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I'm just kinda sad. Still trying to work through how I feel about all that went down today. Happy for Harry with his fashionista vibe but sad it seems like my band is gone despite the promises :(

look, i understand that you feel like that, but i’m honestly not the best person for reassurances. not because i think that the band is gone or whatever, but because i actually think the opposite. so, you know. be sad and then don’t be, alright? let’s make it a deal, who needs to be sad because of some dumb british boys who happen to be famous <3

the thing is, we can all feel whatever and think that we know whatever is going on with all of their lives, but we just.. don’t. all harry did in those interviews, regarding the band’s future i mean, was basically saying nothing new at all. there was no groundbreaking new information, he was saying what we’ve all (i hope at least) been saying about all of them: the band is amazing, the experience is everything, i love them all and i love it all to bits, but we’re not doing anything as a band right now, no projects and no tours and no albums coming like this year or anything, so we’re all off doing our own things, trying to TRY, trying to adjust, trying to figure our art and our deals and our places in the world out. you know what i mean? the beauty of the phenomenon that is one direction for all four of them is that they can go back to it WHENEVER THEY WANT. like so many bands did before them, like so many others will do. 1d is a popular thing and it will stay somewhat relevant for years, decades maybe, in the sense that ot4 (or ot5 even, who the fuck knows) could decide “let’s mess around in the studio guys i’ve got some shit i think we could make it into an ep or even an album” or “i miss touring as a band let’s get together and arrange something” or even “we’re invited to perform at this event and sing one of our singles, do you think we should just play no control instead”, you know? this is normal stuff, they are all so young, and each of them is part of this big popular hotshit band, but each of them is also Not, they are more than bandmates and the oldest of them will only turn 25 this year (what the FUCK LOUIS WILL BE 25 ALRIGHT moving on), so the thing is…. they will all do so much stuff and say so much stuff, and there will be even more stuff and shit said about them, but none of it will ever be the ending of things, they are all shaped to stay in some form of as spotlight long-term, together and separately. and it’s honestly an amazing thing, because, simply put, it means more content and more enjoyment for us as fans, once we all get rid of irrationality

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how do you feel about the fact that Elias used to be a callboy and was doing the do with other woman but never with you even though he loved you?

❛❛ …I am definitely not going to say it was a good thing, even though he wanted to survive by doing this. I…I personally think such action is not right. I think you should do those kind of things only with person you love- of course after marriage though. And ! There was better ways to get money than this but- I am not going to say anything. Sometimes….people might have no choice, and we shouldn’t be so hard on them. ❜❜

There will be a long pause.  ❛❛ Wait- HOW CAN YOU KNOW IF HE DID ?! Y-YOU PROBABLY DO NOT EVEN KNOW HIM ! ❜❜ Now she feels bad 

All the Conscious people I meet honestly be dumb af. Like what they say may sound good cus their repeating what they’ve heard or been told by other “woke” mfs, but the only reason they seem like they are smart is because they are preaching to alot of dumbER mfs. About 6% of the shit be right and the other 94% be either WRONG or just Irrelevant. Like even if we do come from Aliens, how is that information gonna help us now with systematic racism?

# 93 When People Complain About "Stupid People"

You know the Facebook post where the poster says they just can’t stand stupid people, but they don’t give any examples. They say the world needs more common sense, but they’re not about to say what that might be.

But “stupid people” are assumed to be bad, and common sense is assumed to be good. The value judgment is built in. You don’t add anything if you don’t say which things are stupid, or what constitutes common sense. This person is essentially saying “Good things are good, and bad things are bad.”

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19 and 24! 💛

Helloooo! <3

19. What would it say on your chocolate frog card?

lol this took so much thinking about look @ how pretentious this is. this follows on from the answer i gave to question 24 here


Rainy Streetlights 1993 - Present

Head of the Theatre Education for Magical Productions and Operas program (T.E.M.P.O) in schools across the wizarding world bringing wizarding theatre and opera magi into magical schools to assist with magical fluency and confidence in casting.

I want to teach at hogwarts becasue who doesnt. also idk I just really think Hogwarts should have a dramatic arts program even just as an after school club. Beauxbatons clearly do with their little birdy sigh trick. It would probs improve non-verbal casting and wandless magic though artistic exploration of magic (bleeegghh shut up rainy you huge nerd)

tbh it would probably say this though

Rainy Streetlights 1993 - Present 

Ironic she has this chocolate frog card she’s alergic to fucking chocolate

24: what would be your ideal job in the wizarding world?

I’m going to be Magic mike. with magic

magic magic mike

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b, k, l, n, q

b – biggest fear
spiders, all kind of insects and not making my dream come true

k – kissed someone
i have kissed many people if that’s the question lmao if it’s who i want to kiss, i’d say karl urban and dylan o’brien lmao

l – last time you cried

n – number of siblings
2 ; a sister and a brother :)

q – question you’re always asked
“why are you so annoying?” // “mcu or xmu quicksilver” // “why do you like psychiatry so much?” // “why do you wanna live in england“

send me a letter

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Is Rhodey a GermanShepherd!? cause that would be awesome!

He is! 

Originally posted by bigbadwolfandpumpkinpom

Good ol’ German Shepherd. He’s fast, he’s skilled, he’s beauty, he’s grace, and he’ll chew out your face if you get within ten feet of Tony. Steve and Bucky are going to have their hands full trying to get to Tony with this big ol’ Shepherd standing in their way. The hunt is on! 

Now just imagine Tony’s little animal form clinging to Rhodey’s head as he trots around through the journey. Safe to say Rhodey is going to play a big role in this fic I’m cooking up! 

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While I agree that Sansa is much better character that Beth could ever hope to be, her fans can be as shitty as Beth's: taking elements from other characters narratives and giving them to her, writting wild theories about why she will be QitN (even if that'd mean Bran and Rickon dying or MIA), getting mad when someone doesn't agree on their OoC version of her or says they like another female charather better (bc that's sexist), & criticizing other characters to pop her up (specially Bran & Arya)

No doubt, but everyone has shitty fans. I think we both kinda meant Beth and Sansa alone, their own characters.

The golem is loving meeting you! Here’s a list of what he’s got to say:
“A heartfelt thanks, I can chit chat!”
“My head is good!”
“The clock is fast!”
“Do you speak Yiddish?”
“From your mouth to gods ear!”
“Dream dream dream!”
“If you can’t go over, go under”
“Lets go!”

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thanks for like... putting into words why the execution of the pearl/rose/greg arc has always made me a little uncomfortable

♡ :( I can’t say it’s not personally relatable but it kinda looks exactly like everything else media show about gay & bi women

and props to @heliosapphic for actually talking about this because I couldn’t pinpoint what bothered me at first either

yesterday i was so motivated and today not so much, I must’ve used it all up lol

I was gonna type out a letter of resignation or whatever, seems like the formal thing to do. I was lied to about the promotion I would be getting, they have me doing shit I wasn’t told about and I didn’t really want the job to begin with and I was guilted into it. I didn’t want to be working there as long as I have anyways. I don’t have a back up job but I have a safe sum in the bank and I’m pretty resourceful so I’m sure I could find something new soon. But I should also focus on stuff I actually want to do in the future, even if those goals could be unrealistic. You miss all the opportunities you don’t try or however that saying goes haha.

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Just your random reminder that you are great. I hope you are doing well and if you're not I hope you sleep deeply tonight and wake up feeling better tomorrow. <3

Thank you so much!! :D :D :D *gives long-distance hug* I really needed that!! You’re amazing!

Things are hard with asthma sadly… ‘Tis the season as I say. XD I’m feeling better today. I’m not coughing as much, and I haven’t gotten a headache from it! I got some extra sleep last night, and it helped a lot as well! My cough should be gone in about another week hopefully!

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Honestly, the fact that I don't know what they're saying but can still FEEL how heartfelt everything is just a testament to Yoneda Kou's skill as a mangaka.

I’ve always been so stunned by how yaoi mangaka manage to put so much feeling into their work. Art styles vary and yet all the time I can see exactly what they’re feeling; I think that’s one of the reasons I’m so attached to yaoi. And Yoneda Kou is a queen among mangaka; she can have so many conflicting emotions in Yashiro’s eyes/face, serious complicated emotions that are conveyed so well. She’s really found her calling.

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I'd like to say that I really liked your posts on your sideblog about your individual Corrins and how the differences each of them had in your headcannons. Do you have something similar for your Robins?

Thanks! I did enjoy writing and thinking of them as individuals even if there’s not much of a difference in the games themselves. Also I do admit to being less attached to my Robins and thusly not thinking as much about them, but your ask actually motivated me to sit down and do so.

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Say hello to our newest member @jj4tay !!!! #drums #drummer #changes #lit our logo needs to change. (at Paris Mountain State Park)

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Don’t you love it when your friends say you’re a lesbian in front of a guy you might be interested in because you have no idea what ur bloody sexuality is, but he’s now convinced that there is no chance yay fuck everything

So my best irl friend has a been a bit of a brat.
She said that I don’t have mental illnesses when ive told her that I have depression and anxiety
She says all parents insult their children when really not all insult their children
She says I’m being emo/edgy whenever I’m in a sad or depressed mode
Last year she even said that my internet friends aren’t real just cause I don’t personally know them
At least I know them!