A-Oh-KAY if Cassian wants a woman. It’s A-OH-KAY IF CASSIAN WANTS TO CHERISH A WOMAN IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. It is A-Oh-Kay if Cassian wants to give her small ear kisses, and tickle her stomach, and toss her over his broad shoulders. It’s FINE if Cassian wants to stroke her wings just right (cough cough if she’s an Illyrian **holds thumbs UP**) and make her our his name. It’s okay if Cassian wants to love another woman since Rhys’s  mom (haha self promoting again hey) and Mor. Cassian may not need a woman but he sure as hell wants one just like Celaena sure as HELL wanted Chaol. 

And since you’re asking, who do I see Cassian with? Well I already mentioned an Illyrian female! And I think it would be so sweet and amazing and it would make my YA book loving heart THROB. For one, Cassian is like a huge feminist second to Rhysand himself. He’s trying to slowly raise an army of story Illyrian females and he respects them so much (because of Rhys’s mom is my guess *hehe*). And I think if he finds one that makes his heart flutter and she makes him laugh so hard he snorts his wine out of his nose, or he randomly races her through the air, CASSIAN WOULD BE HAPPY WITHOUT A DAMN MATING BOND. Because now he feels like this female is his equal. And he doesnt need the DAMN UNIVERSE to tell him a thing *snap snap snap*. ALSO Cassian was a bastard. So I think that if he realizes an Illyrian can move him (not because of his connections to the High Lord, or his siphon gems, or his powers) but she just loves looking into his eyes, and kissing his shoulder, and making his toes curl, Cassian will feel LOVED. He will feel loved and cherished by an Illyrian female and I don’t think he’ll ever think TWICE about calling himself a bastard. 

(this is legit my newest OTP)

What if Cassian doesn’t want an Illyrian? Hell yeah, that’s okay too, bitch es. Cassian can want a Fae and he can want her hard. He can want to bit the pointed tips of her ears. He can want to nuzzled those ears until they flush that adorable red. HE CAN WANT IT ALL! And I already have a small scene where they meet too. Cassian is totally in denial like “Nope, there’s no King of Hybern’s army behind me, lol army? What army? Pshhhh. Let’s go get drunk, we’ve been through enough” But I also think he would be fighting his ass off, even as his wings are still slightly healing (THOSE SUCKERS ARE GOING TO HEAL OKAY) but I think they’d start to hurt and he’d get overwhelmed. And the Inner Circle is divided bc this army is huge and they’re like 5 of them (Feyre still with the Tool, kicking his ass). So Cassian gets overwhelmed and this new monster (because yay) advances towards him. And then oUT OF NOWHERE THIS AMAZING FEMALE SOARS THROUGH THE SKY AND CHOPS THAT SUCKER’S HEAD OFF. And she does that like twenty more times and she’s covered in blood and gore and panting and her ears are pierced and Cassian is on the ground, eyes wide. And Rhys saw the whole thing and he’s like “Damn. I approve” The Fae woman reaches her hand down aND SHE PULLS UP BIG MUSCLES CASSIAN straight out the sky. She winces and Cassian baby is like “omg did i dislocate her shoulder?” But this girl is a trooper and she just pops it back in and then she has the Inner Circle surrounding her and she’s like “Really? I save this guy and you guys go all attack mode?” And she explains herself and she’s probably a real bad ass and gosh I love this chick already. Mor is over here, gushing because hell yes another girl that makes four of us (when Feyre gets back) and three of them!  And Cassian is just staring like an idiot and she’s like “They’re about a thousand or so more over the hill” And Rhys again is like “Damn. I approve”

So those are my two hopes for Cassian that have absolutely positively la-dee-do NOTHING to do with Nesta Archeron. And it’s a real long shot, but even if these exact things don’t happen, I think anyone would be great for Cassian. (Except Ianthe (and Nesta!!). Just. No) 

So those are my thoughts and I just pumped myself up and I might write those fanfics about Cassian and the Mystery girl. Thanks for reading!

Naruto's Confusion

Even though the Last was a rather il-concieved movie(don’t get me started on that), what Kishimoto said in his interview did apply for Naruto even before the Last. His character song even refered to it. He was confused about the way he felt about about Hinata. Despite what the antis say about Naruhina’s fandom for not considering Naruto’s feelings at all, a lot of the fandom noticed Naruto’s some what different behavour towards Hinata in part 2. As shown here

He became more aware of Hinata’s feeling, and mangaged to cheer her up, knowing that she was worried about not being good enough

Or here where the signs of his different behaviour are obvious af. He was both shocked and surprised that Hinata could light him up again. And he thanked her for being at his side.

 They also noticed that Naruto’s romantic feelings for Sakura had started to reduce and he had started to regard her as more of a sister, as show below, he understood when she was lying to him about her feelings, just because he knew her too well. He wasn’t angry about her telling him that she loved him, only to be lying like a cruel joke of some kind, because at that point of the story he didn’t care about whether or not Sakura liked him romantically, he was angry about her lying to her self, forcing herself to love him romantically even though she was still in love with Sasuke. He didn’t want anyone to force them selves into anything detrimental to their actual feelings, especially not someone as dear to him as Sakura. His crush on her had disappeared by then. (In short Narusaku friendship is bae asf, because they are so sibling like with eachother) 

But what the majority of the fandom didn’t notice was Naruto’s apparent confusion about his own feelings about Hinata. Where he had made up his mind about Sakura, he was still confused about Hinata. Many antis like to say that he totally forgot about Hinata’s confession. But that confession is actually…. when Naruto became very confused about the way he felt about her. But let’s look at the very first time his attitude towards her had changed. Yup cute isn’t it?

And the first time he got recognised by the village? He immediately thought about Hinata. She had become one of his valuable friends.

You can see that his initial face is of confusion and disbelief, and he told her to go back because she couldn’t possibly win

And here you can see his face sinking into even more shock and disbelief as to what she was saying. He was really having a hard time processing the things that were going on.

And here he looks totally stunned. Like the things that are happenning can’t be real

And this is where his confusion started, he didn’t know if he loved her back just yet. But he knew that he cared about her more than a friend.

And his feelings for her continued to develope through the war as something more mature. He had an understanding of her and she had an understanding of him. They were sort of…. more than friends at that point. So by that time you must be thinking, he should’ve… no he must’ve tried to return her feelings. But one other thing confused him even more. And this is one of the main arguements NS use. And this is….

Is Kushina telling Naruto to find someone like her, and in regards to personality the shy Hinata was nothing like the hot headed Kushina. And Naruto knew this very well. But he had already made up his mind about Sakura. And he still had feelings for Hinata despite her not being  like Kushina. How do we know this?

How do we know that Naruto had feelings for Hinata at this point? Well read these two pages carefully

‘But mom told me to find a girl as great as she is… That’s uhh…’

That’s hestitation Naruto. what about it?

'I haven’t done everything she told me but…!’

See the way this line is added right after the girl friend bit? As I’ve said before he’s talking about someone who is not like Kushina. And who else was his choice of girlfriend? Who else could he have considered for the role? Who?

Hinata of course.

So for those who say that Naruhina makes no sense because Naruto’s feelings weren’t even considered… you are wrong. In fact both Naruto’s and Hinata’s feelings were considered whole heartedly. And the reason he took so long to consider her first confession because he was under confusion about his own feelings.

They have a deep connection to each other throughout the manga if you look through it carefully.

It wasn’t just in the Last. It wasn’t just in the filler. It was in the entire CANON manga

“Barty Crouch Jr./Mad Eye Moody” vs. “Grindelwald/Percival Graves”

I apologize for the length of this but after thinking about this a lot, I felt like I had to get these thoughts out. First of all, this is not a comparison on characters (I’m not saying Mad Eye Moody and Graves are similar or anything like that). I am also not discussing whether Depp should be Grindelwald or not either. This is a comparison of the twists and why the twist in Fantastic Beasts doesn’t work.

First, I want to start off by giving a quick review of the similarities. In both cases, the characters were new and hadn’t been introduced before in their respective movies (technically Grindelwald was in the Potter movies but we knew very little about him and he wasn’t really a main character). Second, both twists occur at the end of each movie. However, that is where the similarities end.

Barty Crouch Jr./Mad Eye Moody

In the Goblet of Fire, we are introduced to several flash back sequences of Barty Crouch Jr. and also meet people that knew him, i.e. his father. This allowed the audience to grow accustomed to the character and for the more observant viewers to pick out characteristics and quirks of the character. We also see people who knew the real Moody interact with the fake one and scenes like when the fake Moody turns Draco into a ferret or performs the three forbidden curses does give the audience pause, wondering if Dumbledore would really allow such a man to be a teacher.

Also, thanks to how previous Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers have turned out, it gives the audience a precedent as to why they shouldn’t trust Moody and should likely keep an eye on him.

When the twist occurs, we have a fairly good grasp of who Barty Crouch Jr. is and who Moody ought to be so when the twist happens, it eventually makes since. For those that may have not guessed it, the scene may shock the viewer at first but the real payoff is being able to go back and see where the foreshadowing was.

Grindelwald/Percival Graves

However, in the case of Fantastic Beasts, we have none of this. The viewer is allowed to know that Grindelwald is dangerous and free and we know that Graves is a powerful Auror and the Director of Magical Security. However, these are just facts and do not give the audience anything to connect with.

We are given no hint that the fake Graves is acting out of the norm, nor are we given any scenes of simple character building like with family or friends. The closest thing to this are his scenes with Credence but all that does is make us think of him as a bad guy or at least anti-hero and, because we don’t have any scenes where he interacts with other characters in a heartfelt and different way, this doesn’t make the audience suspicious at all.

Even when he sentences Tina to death, she doesn’t make any claims like he’s acting out of the ordinary, nor does anyone else think he is to hasty in his sentencing, again forcing the audience to believe it is the real Graves.

The actual Grindelwald is given even less screen time and without a single flashback, we have no idea who he is or how he acts. This means the audience has no way of making a connection between him and Graves (unlike when Moody would lick his lips similar to Barty Crouch Jr.).

Why the twist in Fantastic Beasts failed

This is why the twist in Fantastic Beasts simply doesn’t work. When it happens, it would be the equivalent of finding out in the last Harry Potter book that Hermione was part fairy. Yes, it could theoretically work within Rowling’s universe but because there is no build up or hint, it would feel more like a cop-out than a well deserved twist.

Even worse, Barty Crouch Jr. has a fully developed and finished plot in the Goblet of Fire and with Moody’s situation, he is discovered in the end and later comes back, allowing us to know even more about the character and see his own development.

We will likely get this with Grindelwald in the upcoming movies but the lack of knowledge given to us now leaves the audience more annoyed than actually wanting to see the character again. Also, his own story is never fully fleshed out nor explained, both when he is disguised as Graves and when he is not.

Also with the real Graves, according to current sources, we likely won’t ever see him again. Not only that, but not a single person asks after the real one once it is discovered that it was really Grindelwald the whole time, making Graves feel less like a person and more like a plot device. This brings down the immersement of the entire film as this instrumental character that we’ve seen during the whole film (even if it was fake Graves) becomes flat and boring.

In other words, there is simply no connection to the audience, making the twist seem dull. Yes, it was shocking at first but to be a successful twist there needs to be a payoff as well. You don’t want to make it obvious but if no hints or foreshadowing are done, then the audience has no way to make sense of the twist and simply feel stupid for not being able to see it (something which is the writer’s fault, not theirs).

Ultimately, this twist can’t be taken back but hopefully the audience’s discontent will help shape Rowling’s writing for the upcoming films and justice will be done for not only Grindelwald’s character but Graves’ as well.