Saying "thank you" makes you happy...

Hey All!  Definitely in need of a pick me up (stupid rain)  and since I haven’t actually written anything in a while, what better way to get back in it, than with a Thanksgiving post, right?

So while things are not always perfect, here are a few things that are pretty close to it and can pull me out of a funk pretty quickly:

  • My Husband.  Yup, some parts of this post are going to be mushy.  Oh well.  He makes me happy, I love him, and sometimes I catch myself thinking that I really am the luckiest girl out there. He makes me laugh and he gives the most therapeutic hugs, which have come in handy lately.  He gets me and supports me and bottom line, we have fun together.  I won’t ever get tired of it and I know with every ounce of my being that he is the only one for me.  For that, I say “Thank you.”  Everyday.
  • My Family.  I have the best one. Period.  I could list all the reasons why, but there’s a lot of them, so it would be a long post.  Immediate, extended, in-laws, married-in, my family rocks.  And none of them have ever made fun of me for wanting to be an actor.  At least not to my face, haha.  So that’s pretty awesome.
  • My Friends.  This is sounding very generic, isn’t it? I love my husband, family and friends. Blah blah blah.  Well I said I was lucky, didn’t I?  And I really do have really special friends.  They are nice, and they listen, and they are silly, and they are supportive, and honest, and brave, and they never laughed at me wanting to be an actor either.  New ones, old ones.  Yup, I am thankful for my friends.
  • God.  He’ll let me come back when I’m ready.  I just have this feeling that he isn’t holding it against me.  Thanks for that.
  • My wedding rings.  Nothing but good memories when I look at them.
  • Music/Theater/Art. Obv.
  • My jobs.  Yes. All of them.  I don’t love every single one.  But I’m really grateful that I have them.  A girl’s gotta eat.
  • My stuff.  Not to sound materialistic.  This is on the bottom of the list after all.  I’m just aware of the things I have that make my life better and I feel lucky to have them.  Things like my car and my kitchen-aid and my cell phone and my sewing machine and my tv. Tumblr. Could I get by with out them?  For sure.  But right now I don’t have to, so I say thanks for that too.

Stop what you are doing. Even if you are having the worst day ever, make a list of all of the things you are grateful for.  I can almost guarantee that it will help.  But even if it doesn’t, it couldn’t hurt, right?

Happy Thanksgiving!