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Honestly, I feel Turkish people claim to be POC when it suits them. They identify as Caucasians so they are white. They are "enthic" white people (I cnt believe I'm sayn this). I don't know why people think Anglo-Saxons are the only type of white people.

Caucasian =/= white. 

The concept of race and who’s “POC” gets a little weird and less clear cut in certain areas. I’m not saying that people don’t use their “POC” identity as a defense mechanism from legit criticism (they totally do that a lot), but I don’t think it’s anyone’s right to say how people from that area should or should not identify. 

If you don’t benefit from white supremacy or only benefit when you “pass” as white, or you only pass as white in certain places, then I don’t think you can make that claim that Turkish people are “just white” so easily.

That’s more up to Turkish people, less to you and me.

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ❤

5 Facts About My Favorite Sim Thanks for the tag @108sims

1. She mispells everything and says things wrong on purpose to bother Serenity.

2. She’s a hermit, she barely ever like to go out thats more of serenity’s thing but she does do it for her girls.

3.  She loves to drink Chai Iced Tea.

4. When she gets bored she paints or tends to a garden.

5. Shes never lived apart from Serenity and Sayne before and is scared to live alone all the time so shes with people all the time.

Headcanon + plotting tidbit

Franz Liszt’s patience and forgiveness is just about infinite okay. I’ve said it before but it can get to the point he becomes a fucking DOORMAT due to his sense of acceptance. And this isn’t just a hc thing, this is a relevant-to-rp thing. I could just never see him as “that muse who automatically disrespects your muse because they aren’t ‘protagonists’” and even if he does start off disliking them, forgiveness and understanding will just about always be an option. 

There are historical examples of this. He forgave Richard Wagner for manipulating money out of him + committing adultery with his daughter. And when one of his crazed students Olga Janina tried to shoot him in his own home, he looked her calmly in the eye and tried to calm her down rather than getting upset and/or threatening harm back. And when his anti-Semitic lover Carolyne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein edited anti-Semitic sentiments into a text that HE WROTE, he not only stayed with her, he also pretended those were his words in order to PROTECT her from others’ anger. (Not that I support that–it’s just an example of the depth of this personality aspect.) 

If that’s not enough to convince you, just keep in mind his attitude to two Dia and Mephi, whom he started off hating more than anyone else–

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…Yeah. Infinite forgiveness is infinite.