Zum Alten Haus restaurant in Hachenburg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Southwestern Germany. It lies in the Westerwald between Koblenz and Siegen. The local castle, former seat of the Counts of Sayn, was founded around the year 1180.


I had an elephant tour today (we take guests into the barn to watch some training) and the elephant supervisor who is very intimidating and the best of the best said she wanted ME to do the talkm My heart is still beating soooo quickly hahaha

THEN i take my group to meet our rhino and the director of the zoo walks in with his group and i start mentally freaking out. But my exterior is calm and collected as i continue on with my presentation for them. Director man asks my group if they are enjoying themselves and my group starts talking about how wonderful their tour is and how amazing i am. Then, as we are leaving I hear the director sayn in reference to myself, “she’s fantastic and very good at what she does”


The director is THE MAN of the zoo. He’s everyone’s boss. And he got to see me work and said i did reaaalllyyy well


BTS during the SKIT: One Night In A Strange City

(talking about a recent INU performance)

Hoseok: Suga hyung wasn’t even like rapping in the beginning

Jin: Yeah yeah, Suga wasn’t!

Namjoon: Suga hyung wasn’t rapping at all

Jin: He was just like holding the microphone

Taehyung: Suga hyung was just doing stuff like this…

Namjoon: He’s really just half-assing it

Yoongi: Hey hey hey, I’ll just say one thing

Yoongi: Please just piss off.

Bts: …   *Hoseok cackling*

Namjoon: You just wanted to say that didn’t you