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Lately i have been playing Don’t Starve Together with @ironical-ghosty and @talesofladeda , playing as Webber i’m currently a proud owner of both my Broodling pet and Koalefant farm~! ((12 of them atm with one of them being Winter Koalefant))

  • Yoongi : *looks at Kookie's laptop*
  • Yoongi : *furious* Jeon Jungkook!!! Are those Jin hyung's nudes?? Did you take those without his permission?!!! How dare are yo-
  • Jungkook : Hyung wait that's not me~ I got it from Jiminie hyung~
  • Jimin : Hey!!You brat!!! Hyung listen it was taetae's fault~
  • Taehyung : *points at RM* Noooooo- I just found it in Namjoon hyung's porn stash!
  • Namjoon : Hobi! It was Hobi!! He sent those to me!!!
  • Yoongi : *Death stare* So, Jung Hoseok, do you have anything to say?
  • Hoseok : Uhmm yes actually.
  • Yoongi : I'm listening.
  • Hoseok : These photos came from you remember?
  • Yoongi :
  • Hoseok : It was in a file called 'roommates with benefits' in your laptop?
  • Yoongi :
  • Bangtan :
  • Yoongi : Uhm,okay yeah...never mind.

Jefferson knew he could be clingy. He was not embarrassed by this fact, and he also didn’t think Madison totally minded. After all, Madison was clingy in his own ways, texting Jefferson any time he was upset over anything because he couldn’t even begin to feel better until had vented, and also physically clingy, on cold mornings when he was reluctant to let Jefferson remove his heat from the bed. Yes, given these displays of Madison’s own clinginess, Jefferson did not think Madison minded that Jefferson had a deep need to see him in person as often as possible. Things were tough when Jefferson traveled for work, but weeks like this one were a special kind of torture. They weren’t apart–just busy. Madison was right there, in the same town and, for much of the day, even in the same building, but they could not find time to spend together.

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guys reposting content is not a light issue, we really should call out those ppl. I get so mad when I see my edits reposted on twitter or any other place it’s just the same and reposting them on tumblr is so much worse like ????? is it so damn hard to reblog it or what ?????

IT’S SOMETHING WE SHOULDN’T LET HAPPEN, imagine getting stolen something you worked so hard for, it’s not okay!!!!!

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as a lonely lesbian got7 stan i gotta say 1) str8ies in your inbox are awful 2) while what jaebum said was obviously not outright homophobic, we ///all/// know the implication of it was essentially no homo, a really desperate and kind of aggressive no homo that he's said how many times now? i love him but yikes man he needs to relax

basically yes thank u i love u 

My friends are becoming caricatures of their typings, I'm scared
  • ENTJ: The only pain is physical
  • ESFJ: I do have quite a punch
  • INFP: It's all mental
  • ESFJ: Actually I can't punch
  • ENTJ: Indeed
  • ENTJ: Emotions are stupid
  • INFP: I hate them

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amazing how large parts of the fandom see ruby and sapphire genuinely caring for and supporting one another as "obsessive and unhealthy", but at the same time pearl holding onto her unrequited crush on rose for thousands of years is held up by the fandom as the epitome of representation in the show

oh but what about gregrose? that ship is far from unhealthy, but i feel like if they were both women, people would jump to call rose manipulative and evil for not recognizing greg’s feelings