the devil’s advocate #10

chapter 10: the colour of her hair
: M for mature content (no nsfw)
summary: “Yeah.” He nodded. “From now on, I’ll protect you.”

I’m so sorry for the delay!! But I was really busy with life, I hope you understand. And because I’ll continue to be busy for a bit,
this fic will go on a Christmas Hiatus!
I’ll be busy visiting my family over the holidays, and I will use this time to write as much as I can to secure future regular updates again!! On we go now, expect more of this fic next year! ;)

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It is known that, where devils thrive, there will always be someone to combat their evil.

It is the nature of things, the balance that must never be unsettled.

There is good, and there is evil.

But it never is that easy, and the world is certainly not painted in black and white.

A long time ago, on earth, two people who should have never been anything but enemies chose to tread a different path.

Neither was perfectly good or perfectly bad. Neither was human, either.

The first time they met was on a street corner in Pompeii, 79 AD. Many people died that day. Some, however, were saved by a man with an odd tattoo – but the rumours were lost to time. A woman with scarlet hair had been watching him silently before leading many, many dead souls down to an even greater fire.

They met again, many times, too many for it to be by pure coincidence alone.

The angel, Jellal, would smile at the woman in charge of the souls of sinners, telling her that one day she might lead him downwards too – or, if he was very lucky, that she would leave behind her world and join him.

The devil, Erza, would smile back. Stolen glances turned to stolen touches, to stolen kisses and stolen whispers, and soon neither of them knew where they belonged anymore.

Would she take him to hell with her, or would they both be forgiven for their sins?

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