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Friendly reminder that Spanish (and some other languages) have many regional varieties with different vocabulary and people that make vocabulary lists do not necessarily know every term used around the world

So please don’t be rude when you see someone use a word in their vocab list that you’ve never seen cuz it might just used in another region :/

hello i want to point out a funny thing in separation arc

so in these panels

i’ve seen it translated as this:

they did a p damn good job, but missed one thing by simplifying what reigen says in the panel where he looks all distraught and dramatic with his hand on his face.

what he says in there, if translated more literally, is…

ohhh the gall! they DARE to smear ME with this bullshit setup, this handsome, gentle me who is letting everyone and anyone rely on himself!" “SHIT…”

but the next second in the next panel he has righted himself and looks calm, and says:

"but even saying that, no matter how much gossip management i do, if i’m doing it alone it’s just wasted effort.”

and yes, the “but even saying that” lampshades what he just said as something ridiculous. so basically the feeling is…

“they DARE insinuate that? at this gorgeous face!? lol but seriously tho i might be as well yelling shit like that, nothing is working.”

makes you think about reigen’s self-awareness and sense of self-worth and confidence, doesn’t it.


NYCC Q&A speed round → [requested by:anon]

So like I don’t really see a lot of people talking about how MATT GAVE PIDGE HER NICKNAME???!?!

I freaked out so much when we got the origin of “pidge” in the flashback and how she took on that name to try to stay as connected to her brother as she could and my friend and I almost started crying when we realized it???? Like one of the questions I always had was WHY Pidge didn’t go back to being called Katie after everyone found out she was a girl and it was because SHE STILL DIDN’T HAVE MATT BACK. Idk I just love the Holt siblings so much I’m so glad we got such Quality Content with them this season.


I’ve said before that I believe the work of allies is to use their privilege and influence to create space for the marginalized to tell their stories and speak their truth. This is what Harry is doing with MUNA. He’s given them this space and they OWN IT. They’re brilliant and amazing and, personally, I will be forever grateful that Harry introduced me to them.

Harry isn’t speaking to the experience of being a woman or a person of color or openly queer. He’s lifting up the voices of a band that IS all of those things. That speaks their truth nightly. Listen to their songs.

I will not treat it like a small thing because it’s not.

anonymous asked:

I have a question. I know that the names fien, Kadt, and chanda came from misspellings but what caused you guys to make them into characters? And if people make more spelling mistakes, will you turn those into monsters as well?

i designed kadt and fien before i named them. kadt was made because minty told me we needed a monster doctor. fien was designed a bit later so kadt could have a wife (very important). fien wasn’t originally intended to be in the comic, but minty managed to fit her in! 

i probably won’t make more monsters based on spelling mistakes, but never say never.

I think is time for us to talk about Dean and Cas in the impala, just miles and miles of road ahead of them, windows down and their voices rising up over the sound of the wind, they are singing to one of Dean’s tapes. Dean smiles all the way, because Cas knows all the lyrics of his favourite songs perfectly, even better than Dean.


5 years ago Lauren twetted “it’s camren yo” and she oficially named their ship… so… Happy Birthday Camren ✨🦋🌹💃🏻🌜🌞 ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS 💞

please consider Keith and Lotor sitting on the couch in front of their tv with their legs tangled together

Keith is rereading his old and well-loved copy of Ender’s Game while Lotor pores through a decrepit science textbook. they stay like that until theyre breathing softly, books laying on their chests as they sleep, moonlight peeking through the curtains and kissing them a gentle goodnight