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A new student wears no iron or silver. She ignores instructions to do so. She seems bold as brass, limping around at night with not a single defense or care in the world. But the Gentry do not take advantage of this; instead they actually steer clear of her, as if she were wearing more iron than they could stand to see. When someone finally gathers the courage to ask her about it, she laughs. "I have arthritis," she says, smiling. "I've had four joints replaced."



Prompt: Kaldur with a s/o who’s scared of the ocean/water

Requested by: ANON

           You’re dozing in and out of sleep. You’re lying on a towel, protected by an Umbrella. The air is warm, and the breeze coming off the Ocean keeps you from getting too hot. When a hand slides up your back, you glance back at your boyfriend and smile. You stretch, before sitting up. “Have fun?”

           Kaldur smiles at you, “I had an excellent time. Tula says hello.”

           You smile, “She should have come up with you.”

           “She had to attend to the queen. Her Majesty is due any day now.”

           You nod, before pulling on your cover up, “It’s such a nice day.”

           Kaldur nods, “It’s lovely. Thank you for coming with me.”

           You glance at the Ocean, “I didn’t really go with you.” You sigh, “I hate being scared of things. Especially something so irrational.”

           Kaldur pulls you into his lap, “It is not irrational. The Ocean hold many scary things, and it should be respected. The water has power behind it. And if you decide to venture in at some point, I will be your escort.”

           “Not my protector.”

           He smiles, “You are more than capable of protecting yourself, but I will face everything with you.” You just smile, and kiss your boyfriend.   

i want video calls until midnight. i want to hear you sing our favorite song. i want to tell you you’re beautiful, because its true. i want you to message me a lot and show me you care. i want to laugh out loud with the things you say, and smile so much that i have to hide it so people wont notice. i want to make your days a little better. allow me to make you happy. let me love you.

Haikyuu!! Pairings Soulmate AU Headcanons

Headcanons about some of the pairings from Haikyuu!! when they are in a soulmate AU. In this one, they have the first words the others say to them tattooed on their body. If there is a pairing you would like to see headcanons like this for, you’re welcome to request it!

These could be considered continuations of headcanons I did previously that were about when the pairings first met. I used them for inspiration to write these ones. You can find those here.

Thank you for this request!

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The first time with Jason Bull would involve:

  • It’ll either be planned or spontaneous; either one is possible for Bull. Just whenever the moment feels right for him and you
  • And it’ll start off a little slow before growing into an all-out fire. Slow burn, he says
  • He smiles a lot. Probably talks a lot, too. Talks about things that doesn’t really have to do with the subject at hand. But it does help to calm you down if you’re nervous, especially because he can make you laugh
  • Passionate kisses and lots of touching. He gets really into it and is kinda cliche about giving you the attention you deserve
  • And since he reads you so well, Bull always seems to know what you want. Where you want to be touched and what you want him to do
  • Can be a bit teasing and not give you what you want right away. That’s just how he is; a little shit
  • But he does make it good. Tries his best to make sure you don’t regret it
  • And afterwards, he just pulls you close and talks and makes you laugh and it’s just a light, comfortable feeling

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dream scenario: at the end of the film tony offers the suit back. peter considers, says no, then smiles. ‘just - i’ve thought of a few improvements.’ tony just looks at him for a moment then - there! a quirk of his lips. ‘only a few?’

they build the next spider suit together.

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Tiny fic, Amy and Tara as friends?

au: childhood friends

“Wh-what if your mom finds us?” Tara asks, as she passes Amy one of her own mother’s crystals.

“She won’t,” Amy says, although her voice lacks certainty. “Anyway,” she adds, “we’re far enough from home. No one’s gonna find us here. Not my mom. Not your dad. And besides - my mom thinks I’m at your place.”

“And m-my dad thinks I’m at yours.”

Tara still can’t believe she’d actually agreed to this. It feels nice, she thinks. The way she’s shaking now - it’s excitement, not fear.

The weeping willow tree above them shivers in the wind, sending leaves cascading down over the two girls. Amy reaches out and brushes them from Tara’s hair with her fingers.

“Thanks,” Tara says, smiling crookedly up at her friend through a curtain of hair. 

Amy smiles back. “Are you ready?” she asks.

Nothing but the glow of streetlights illuminates the park around them. It’s dark, threatening, and Tara’s not afraid.


The tiny fairy lights they conjure light up the sheltered space beneath the willow tree. They’re safe here.

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i got rejected by someone ive had a crush on for over half a year today can u pls tell me a funny story 2 make me smile thanks mom

Aw, I’m sorry, anon. That sucks.  (っ´ω`)ノ(╥ω╥) But it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there! And it’s better than pining for years and never getting anywhere – I’ve been there and it’s the worst. Curl up under a blanket with your favourite food, do something you enjoy and don’t push yourself too much!

And uh, hopefully this is a funny story?? When I was a very small Comet – I think three? – my mom came to pick me up from daycare. She got there and I’m standing with the daycare worker, clearly upset. So she crouches down next to me and asks what’s wrong, but I won’t say anything. So the worker smiles and says: “Well, Comet lost her voice today.”

And my mom, bless her heart, starts being a complete egg about it. She asks, with a complete straight face: “Well, Comet, this is quite a problem. Where did you lose it? Did you leave it at the playpen? Did you leave it at the park? Will you ever get it back?”

What my mother did not realize is that I had been asking myself those very same questions all day, and was trying to be strong and accept my life as a mute. But this broke some kind of dam in me, so I sniffle and hoarsely and quietly say: “I… I don’t knooooow!”

And I start to scream/sob/bawl in the middle of the daycare – except, you know, silently. Which only makes me cry more. And meanwhile both the daycare worker and my mother are trying to comfort me and explain that she was joking but they’re both fucking losing it. Anyway, I was apparently inconsolable and my mom had to carry me out and drove me home crying the entire way, which… apparently wasn’t too bad, considering I wasn’t making much noise to begin with.

and then they paint each others nails and come up with wild theories about why Zarkon is such a grump until Hunk bursts in looking for his missing headband

he does agree that space IKEA constantly failing to give Zarkon enough screws to properly assemble his space furniture is a plausible explanation also where do you even find this stuff Lance? and don’t try telling me it came with your lion 

(idk i just wanted to draw something cute. i hc that lance really enjoys pampering people since it reminds him of his family, and keith didn’t get pampered at all growing up but he finds that he really likes it, even if he initially only agreed because he didn’t want lance to look so sad and homesick)