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Headcanon that most of the Justice League has a totally different view of Batman’s habit of adopting/raising kids than he does. He’s like, “huh, another one who needs me,” and it’s that simple. He doesn’t know others see this differently until one day Flash or Green Lantern casually says something about Batman’s pretty successful rehabilitation program for children connected to the League of Assassins or criminal organizations. They just assume that if it’s Batman it has to be super intentional and methodical, right? Not that he keeps ending up with children who are essentially violent strays.

No one knew

(A/N): I’m so sorry about your seizures anon, I only hope you start to feel better soon 

Request: Can you do a Buck x reader where the reader has seizures but no one knows. Then one day randomly their on a mission or in a meeting and collapses. My seizures have come back for some reason, and i need the comfort

Warnings: seizures, swearing

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   You had that telltale sign of a seizure fast approaching. Whenever you had an episode or whatever you’d always get a massive headache, it feels as though your entire head was being squeezed with a metal studded belt and it was only getting tighter and tighter and more painful. Not only that but you were feeling awfully lightheaded, the room was seemingly spinning and everything seemed fuzzy. Perhaps you were just incredibly tired, perhaps you hadn’t eaten enough, maybe you were dehydrated? It was anything but your seizures, you hadn’t had one in months and now suddenly they were coming back? No, you wouldn’t believe it. 

   You willed your mind to pay attention on what Tony was saying, something about team failure/success rates or something like that. You squinted to see the board ahead of you but that only made your headache worse. 

    “(Y/N),” you were vaguely aware of Bucky’s hand resting lightly on yours but it felt- it felt strange, almost as though he was and wasn’t touching you all at once. “Are you okay? You look a little sick there doll,” You want to open your mouth to respond but you can’t, it’s as though you can’t control your body whatsoever. Everything becomes a million times fuzzier and all you can see is hazy colors. 

    “I-” your voice chokes off as everything turns black. You can’t feel anything, you can’t hear anything or see anything, all that surrounds you is that eery blackness.   

   You slowly open your eyes, blinking lazily at the bright lights surrounding you. A small groan falls from your lips and from some far off place you can hear a voice, distorted and muffled, but it’s still there.

    “(Y/N)? (Y/N), can you hear me?” The colors are hazy again, a mix of browns and blacks, blues and greens, yellows and reds. Nothing is truly definitive yet but it’s slowly starting to come together. 

   What had happened? You honestly couldn’t remember much except something about Tony…and Bucky. No, you distinctly remember Bucky. 

    “B-Buck,” You can’t seem to form words properly as you attempt to call out his name.

    “(Y/N), hey, it’s okay, I’m right here,” there’s a gentle squeeze on your hand and although it started off feeling weak it’s definitely growing stronger now. The colors are slowly starting to separate, each one taking its own shape and such.

    “What- what-”

    “Don’t speak if it’s hard for you to,” the first voice demands of you, albeit in a soft tone. You nod your head, immediately regretting it when a great pain spread though out your body as you do. 

    “Ow,” well. You managed to get one word out. Another hand, one cool and smooth cradles the back of your head, the thumb of the hand lightly pressing into the skin of your neck. 

    “(Y/N), are you feeling lightheaded at all?” You open your mouth to reply and while it’s still hard it’s slowly starting to get easier. 

    “N-no…just a headache,” your words are slurred and slow but at least you got then out there.

    “Do you feel sick at all?" 

    "Head…maybe my stomach,” The voice hums as the colors begin to take on more clarity, each one taking the shape of one human being.

   "(Y/N), are you prone to seizures? Do you have a history of them?“ 

    "Yes…not for months though," 

    "Shit,” you know that voice as Bucky’s and you’re just conscious enough to sense the worry in his voice.

    “(Y/N), can you see me?” The man before you finally starts clearing up, to the point you could actually distinguish who he was.

    “Bruce?” You question, still not trusting your senses just yet. 

    “Yeah (Y/N)?”

    “N-nothing…just makin’ sure that’s you,” Bruce smiles, his same, usual tight lipped smile. 

    “(Y/N), why didnt you tell me about the seizures?” Bucky asks beside you. You go to open your mouth to respond but before you can Bruce cuts him off. 

   "Bucky, they’re still recovering from the whole thing, give them a minute or two, okay?“ Bucky sighs softly, nonetheless nodding. Bruce smiles at him before turning back to you. "Can we just check some of your vitals really quick?” You nod your head lightly, the feeling still sending pain through your body. “Try not to move too much, okay?”

    “Okay,” You sigh softly, already knowing what to do. Everytime you went to the doctors you had to do some routine and it was no different here, in fact the whole process was so familiar it required no brainwork. “Well, while we wait for the labs to return do you wanna go lay down, maybe eat some food?” You contemplate it, trying to decide if you wanted to it if you’d rather insist on being fine.

    “They haven’t ate at all today,” Bucky whispers beside you, his hand still squeezing yours.

    “Then they most definitely need the food and water, go lay them down, keep an eye on them though," 

    "Okay,” Bucky nods as he easily slips his arms around your form, lifting you up bridal style. Without another word he leaves the labs, carefully making his way up to his floor. 

    “I’m not porcelain you know,” You mutter as let your head loll against his chest, your fatigue starting to get the better of you. 

    “You haven’t had a single thing to eat today and you just had a seizure, there’s no way I’m letting you walk up to our floor,” Despite your situation you smile, your eyes slipping closed as you do. “(Y/N)…why didn’t you tell me about the seizures?” Bucky’s voice is softer now as though he’s hesitant to ask.

    “They hadn’t happened in months…I assumed they had stopped,” You can’t help the ebbing of sadness in your voice, you had been so happy your seizures were gone and now they had suddenly returned and at one of the worst times too. “I’m sorry if I scared you,” you press a gentle kiss to Bucky’s chest, right above his heart. Without even having to look you know Bucky’s smiling, his arms tightening around you just a bit. 

    “Can you give me some of the warning signs? Like, how you know it’s gonna happen and stuff? As soon as you start feeling better though,” You smile and nod, wincing as you do. 

    “Yeah,” You cringe as a bit of pain shoots across your head. “Yeah, I can do that," 

 ~Extended Ending~

   "Bucky, I just have a sinus infection, I’m not gonna seize or anything,” Bucky shakes his head as he continues to follow you around like a lost puppy. 

    “You said headaches were a symptom,”

    “Ear splitting, nearly eye popping headaches, I’m just a little sick is all,” Bucky Shakes his head again, sighing a bit as he does.

    “I’m not taking any chances, I don’t want you falling on me again,” even in his most protective nature you couldn’t help but smile at his adorableness despite the way he was starting to annoy you.

    “I appreciate it Bucky but I can go to the bathroom myself, I don’t need you standing guard, got it?” Bucky sighs again, stopping at the door of the bathroom. 

    “Fine…just call for me if you need anything though,” You smile, gently patting his cheek as you open the bathroom door.

    “Sure thing cutie,”

Sebastian Stan Romanian interview translation

Narrator: It is 9 A.M. in New York and the city is intensely buzzing. It’s full of people on Manhattan’s streets, an island that has represented the commercial, cultural and financial temple of America for many decades. Millions of souls animated by the noise of the streets, the reflections on the giant buildings and the savor of the coffee sold everywhere flood the arteries of the most cosmopolitan neighborhood of New York. On 428 Hudston Street, a young man is making his way to a coffee shop. (Sebastian saying “Nice to meet you, [formal] hello, Sebastian” in Romanian). He’s wearing a leather jacket but also a cap, to slightly hide his features, and he’s accompanied by a personal assistant. He speaks respectfully and immediately starts a conversation with the manager, an Australian married to a Romanian woman. He introduces himself simply, Sebastian, and he says he lives in the area. (The manager asks Sebastian if he was born in Romania, he says “Yes, I was. I was born in Romania”, both speak English).

Meet Sebastian Stan, the Romanian who, at 34, stars in the coolest Hollywood blockbusters. The world knows him as Bucky, Captain America’s best friend in the superhero trilogy which has brought him a climatic success in the past 4 years.

Sebastian: I like the whole group of people with whom I’m there making the movie very much, because we get along very well and… yeah, what I can say, (in English) it’s a very nice job.

Narrator: In Hollywood, everybody knows he’s Romanian, from his castmates to TV hosts, and everybody he collaborates with wants to hear him speak Romanian. With Sharon Stone, he flirted live in Romanian. He’s sexy, he’s got a million dollar body and he’s pursued by big advertising companies for various spots. In the industry, they say he has a killer smile. Ever since they found out he’s Romanian, more and more people are starting to talk to him in his mother tongue. He has won the admiration of millions of people from around the world, playing the role of the hot, bad guy which confronts almost all American symbols regarding heroes, characters inspired by comics like Iron Man or Captain America. He stars along Robert Downey Jr, Scarlet Johansson, Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Samuel L. Jackson and many other famous actors with whom he shares the sets.

Sebastian: Every time I wake up in the morning and I think that this is my work, what can I say, it feels very… unreal, like it’s just a dream, that someone’s paying me to hit someone else all day.

Narrator: He easily finds his words in Romanian while the conversation keeps playing. It’s not easy for him, seeing that he doesn’t have the chance to speak Romanian in either New York or Hollywood, in the fortress of American movies.

Sebastian: I have to thank my mom, because she… if it were me, I don’t know if I would still be able to speak Romanian. Because when you’re a small kid, you come here and you try to assimilate, you don’t want to be different, you want to fit in. So I have her and I have my dad, I also speak Romanian to him.

Narrator: His parents got divorced when Sebastian was 2, and his dad is still in America but on the West Coast. He visits him when he goes to Los Angeles to film, and he says his parents kept his interest for Romania alive.

Sebastian: I have to go back to Romania. I absolutely have to go back.

Rares Nastase: Do you feel that?

Sebastian: Yes, but it’s also about time. Now that I’m 34, it’s like I think a lot and I ask myself a lot about family and other things, and I have some questions about Romania and how it was during my time there. Because I left when I was 8.

Narrator: It happened in 1990. Sebastian was 8 and living in Constanta. Right after the revolution, his mom, a piano teacher, took him to Vienna, where they lived for 3 years before flying over the ocean to the United States.

Sebastian: It was very early, but I have some memories. What can I say about the communists and that situation, the least I remember is New Year’s Eve, when we had the TV on for the whole night, cause otherwise it we could only watch from 8 P.M. to 9 P.M.

Narrator: In front of a coffee with lots of milk, Sebastian says he’s happy about the success of the commercial movies which brought him fame, but he’d also like to play more profound roles.

Sebastian: Working on something which is about people, about family, about life, about what’s happening, that’s why I sometimes like European movies, because they always ask these questions that we have in life and ask ourselves everyday.

Narrators: And on this subject, he tells us that he’s keeping an eye on Romanian productions. He’s watched a lot of awarded European movies and he wants to collaborate with Romanian producers.

Sebastian: I started watching Romanian movies more and what can I say, I was… they’re better than American movies. I mean, directors like Cristi Puiu and the movies I’ve watched… The latest one was Graduation.

Narrator: He praises Romanians who make movies because talk about realities in the Romanian society, which he’s getting to know too. Romanian movies made him recently realize what his mother went through when she decided to emigrate with him thousands of miles from Romania.

Sebastian: Even if I didn’t grow up there, in Romania, if I haven’t known the situation in the past 10 years, I felt something because maybe I understood my mom better because of that film, the sacrifice, what it means for the kid, the ideas that we have at a certain moment and then how life turns out. Yes, I was very lucky, but I forget. When I was 22-23, I don’t think I was thinking about what it meant for her, after the revolution, to get up and go somewhere she can make money, to get us food. I didn’t ask those questions at 22, but now I look into it and I understand.

Narrator: Charm, ambition and talent is what made him star in Oscar movies. In The Martian, he stared alongside Matt Damon, and in Black Swan he filmed with Natalie Portman. He also stared in musicals and Gossip Girl, always in roles of irresistible men. But, in the most recent Captain America movie, he has a main role and he had lines in Romania after speaking to the producers about bringing up a bit of his natal country.

Sebastian: They knew I’m from Romania and that I was born there, so they did me a favor and wrote the scene so that it’d be in Romanian, because they knew I could speak it.

Narrator: After 18, he worked as a waiter in a Manhattan restaurant, in a time when he said every dollar counted. He was serving tables, but he didn’t give up his dream of playing on big scenes. His first casting was in Vienna when he was 10, and ever since then he was hoping to get to  Hollywood.

Sebastian: When we moved to Vienna, I tried to get into movies because I liked to imitate people, my grandparents.

Narrator: He feels strongly connected to Romania, he tells everyone that he was born in Constanta and he lived in an apartment building in a seaside town, which he visited in 2005.

Sebastian: I went to the beach, it was summer, I celebrated my birthday there in august, it was fantastic, it was very cool. I got the chance to see Constanta differently than when I was 8.

Narrator: He mentions a sad moment which has kept him in recent years from coming back to his hometown.

Sebastian: After mamaia [kind of like nana] died, to be honest it was a bit hard for me to go back because I know that if I go, then I have to go to the cemetery and I have to face what happened. It’s a very special situation.

Narrator: He becomes very serious when talking about his memories from Constanta in the days of the 1989 revolution. He was playing outside when the riot started.

Sebastian: I saw a white Dacia [Romanian car from that time] with about 6 people in it and they were yelling, they were about 20-25, and they had a flag with a hole in the middle.

Rares Nastase: And you remember the revolution?

Sebastian: Yes, and when I saw this car driving fast with the flag with the hole there, I felt… I always remember, that something major, very important was happening. I go on YouTube and I searched for Ceausescu [Romanian communist president who was killed after the revolution] and the helicopter came and he was going to run…

Rares Nastase: What did you think of that image?

Sebastian: I don’t know, but I felt something… I remembered as if the memory was in my muscles, it was in me, it felt like a knife going into me. That voice of his, when I heard his voice, it was… (in English) like it was yesterday. (in Romanian) Like it was the day before yesterday.

Narrator: He is assaulted with love all around the world, and he says he feels his Romanian roots. He’s always funny and careful about public appearances, but he welcomes his fans with smiles, jokes and even hugs. He travels a lot in Europe and Asia and in a lot of American cities to promote his movies. He goes to the gym almost every day, where he has a personal trainer, but he likes to recharge his batteries by walking the streets of New York for hours. He says that the buzzing of the city and the architecture give him a lot of energy.

Rares Nastase: Is celebrity changing you? Do you have to do things differently?

Sebastian: No, I don’t think I have to do things differently, but I realize the idea of time. You feel a bit like you have more responsibility till the end. What are you doing with your time? Okay, you made some money, now what do you do with them? If you want to have fun, you have fun and that’s your life. If you want to do something important, to leave something behind, to have someone ask a question about your work later, after you died… that’s what changed the most, responsibility.

Narrator: Beyond the climatic success, American newspapers have also been talking about his private life, about relationships he’s had. He dated Leighton Meester for a few years, Gossip Girl co-star, then he had a long love story with the Russian Margarita Levieva, with whom he stared in Spread. This summer, however, there were rumors about a breakup between the two of them because of jealousy. Sebastian Stan agreed to also tell us about this aspect.

Sebastian: It’s hard, I mean I always wonder and question how it’s possible for relationships to work in this business. I mean look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. With all the opportunities, all the money in the world, problems are problems. It’s very hard because you leave for a long time, you don’t film in one location. You film in a location here, then you go to a location there for three months, then again, and it’s hard to maintain a relationship. I certainly want to have kids and to get to a point where I could have a family and work on interesting projects with directors whom I admire.

Narrator: He told us what the latest rumors in Hollywood are about good places to film in Eastern Europe.

Sebastian: Lots of movies were going to Budapest and another place, and now there’s something with a tax and all those movies are going to come here.

Narrator: At his mom’s home, in New York, he always eats Romanian food.

Sebastian: With mititei, mamaliga, sarmale [Romanian foods], every Christmas we have sarmale, Boeuf salad, I can never forget that.

Narrator: At 34, Sebastian Stan is recommended by the whole world and he shares blockbusters with quality stars. From Romania, to the country of possibility. From the years of Romanian communism, to the heights of success, he doesn’t forget to be a good Romanian.

Sebastian: An actor’s life in kind of hard, because you’re responsible until the end about what you do. It doesn’t really feel like there’s enough time on this planet.

Narrator: He’s optimistic about Romania. He trusts that Romanians can do beautiful things. He started from the bottom and followed his childhood dream. He hoped and he didn’t give up. He searched and he keeps searching to prove that he has talent. Sebastian Stan shows the whole world that Romanians are special, that they are smart and beautiful and respectful. That they succeed because they have the ambition to follow any great dream, no matter the obstacles.

Sebastian: Thank you, greetings from New York, I’m very glad that I could speak to all of you today and I hope to see you in Constanta or Bucharest.

anonymous asked:

Hhhh how easy is it for someone like you, a successful teenager, to say "don't worry about success guys". You're 19 and have the skills of a 30 year old. You're being hired professionally. What do you have to say to artists like me that work hard ever day to improve and can still only dream of creating like you?

I’ve typed up a couple different responses to this but I think I finally know how I want to answer. Because I get it, I do; you’re frustrated. You don’t feel like you’re where you want to be. 

You’re an outsider looking into my life through little snippets I’ve released. And I recognize that in many ways, I have reached a level of success, and I’m incredibly thankful for it. I have a decent amount of followers, I have a steady enough stream of art-jobs to get by. Many of my fellow peers have to work non-art-related jobs while they work hard to improve in the after-hours, and I’m thankful that I can get by on art commissions.

But the secret is this: I am only just barely getting by. I am “making it” as a freelancer— I am— but just barely. I live month to month like many others, and don’t see a change in the foreseeable future. I have an expensive medical condition. It’s very expensive to live in LA but unfortunately necessary if I want to chase my current career track in the animation industry. I’m trying to fund my education outside a regular art school through online classes and ones at Concept Design Academy. They are both time consuming and expensive (for a good reason). Rent and bills are HIGH. Days are a long combination of work hours and school hours. 

This is the reality for me and thousands of other artists trying to get to the same place, all gunning for the same, limited positions. My story isn’t unique. The classmates I meet in my CDA classes deal with the same shit; how to balance work and school is a major one. Which do you prioritize? You paid $1000 for each class, so you’d better prioritize school, and your future… but if you let work fall to the wayside, how do you pay rent, bills, eat, the next round of classes? So you’d better prioritize work… but if you let your classes fall to the wayside what was the point of spending that $3000 on classes this semester you’re now working to make back? Everyone has a different way of finding balance. Usually at this stage of life, what falls to the wayside is sleep, a personal life, health. I try not to let that happen with varying degrees of success. 

Working in this field is pulling in a full day of work and then combating exhaustion with more hours of study. It’s a lot. And I know hundreds of my classmates and peers at CDA and other schools in the area (art center, LCAD, Otis, CalArts, etc) are going through the same struggle. Thousands of us. And that’s only in the LA area. I don’t want to be unrealistic with any of you. It’s a struggle, and I am often exhausted. 

And there’s always the unshakeable looming doom of “will I even make it”. I think every artist I’ve ever met has wrestled with this at some point. Even working professionals do, just listen to some interviews! Outsider Syndrome galore. “Will I be good enough?” “Will I be able to stand up to the thousands of others asking the same question?” I have to make a point every day to banish these intrusive thoughts or I will be severely hindered. And some days I fail, some days I’m an anxious wreck.

So let me address your questions. Why shouldn’t you worry about success? For the same reason I shouldn’t, and everyone shouldn’t. That unshakeable doom is over every one of our shoulders as we practice hard every day. And we HAVE to turn away from it or we wont have the mental space to focus on our responsibilities. 

It’s easy for anyone to say and hard for everyone to do. We all worry about success. It keeps everyone up at night. We all want safety and security in life. But if we allow that gnawing anxiety of “will I succeed” to seep into our daily lives, many of us will not be productive enough due to that anxiety. We all drown in it occasionally. I feel like shit about everything sometimes. You probably wrote this message when you were feeling a little bit shitty as well. 

But here’s what I have to say to you, someone who’s practicing hard every day, dreaming of improvement: 

Keep going.

That’s it. Thats all you can do. You’re on the same path as everyone else. We are all striving to find our place in this complex, ever-changing, unsteady industry. Keep moving forward. And don’t compare yourself to others; it will not help you.

Art is a very taxing career to build. There are thousands of foundational hours to be put in. Years. For a lot of people supporting themselves that means working unrelated jobs WHILE trying to build a career and it’s EXHAUSTING! (To a degree, I do that as well, considering the type of art I aspire to do professionally is very different than what I currently do as a freelancer.) 

I know why you’re frustrated! It’s not an easy path. If you aren’t finding enough joy from the experience to keep you motivated that it may be time to reconsider your career path. Not enough people stress that having art as a side job or even just a hobby is PERFECTLY FINE AND RESPECTABLE. Making art your day job is fucking HARD. 

So look; it sucks sometimes. Sometimes you have two deadlines by tomorrow at noon and you’re up at 5 am with 10 more hours of work to do wondering how you thought you could do this. Sometimes you’re finishing up a long 9 hour work day wondering how in hell you’re going to drag yourself to your figure drawing class that night. 

So keep going. Or don’t; that’s fine too. But if this is your dream, keep going. If you absolutely HAVE to reach that goal—if your BLOOD boils at the thought of giving up—if it’s your passion then it doesn’t matter where you are on the road to success. You know if you keep going, you’ll get there. So keep going. Practice harder. Practice SMARTER. Get a full night’s SLEEP for the love of GOD! And keep going.

What makes a successful fic?

I’ve seen several people talking about this this week and have been in chat conversations with a few people about this, so I thought I would post this publicly.

I don’t keep track of how well my fics do number-wise, but somewhere around 20-40 is a really good number in my view, especially if it hasn’t been on @timepetalsprompts​ or @thedalektables​ or @dwficrec​ or promo-ed in some way to a wide variety of people. I don’t focus on numbers though to measure success. Numbers just make me crazy with comparison and make it not fun. As long as I’m hearing something positive back, I know it isn’t a flop or offending people. Quality over quantity, is what I am trying to say, in a way. (So, readers, go comment on your favorite author’s fic. hehe) ;) :P 

Success looks different for everyone depending on how many followers you have, how interactive you are with them, how long you’ve been posting, how long you’ve been writing, how often you interact with everyone else’s fic, how often you participate in events and games and things… a huge variety of factors that only come with time. Don’t beat yourself up! Give it a few years. 

And know there are a ton of silent lurkers out there loving your fic, but not commenting or liking because they are too shy/afraid to create an account. I know what that’s like. I did it for literally 10 years.

Also, reblogs are probably not an accurate measurement of a fic’s success because users don’t always think that way. I try to keep my blog pretty focused on my own fics and very few fics in my genre/specific brand of fluff. I may love your fic, but it isn’t what I post on my personal blog. If you want variety beyond my flavor, see a general fic blog like those mentioned above. 

As a social media pro, a few tips: Know that if you aren’t getting the numbers you want, it’s probably not that your fic is bad, but that you need to promo it in different ways. Hitting up the awesome people at the above mentioned blogs (seriously, they are super nice. Send them an ask!), posting at different times for all the time zones (#internationalfandomproblems), posting quotes from your fic, mix up your tagging habits, writing summaries differently, cross-posting on All the Sites, taking prompts and @ mentioning the prompter, do a fic game… anyone else have tips to add?  

Always Stay Gracious; The Best Revenge Is Your Paper: How to Deal with Haters, Doubters, and the Ones That Reject You

They say the first cut is the deepest. So is the first betrayal. I can’t remember the last man that broke my heart. I can’t remember the last man I considered giving my heart to. But I remember every friend I’ve lost. I remember the moment I realized they weren’t who I thought they were. I remember the confusion and the hurt.

The strongest and first emotions  I remember being surrounded by in my life are pressure and pride. Excellence has always been expected of me. Perfection has always been demanded of me. Because my parents believed in me. Because they loved me and wanted the best for me. Because I loved them, I did everything I could to meet those expectations. I was a perfect child, student, athlete, sibling. Despite what you may think, I was happy. I was pushed to greatness by parents who loved me and knew I was capable of reaching heights they’d never dreamed of.

I was a confident, happy person who was fascinated by the idea of more. To reach the pinnacle, the top. To be safe, financially secure, happy, and surrounded by pretty things. I was grateful to her for introducing me to sex work. I was intrigued by it-and clueless. I didn’t know a thing and thought I needed her help.

Hindsight is 20\20. I can see now that we stopped being two carefree girls supporting each other on the path to success when it became glaringly obvious that I was moving down that path faster than her. I shared every success, every gift, every trip with her. I ran to her the moment good fortune occurred to me. Why wouldn’t I? My entire life, I had been surrounded by people who celebrated my achievements with more enthusiasm than I did. I thought this was natural. In my excitement, I didn’t see her change.

It hurt when I realized that I loved her and the friendship I thought we’d cultivated and she hated me. It broke me. I had two recurring thoughts. I had failed. I wasn’t a good friend. I had been perfect at everything else but I’d ruined this. It shook my self esteem. Every man that rejected me hurt my pride in a way that they hadn’t before. I found it hard to make new friends. And to trust the old ones. Who would leave me next?

The first cut is the deepest. The pride you experience as you watch it heal is the fiercest.

Failure is inevitable. It will happen often. Those who are successful are not the ones that failed the least. They are the ones who see failure differently. To them, failure is both a blessing and a lesson.

What is it they say? “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. You failed, yes. You got a bad review, didn’t reach your monetary goal for the night, didn’t secure the arrangement. Now what? You have options. You can wallow in self-pity and despair. You can tell yourself that it will never get better and that you should just quit now. Or you can decide to run on and see what the end is going to be. You can objectively look at that experience for hints, for clues, for teachable moments. What did you do amazingly well? When, on your end, did things start to fall apart? How much responsibility should you take for the outcome you received? What can you do next time to achieve a more desirable result?

Remember that moment. Remember that failure. I know our natural inclination is to bury embarrassment and failure. We think it’s best to forget them. But if we forget, how will we prevent the situation from becoming a regular occurrence? We tend to want to distance ourselves from failure because we’re ashamed it happened. There is no shame in failing. The shame is in not learning the valuable lessons that bad experience wanted to teach us about life and ourselves. Strip away the embarrassment. There is no such thing as an over night success. Everyone has failed. The successful have failed and learned.

Always stay gracious and grateful. Be grateful to the ones that hate you, doubt you, reject you. Yes, you read that right. Be grateful. As you journey down your path to success, you don’t want to be hindered, hampered or slowed down. Why have people walking beside you who will weigh you down; create roadblocks to trip and confuse you? You don’t. Be grateful for the people that clearly show you that they do not belong on this journey with you. They may have hidden their true face for years but you see it now. That is a blessing. Don’t be afraid to let them go. A tree releases its leaves confidently. It is strong and healthy. It knows more leaves are coming. This shedding process is the first step to growth. Never be afraid to grow. Never be afraid of the brief time you may spend alone. The right people, your people, are coming. Take the time to prepare for them.

I agreed with Beyonce and said that the best revenge is your paper. I meant it. But not in the way that you think. When you are walking your path, with your people, success is inevitable. What is success? Having money? I would say no. Success is about having enough- enough of whatever it is you need to turn all your dreams into realities. You can reach a place of success before you have what others view as financial prosperity. You can have financial prosperity and not feel like a success.

I believe that you cannot serve two masters. You cannot want success and revenge. Your success is not satisfying if it is dependent on another’s failure. Your revenge will never taste that sweet. When I speak of revenge, I am not advising you to deviate from your path and instead devote yourself to spite and maliciousness. When I speak of revenge, I speak of building your inner strength, your ability to weather the storm. This person, or occurrence, has tried to introduce havoc and chaos into your life. They would love nothing more than to see those things take root. The best thing you can do for yourself is release them from your life, weather the storm and keep you feet on your path and your eyes on your goal. The best thing you can do is make it.

The haters, doubters, and rejectors are coming. You cannot get close to success, you cannot even decide to walk your path, without encountering them. Learn to see them for who they are, now what you hope and wish they would be, and let them go. Learn to stay on your path.

I believe that you are capable of success, of having enough. I believe that the right people for you are coming and when they arrive they will make the journey so much more enjoyable. I believe that you are strong enough to create room for them and wait for them to arrive. You can do this. You deserve this. I believe in you.

My name is Zion and I am a New Money Girl.

I’m sure you can see why she’s a favorite of mine. This isn’t just talk for her. I have seen her graciousness in the face of vitriolic hate. It’s astounding to watch. Tomorrow, we’ll meet Delia a brashly confident woman that can’t help but make you feel stronger just by knowing her. Until then, I wish you an amazing, purpose driven day. See you tomorrow.

remember, republicans show up to the polls and democrats don’t. it’s history. 

democrats historically can’t hold the oval office for two presidencies in a row. it’s only happened twice. once in the early fifties with fdr and harry truman, and once in the late sixties with jfk and lbj (and that was kinda only cause jfk died)

you’d be hard pressed to find an american who isn’t better off right now than they were eight years ago, from my poor grandparents who live in a condemned house to my millionaire grandfather who lives in a fucking ski chalet but this isn’t about practicality it’s about ideology and change doesn’t go down smooth and they’ll both swear up and down they’ve been fucked by obama’s administration even though my poor grandparents now have health insurance and an actual retirement plan and my rich grandfather has somehow fewer taxes and a better car

i can’t wait to read what the history books will say about this overwhelmingly successful fiscal presidency, it’s quite astounding the work obama’s admin has done

uneducated white republicans who have been stripped of an education system that works for them and forced into the same dead end jobs their parents work don’t know why they don’t have the things that donald trump has, but they know they love god and they’ve been told that god hates gay people and black people and donald trump has the things they want and he hates all the same people god hates. and he hates the government too because when has the government ever done anything for them!

decisions are made by those who show up. historically those voters show up.

Do y'all not understand that Simon Cowell is NOT a good guy?!?!?! Do you understand that he has ONE concern and ONE concern only and that’s dollar bills?? I’m completely floored with the people who fear he might confirm something and think that’s gospel???
Do yourself a favor and Google the artists he’s represented and some of the words that have been said.
(I’m sorry but I’m seeing so much doubt on my dash….and this is Dan And Simon…like???!?!??!)


serinda swan + quotes (insp)

tbh its been so difficult to enjoy the performances from the four album with the all drama surrounding the band and the way they have been doing the setlist. 

its like I’ve been wanting them to play songs like 18, no control, fireproof and many more since the album came out and since they have been pushing it to the very end…it kind of lost the essence (or at least it did for me) 

I should be over the moon right now because they performed fireproof but now it’s like “meh”.. its overkill at this point

I can’t even imagine how awesome it would have been for them to have a completely new tour and have the new songs being performed all at once and not wait until 3 months later.. 

le sigh 

Happy Birthday to the man who created the wonderful show that created this wonderful SPNFamily - Eric Kripke! This excerpt from Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls says so much about the success of SPN (Eric was talking about being a fan himself):

“There’s that fanboy in me that tries hard to develop that consistent universe. If there is any fight I get into frequently among studio and network, it’s when I say you can’t do that because in Season 1 this or that thing happened, and they’ll say, why does that matter? And I’ll say, it matters.”

It does. Happy birthday, Eric! Photo at LACon 2008 by Lizz Sisson.

East - Caryl Edition

Last week, in my analysis of “Twice As Far,” I made the observation there was an apparent return of the “Yin and Yang” dynamic present in Carol and Daryl’s relationship. One that seemed to have been represented both visually (through the light and dark contrast of their clothing) and in their emotional responses to the loss, guilt, fear, and perceived threats that this season has increasingly led them to face. Following last Sunday’s episode, an interview given by Norman Reedus to Entertainment Weekly about “East” also touched on the fight versus flight contrast that I observed was extant between them: “You also see Carol in a whole lot of that right now, but it’s with different outcomes. She just doesn’t want to kill. She can’t kill. And then Daryl can’t hold it in. They’re all very similar, that sort of vulnerability and fight or flight, and it’s a common theme in our show. There are a whole bunch of characters on our show that are going through that in their own way.” Indeed, I would argue that Sunday’s episode presented strong, but contrasting, parallels between Carol’s attempts at flight and Daryl’s attempt to fight. 

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Just putting this out there now, if I see any posts on my dash being ugly about Zayn because of LM’s new song, I’m unfollowing and blocking you. If your band still has to resort to dragging Zayn over a year after you ‘broke up’ then that says more about your success (or lack of… e.g still being a support act despite 5 years as a band) than that does about him lmao. It’s not gonna be a ‘female empowerment song’ either so nice try with that one! 🙄