Here it is, tumblr (internet), my ten drawings:

Hair Drawings and Hair and Drawing

  • untitled بدون عنوان
  • fame الشهره
  • the living creatures الكائنات الحيه
  • hair شعر
  • the girl’s name اسم البنت
  • girl drawing girls بنت ترسم بنات
  • girl drawing boys بنت ترسم صبيان
  • drawing is haram الرسم حرام
  • prohibited is desired الممنوع مرغوب
  • internet is not for girls الانترنت مب حق البنات
They jumped on the carcass (of this world), earned shame by eating it, and became united on loving it. When one loves a thing, it blinds him and sickens his heart. Then, he sees but with a diseased eye, hears but with unhearing ears. Desires have cut asunder his wit, and the world has made his heart dead, while his mind is all longing for it. Consequently, he is a slave of it and of everyone who has any share in it. Wherever it turns, he turns towards it and wherever it proceeds, he proceeds towards it. He is not desisted by any disaster from Allah, nor takes admonition from any preacher.
—  Imam Ali (as)Nahjul Balagha, sermon 109