I really cant understand why people are so angry at @ viria. Like, fandom, this person gave you a lot of fanart! Have you seen it? The characters are amazingly drawn! l need to mention also that there are a lot of people who admired her drawings and wanted to draw like her! That`s one of the reasons why we, pjo fandom, have awesome artists. Isnt it enough for you?! 

But you, fandom, keep sending her messages begging her to draw smth. We are the cause she stopped drawing.

Amanda Palmer Series; Trout Heart - 11″x14″ ink, watercolor and wax resist

This is part of a series inspired by the musician, Amanda Palmer.  I found the music and lyrics haunting, the image of the fish circling and circling and the concept that all life comes from other life.  She honors the fading heartbeat of the fish that would be providing her meal.  I wanted to create a painting that is like a prayer of thanks; a visual “saying of Grace.”

- Patricia Robin Woodruff

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Imagine everyone's reactions to walking in on Thor teaching Steve underwater hand-to-hand combat techniques in the tower's pool... because apparently no one told Steve that men aren't expected to swim in the nude anymore and, well, that's just the way things are done on Asgard....

“So let me get this straight.” Tony’s got a hand massaging his temple. “You’re teaching Cap frogman combat, in my pool.”

“That is correct.” Thor and Steve are treading water, wondering what the big deal is. “It is a useful skill to have.”

“Right, but your in my pool… my outdoor pool… naked.

“Thor says it’s best to start off with no restrictions.” Steve says, Thor nodding in agreement.

“But you couldn’t be bothered to put on a pair of swim trunks?” Tony is very close to yelling. But he gives up, knowing full well that any argument he tried to make would go straight over their heads. “You know what, fine. But you guys get to clean the filter when you’re done.”

With that he leaves, mumbling something about having to drain the pool while leaving Steve and Thor in a state of confusion. They look at each other and shrug.

“Shall we continue?” Thor asks while taking a couple deep breaths.

“Of course, but first…” They turn their gaze to the left, where Natasha, Clint, and Bruce are sitting on the sun chairs staring at them.

“Why are you guys still here?” Steve asks. All three of them hold up a pair of goggles.

“We’re here to watch.”