saying now might not be a good idea


I’m on a roll tonight - meet Sinha, the latest recruit to join the Beastclan Defenders. She just needs a facet scroll and an accent and she’ll be ready to go fight the good fight.


Sinha is one of the younger members of the Beastclan Defenders. Friendly by nature, she would rather not fight. However,  like all members of the Defenders she has trained in combat against many types of Dragonkind and Beastclan, and can fight fiercely if the need arises.

To avoid missions where conflict might arise, Sinhalite proposed the idea of touring as an educator. Aragonite loved the idea, and arranged for several representatives from various Beastclan factions to travel with her, including Longneck, Serthis, Talonok, Centaur and Harpy, with Maren representatives joining them when the geography permits. The small band travels mostly to dragon lairs, as Dragonkind are the most likely to be lacking in proper understanding of the other species inhabiting the region. Their visits are always organized in advance both for safety and practicality, much like a traveling troupe of entertainers would be booked by clans in the area, and often they are welcomed to stay by groups who appreciate their efforts in peacekeeping.

The group tries to avoid getting involved in local disputes, having seen how quickly a crowd can get riled up. Instead they present  a pre-rehearsed seminar running through various customs, philosophies, and interesting facts about the different species. The talks are carefully written to make each species seem as relatable and non-alien to the others as possible, and to avoid releasing information that could aid in an attack, in case they are hired on by a clan at risk of making of continuing military action against their neighbors and looking to gain intelligence.

Sinha recommends their home base of Clan Snastle as a good place for curious dragons or Beastclan to learn more about other species, as the clan is home to those of all kinds and runs a small bath-house which is open to the public, as well as huge and bustling market days whenever they stop on their travels around the continent. Quite a few have taken her up on the offer, and Sinha is always ecstatic to see a familiar face show up to a market day. Nothing makes her prouder or happier than evidence that creatures of all species are becoming just a little more understanding of each other.

You have got to be fucking kidding me with this shit.

Oh, you thought being followed my a porn blog was bad. WAIT FOR IT, ONE OF THESE DAYS, THEY MIGHT REBLOG YOUR POSTS. TOTALLY NORMAL POSTS.




Hello, fellow Phans! If you haven’t yet seen it, this is @butchhartman‘s “tour of the Ghost Zone” linked straight from his official YouTube channel. The first six minutes (or up to 5:54, to be exact) are mostly a recap of what loyal viewers already know, with a few comments that might be good to take note of. After that, Hartman gets into some interesting ideas that are not seen in the show itself. The key points will be covered below the cut with references to the times they are mentioned in the video, for those of you who can’t watch it right now!

I apologize in advance for being overly wordy, I am very very excited about some of this (most. all?)!

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“Calling this film a bonding experience might be putting it lightly. Many of the actresses knew each other before shooting — but now they’re in a special, insane little club that only they understand. It’s particularly special for McKinnon and Jones, both current Saturday Night Live members, who had no idea they were going to be cast in the film.

“I think I was getting fitted for something at Saturday Night Live,“ McKinnon says. "My agent called. I was pretty surprised, in a very good way. I truly had no idea.”

The group finally got together for the first time as the official Ghostbusters team at the 40th anniversary of SNL in 2015. “I knew I loved them all as performers and I guess I didn’t know quite how much I would end up loving them as people,” McKinnon says.

“I don’t know if I can say this, but Kate has literally become my bitch,” Jones says later. “That is my bitch for life. Like, she is my heart and soul. Kristen is one of the sweetest, open people that I have ever, ever encountered, and Melissa is like a mother. She’s just, like, really very nurturing … I’ve taken a lot of love from this group.””

Kate on getting her part in Ghostbusters, and also Leslie talking about how much she loves them <3 Everyday I’m still like so happy that we got this awesome movie with these four amazing and funny actresses.. 

After I was done with Virmire last night and had a good cry, I thought about the things Saren says to Shepard. The entire time, Saren speaks of the idea that he might not be completely indoctrinated as his “only salvation” or “only hope.”
It’s actually quite interesting because Shepard thinks Saren is already indoctrinated, but Saren holds on to the idea that he isn’t. 

So imagine an AU where Shepard says this:

and Saren - not completely indoctrinated - listens to Shepard and understands he has to stop things now before it’s too late. 

Can see it both ways, like too late before the Reapers destroy everyone (because Saren understands that in the end, his reasoning is faulty since no one will be spared) or before he becomes fully indoctrinated, loses his mental capacity and is no longer useful to Sovereign, leading to his death. 

Anyway, he agrees to leave with Shepard. The geth turn against Saren, so they both have to escape the geth. But Ash and Kaidan go with them, they’re both saved (let me dream! but seriously, I can see it happen). 

The breeding facility gets destroyed; they leave Virmire. 

Shepard contacts the Council and explains what happened. When Saren feels better after seeing Dr Chakwas, he explains the indoctrination and who Sovereign is. I don’t think the Council would entirely change their opinion even if Saren was a respected Spectre, but it’s something to consider in this AU. 

Okay, so days later, I like to imagine a Saren who is recovering, learning to gain control of his own thoughts again, fighting against Sovereign, and trying to help a human crew that he is supposed to despise. 

Description: First-Person Description of Self

outculture asked:

In a first person novel what are some ways to describe your main characters appearance? Right now I just have my character doing things and giving details about his looks as he does them like “I combed my fingers through my hair. As I drew back my hand I saw that a mass of black curls clung to my fingers” but I feel like that takes a while and by then the reader might have a mental image of him as blonde and then I say “nope black hair sorry”. Any advice?

That’s why it’s a good idea to find a way to describe your character right away. The traditional “mirror description” has become cliché, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to do it. Your character could see themselves in another reflective surface, like a shop window or a puddle of water. They could see themselves in a photograph, a Skype window, or their phone when taking a selfie. You can also have other characters describe them, like while trying on clothes for a date, a friend could say something like, “You’re too pale for that color, but this one would look good and would contrast with your dark hair.” Then your character could internally add something like, I held the blouse up to my chest and saw that Sabrina was right. The light blue color did amazing things for the cool undertones in my ivory skin, and if I brushed out the natural curls in my hair, I could put it in a sophisticated updo and look older than sixteen.“ Alternatively, you can have the character compare themselves to another character. They could say something like, "I had inherited my mother’s frizzy black hair and brown eyes, which didn’t pair well with the freakish height and head-to-toe freckles I got from my father’s side.”

Just play around with some different options and find the one that works best in your story. Try giving your reader a few important details right out of the gate, then you can add on from there as the story goes on. :)

When I accidentally heard Our Cait and Our Sam would be speaking live via Facebook, I knew my feline masters would grant me a wee break to watch it if I smiled really nicely and shook the treat jar extra hard.

They’re sleeping now, suckers! so here’s my chance to throw in my 2¢ CDN and touch on a few of your comments, too. It’s Friday! 🎉

I have lots to say. Some of it might make sense. Some of it might even be correct. I don’t recommend you hold your breath. It might be a good idea, though, if you think you might actually read my drivel offering, to take a loo break and maybe prepare a snack before you return. Nothing hot though, just in case you fall asleep while reading.

I interrupt this message to say, while I’ve been slaving away at the keyboard, many of you have as well. Thanks. Thanks a bunch. Now I’ll have to read all your words too. Don’t you think my break has been just a shade too long already? Management is not going to like this.

The Ring’s The Thing

@jackietex Ring on left hand, fourth finger.

@anonymous She was clearly wearing a ring on her left hand. Wouldn’t she leave the Frank/Jamie rings at the prop department every day when she changes into her normal clothes? I doubt she would be allowed to take them home with her?!

@jamesandclairefraser That’s what I’m wondering.

@thechattysassehach Plus does anyone else remember the fan who said she was wearing a ring on her left hand at that restaurant? The one where the whole cast was at? And the fan assumed it was her costume ring. But that never made sense to me. Why would Cait wear her costume ring off set?

@veilsrus It looked like a thin band.

@boyneriver I did a double take when I noticed the left-hand ring, then noticed a right-hand ring. I thought Too Much of Frank, and Rupert/Angus. Then I noticed the right-hand ring was also gold. Hmm. Couldn’t see a stone on either ring. Hmm. Neither ring was the Paley ring. Nor was it an onion ring. Two gold rings. No stone. No onions.

See ya… sometime… wink, wink… nudge, nudge… say no more…

@jackietex Are they going to be together for the holidays, or will they Facetime?

@veilsrus Will you be spending any time together during the break? They both said “No”. Do you think they were covering up? What’s your take?

@nothingislost The giveaway was the hesitation and checking with one another before they answered. Really, guys?

@boyneriver Oh, brother, might they stay in touch over the holidays? Could it BE any more obvious? Please channel your inner Chandler Bing here.

@daydreaminglass …was there a “No”…?

@nothingislost Watched again, no “no” more like deer in headlights.

@boyneriver No. No no. Nor Facetime. Miller Time. High Time. Good Time. Bad Time. My Time. Big Time. Or Next Time. Slightly stunned deer, though…

If she’s not yearning for his knees, she’s burning for his baws

@jackietex too, too, too much jackietex knee pornapalooza to copy & paste here

@jackietex Yep, he w̶a̶n̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶u̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶c̶h̶e̶c̶k̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶b̶a̶l̶l̶s̶ was reminding everyone to “check their baws” for the testicular cancer campaign that he represents.

@nothingislost #cahonasscotlandknows

@boyneriver I have always been an arm woman, but Jackie’s got me thinking about knees now. No one ever had to encourage me to think about baws.

It may be whisky, but it’s not Crown Royal 🇨🇦

@veilsrus Did anyone understand what Sam said under his breath after the Irish whiskey thing?

@boyneriver No, Veils, I dinna understand it. Here’s what I heard Sam say, after three intense knee viewings listenings.

“All of them”


“Oh, dear”


“Don’t listen to her”


I suspect we’re standing at the far reach of a delightful inside joke.

Pie used to be a dessert your mum baked and served with cheese or ice cream

@nicefanviaMaril What’s your favourite thing to bake? Do you guys bake?

@nothingislost Moment of the day.

@boyneriver I felt the need to check for knives, you know, to cut the tension. You don’t cut sexual tension, you moron.

The eyes have it 👁👁

@billowandbreeze23 O.M.G. the bottom left. LOOK at how intently he’s watching her. I can’t take these two. I just can’t.

@boyneriver No one can, no one. Love your new name! Haven’t taken time to tell you yet, so…

@yourracingbelle If you watched that video and can’t even entertain the idea that they could be together, you are ignoring things to fit your narrative. That’s not how a brother and sister act (unless you think brothers and sisters act they way they do in that creepy incesty Folgers commercial).

@chrismosstree Kudos @yourracingbelle and I died laughing about the Folgers commercial.

@boyneriver I laughed too, and thought of the lyrics, “The best part of wakin’ up is Folgers in your cup.” Then I thought of how great a nice cup o’ Folgers might go with a nice piece o’ pie…

The chickens aren’t usual either

@sherrigamblin “Can I ask you a question?  Is this usual?  When I look at you, when you laugh with me?  Is is always so, between a man and his co worker?”

“It is often something like this, but no, this is different.  This is special”

@boyneriver Sherri, me love, I could not stop laughing at your gif layout – the Brady Bunch Motif, donchaknow?

Three frames on top of three frames on top of three frames, with a man sitting close to a woman in each one, with just enough room between them to see a dancing yellow chicken. Nine ladies dancing yellow chickens.

Look again! There IS a dancing yellow chicken in each frame. I would never lead People of Earth, random barn animals, or anyone standing in a Star Wars lineup tonight, astray. I saw those chickens and couldn’t stop laughing.

Caitriona Balfe is one of the world’s most beautiful dorks. Truly.

@sherrigamblin I love that we are seeing this carefree, giggly side of her.  No wonder Sam so obviously adores her.

@boyneriver She has the funniest giggle. It’s borderline goose-honk-like. I love it! You know what else I love? Like we could stop you from telling us, boyneriver flood mouth.

Cait is to-die-for gorgeous, and she is 100% comfortable on camera, laughing borderline-goose-honk-like, wearing no makeup, sporting hair twisted back into an unkempt woman-bun, and doesn’t give a flying fig what anybody thinks. She doesn’t run for a mirror, check her hair, pinch her cheeks, apply lipstick…

I think she’s someone any one of us might invite into our home, and see sit with her feet on the couch, comfortably dropping crumbs onto her lap, while giggle-goose-honking, pouring herself another, and quickly making us forget we didn’t know her yesterday.

Is this deckchair taken? 🛳

@cb4tb There’s always someone who claims dubious sources that never quite add up. They contradict themselves.  If you look deep enough, you’ll see that their 1 + 1 equals the square root of a grapefruit.

@boyneriver  I wanted to tell you @cb4tb how I inadvertently boarded this ship on my way to the Outlander Book Club Coat Check Counter, but I got distracted when I had to find a calculator to figure out your math.

In conclusion… cue applause for concluding, not conclusion

Any wedding – which, People of Earth, I believe will happen within the next few days - will be their own to share with each other and their family and friends, the people who are blessed enough to be loved by such an endearing and talented couple.

I hope we know about any wedding when Cait and Sam want us to know about it. That would be my gift to them, that no one scoops it, that they enjoy the celebration they deserve with the people they choose to share it.

Sorry. That made me teary, so I have to add…

You could pawn a scone but you couldn’t own a scone

And how could I abandon you, People of Earth, without any mention of me ol’ mither? I smiled a smile as wide as the distance from Winnipeg to Monaghan when Cait talked about baking brown scones like her mum. That’s sc-aw-ns, people, not sc-ow-ns. Me ol’ mither would be proud. Proud enough to shoo wee Caitriona into the yard to play with the other bairns, while me ol’ mither herself would take care of the scones and serve them to all wee Caitriona’s friends, with a nice pitcher of ice cold lemonade and some homemade strawberry jam. Oh, it paints a bonny picture, doesn’t it?

What A Beautiful Mess This Is

Audrey Jensen x Reader imagine because I’m absolutely in love with them. And there aren’t nearly enough. And she’s really hot.

Synopsis: Someone’s found out about your (not so) little crush and they won’t stop texting you. Noah thinks Audrey’s acting strange, and you? Well you’re just a bucket of feels for the dark-haired girl. Is falling in love in Murderville really a good idea?

Warning: Swearing? Because let’s face it, if it weren’t tv, Audrey would be swearing like a sailor.

Dear Diary,

Can I just say fuck you? Because fuck you. We were supposed to be friends, diary. You had my back and I wouldn’t drop you in water. But no. You had to be all open and now someone knows about my crush on Audrey. Ok, so it might be my fault but you need to take responsibility too. -I just- I keep getting these texts, threatening to tell her everything. I almost told her today, because you know, all that bullshit about hearing it from me than someone else. I really should. If I told her they wouldn’t have anyth

“Whatcha writing?” you jumped, not expecting to hear Noah behind you.

“Christ. I’m actually writing an apology letter to your mother. You know, so she knows why I killed her only son.” you glare at him, giving him a light push.

“Tasteful. If you do, could you at least record an episode for my podcast? My listeners deserve a good memorial episode, or an explanation. That would be amazing. Can you imagine? A killer explaining-”

“You’re way too into this. Maybe you should see a therapist.” You sit on your bed, an expectant look pointed at Noah. “Why’re you here, Foster?”

“Can’t a guy just randomly visit a bud?”

“Not you.” You folded your arms over your chest, worried about what he had to say.

Your phone vibrated suddenly, startling both of you.

She wouldn’t want you anyway. You would never be as good as Rachel.

Your brows furrow and your teeth trap your lip, holding back tears. Noah raised an eyebrow in curiosity but you just shook you head.

Giving you an odd look, he stuffed his hands into his pockets. “I feel like Audrey’s hiding something. I wanted to know if you knew anything.”

“Audrey? Being weird? Dude, she’s, like, the definition of weird. We all are.” Noah joined you on your bed, his expression grim.

“But more so than usual. She was all shifty. She kept asking weird questions about you.” She was asking about you? Was it bad weird? Was it good?

Oh god. You thought. What if she found out about my crush on her.

“(Y/N), (Y/N)! What do you think is wrong with her? Do you know anything about it.?” At this point he had grabbed onto your shoulders, shaking you out of the horror of your realization.

“No, I-I don’t. I have to go.” You grab your jacket and head out of your room. You heard Noah running after you, but you needed to see Audrey.

The run to Audrey’s house only took five minutes, but it felt like you’d been running for miles. When you finally got there all of the adrenaline wore off and that sinking feeling  returned. What was going to happen to your friendship if she rejected you? You had no idea how she felt about you. You turn around, berating yourself for even thinking this was a good idea. 

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” Of-fucking-course she would open the door. Putting on a big smile you turned to face her, ready to lie your way out of the situation. C'mon (Y/N), you thought, deny, deny, deny.

“Noah was a little worried about you. He said you were acting a little weird. I just wanted to check up on you.” Atta girl. That sounded solid enough.

“But you decided not to?’ Her eyebrows furrowed with the accusation.

"I just didn’t want to bother you. I kinda rushed out here without thinking.” She opened the door wider and gestured for you to come in. You followed her into her room, closing the door behind you.

“Ok. You want to talk? Let’s talk.”

“I d-don’t kno-” The words died on your tongue, you couldn’t say a thing. Coward.


“He said you were asking about me. And being shifty. I don’t know. I just needed to see that you were ok.” She was intimidating as hell and fuck, if you didn’t love her even more for it.

“That little shit. I, ah, wanted to know what kind of things you like. We don’t know each other that well, is all.” Your eyes widened. That was it? That wasn’t weird at all. Fuck, you thought she knew.

“I knew what?”

“I said that out loud? I mean, nothing. You knew nothing, I know nothing.” Audrey walked up to you, and you can’t help but think her stalky gait is adorable. She was an inch away from your face. You tried to keep your eyes locked on hers and not on her soft, pink-

“No. I want to know what you thought I knew. You’re hiding something from me.”

Your phone vibrated again and you jump away from her, almost relieved that it interrupted you. Until you read it.

Thinking about telling her? I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

In a sudden fit of rage at this person who just wouldn’t stop tormenting you, you grabbed Audrey’s neck, pulling her close enough to smash your mouth onto hers. It took her a beat, but then she bit and licked and pecked back and oh god you loved this girl. Her tongue explored your mouth and all you could think was how long you’ve wanted this. How much you’ve wanted this. How perfect it was.

“Audrey,” you whispered when she pulled away for air. Her chest heaved, hair fell into her eyes and you couldn’t think of a moment when she looked more beautiful.

“Is this, is this what you were hiding?” You couldn’t trust your voice so you just nodded, reaching out to stroke her cheek with your thumb. “You’re an idiot. I’ve been flirting with you from the moment we met. Fucking love you, (Y/N)” You just giggled, too busy soaking up the moment to care about details. She loved you. That was the only thing you could think of.

“Love you better.” You rested your forehead against hers, still giggling every few seconds.

As you were leaning for another kiss, your phone buzzed in your pocket.

“Screw it.” You nodded, leaning back in. It rang again. Someone was calling you.

“Just…let me tell them…to piss off.” Your words came out in short bursts, still breathless from the kiss.

“Hello?” You answered. The number was unknown but you didn’t think about it too much. You got random calls all the time.

“Hello, (Y/N).” The robotic voice on the other end made your blood run cold. “You’ve been a bad girl haven’t you? I was so looking forward to telling Audrey myself. That’s ok. I’ve got plans for the two of you.”

You look up at Audrey. Her eyes darkened, a determined expression on a her face.

“I’m going to kill that sick son of a bitch.”

@galadrieljones datemate? I have no idea, it just made me think of datecraft lol. And YES, yes! *fist bump* let’s rule the lunch room together!! I’m ready.
I agree we have some similarities ❤

@sirinial OMG YOU’VE READ IT?! Did you read the second two of the series? I started the second, immediately after the first, and realized it was a new perspective and couldn’t handle it… But I might be ready now if you say it’s good.

@candystrippers SMOLL CUTIE PIE!!!!

anonymous asked:

Hi my close friends found out I'm bi 6 months ago but my best friend keeps ignoring it? We are teens and we talk about boys a lot and sometimes I'll mention a girl and she'll stop talking and act weird. She always says stuff like "our husbands will be best friends" and just ignores the whole other part of me. We used to have good banter and now she stops halfway through a gay joke when she realises I'm there. Maybe she thinks it's a phase.I just want to be treated normally,should I talk to her?

Hello :3
If you think that your friend is unsure how to act around you (she doesn’t have to act like anything) or you think she’s confused or unsure about how to talk to you now then it might be a good idea to talk to her.
Let her know that you understand it might be a bit strange for her but you haven’t changed as a person and she should just treat you like she always did, it didn’t matter before, why does it matter now? ^^
With love,

Come home to find my husband Marcurio dutifully watching over our daughters (Sofie and Runa) while they sleep. So sweet. 

The fox is Runa’s. One of the reasons I chose to adopt her was I read she will eventually come home with a random animal and ask to keep it as a pet. I was like, fuck yeah I want a pet. The fox makes grumbly noises and I might name it “Underfoot” since I’m always tripping over it. 

This screenshot was in the home in Windhelm, but they’ve since lived in the Lakeview Manor, and are now in the Solitude house. I headcanon that the girls are interested in going to the Bards College one day (and they actually say so once they live in Solitude), so I figure it’s a good idea to have them living in the city. They can visit the country home(s) for vacation. 


First of all, look at those screenshots. The left ones from the original color and the right ones from the modified color from Criterion Collection’s bluray edition.

Now let’s talk about this:

Gus Van Sant: When I see something - a film, say - that I think is a good idea, something that I might want to do, I don’t really see it as a whole. I see an image that I think represents the whole film. And so then I start to work towards that image, and then I fill it all out, and it becomes very complicated, because you have to have a lot of elements to make the image come to life. And on the way, you usually lose that one image It becomes a new thing, a thing unto itself. You keep it going along the lines that it’s got a mind of its own, and then by the end you say ‘Oh yeah, I remember the first image of this particular idea. I thought it was going to be like this black-and-white, dark thing that was set in the l950s.’ And you actually end up with a very colourful, bright story set in the 1990s.

River Phoenix: Referring to My Own Private Idaho?

Gus: Yeah, Idaho is a very good example, because it is very bright and colourful, and it is set in the 1990s. And I think the original ideas were dark and shadowy, but there’s not a lot of shadow in it.

River: Like there is in Mala Noche. So you start with a 'theme seedling’, and then that sprout s into its own tree and don’t really try to trim it. You let it grow and the end result is - whatever. Do you refine it? Do you try to reroute it back to what it was?

Gus: You refine it every step of the way. Usually I’m presented with new ideas. Like, our production designer, David Brisbin, showed up and said, 'I think that red and yellow are the colours of the film.’ And I might have no conception like that myself.

River: Right, right.

Gus: Except, actually, I gave him a book cover that was yellow, and that book cover did inspire the look of the film. So he was actually reacting to something. But it was a new idea to me when he said 'Yellow’ and based the colour scheme on pornographic bookshop storefronts, which are usually yellow, and neons… the city colours. So, directions keep changing, because everyone’s interpreting things in their own way. I know that you persuaded me against using black and white. You said, 'No, no, no. It has to be colour.’ [chuckles] I don’t know why you said that.

River: I wanted black and white, and, for me, colour was wrong, and that’s why I thought we should try for it because otherwise we might have ended up with something that really couldn’t be redone, like Stranger Than Paradise or Raging Bull. But black and white is dated in a sense, and this is a timeless picture. One of the things that I really appreciate in working with you is that in that collaborative stage you have no fear of your ego being stripped or anything. You’re not possessive, like some can be, but you let others ideas filter through without stopping them for fear of losing control, which would be rightful fear for someone who wants it to stay as pure as possible.

[My Director and I - Interview Magazine, March 1991]

One of the many things I really like about some films is their way to talk to you through images and colors, and My Own Private Idaho does it successfully. I love the yellow and red always present in the film, especially because it has really strong reasons for that, as Gus stated in this interview with River. He gave us a street hustlers atmosphere through those colors, the neon lights, the color of the city. And the big problem that is bothering me here in this bluray version is how they treated and modified the image, to be less yellow and red. Actually, I’m not seeing the yellow and red at all, everything I’m seeing in this edition is something very white and blue. Everything’s pale, not so colorful like My Own Private Idaho is originally.

Bluray editions always have those problems, they change the films a lot to be more normal and, let’s say, aesthetically pleasing to the general public. Some films you don’t even notice or bother about the changes, but films like Idaho and many others have a very important dialogue with the viewer through their images.

That’s it, I just needed to get this all of my annoying-audiovisual-analyzer-chest. And I hope other people have noticed this and also saw how wrong it is to change drastically the principal colors from My Own Private Idaho.

lunaokumura101  asked:

I've never sent in a match-up, so here goes nothing! I'm a chubby african american 5'1 girl. I'm demisexual polyamorous, and i just really want someone to cuddle and love, but to also have good conversations with. My favorite color is glitter (X3) and i have a penchant for writing. I'm a fan of giant shirts and no pants, and i love the idea of just cosplaying together too! The pictures would be so cute!! That might not be enough info but im running out of space, so i'm gonna stop now. Good luck!

If I had to choose a matsubro, I say you’d best go together with Choromatsu. He’d love having in depth conversations with you, especially after having to deal with his brothers for a while. He would be able to help you with writing in whatever ways he could, generally helping to give you ideas or spell any difficult words. Also, the first time he walking in on you wearing no pants and his puffy sweatshirt, he nearly fainted. You soon had lots of cuddles afterwards((after you put some pants on, sadly)).

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The Many Faces Of Castiel

First We Had Out Sweet Baby Angel That We All Know And Love…

But Then There Was God Cas….

And We Where Like…

Then There Was Levi Cas….

And We Where Like 

And Now There Is THIS BULL SHIT.

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And How Are We Taking It Might I Ask…..

Well, A Little Bit Like This….






anonymous asked:

I'm pretty early in my coming out stages. I've come out to my immediate family (my siblings and my parents only) and I've been very lucky. My dad was super accepting, and my mom's trying to get used to it. Recently I've been wanting to take the next couple steps though. My friends are all religious, so idk how they'll react, and my family members are super strict in thier beliefs against homosexuals. Do you have any tips for me if I want to begin coming out to more people? Where should I start?

It’s a good idea to build a support around you before you come out to others, if you gain allies in your immediate family (your father sounds like a good one!) and friends that you trust not to say anything right now and who are able to separate their religion from your friendship the most :3
Once you have a group around you, it might be easier to come out to others.
With love,

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This is embarrassing and weird.Since Christmas,my mom kept talking about my SSATs and the guy who went to the same school with me(who might apply the same school as me,too). Things are going weird. Since the last time I saw him I felt I felt like I can't get him out of my head. But is impossible to have a crush on him, it just felt strange,because I barely even know him and I don't have time to think about somebody else.

Hi there beautiful! ♥ Ah, meddling parents, aren’t they the best? It sounds like your mother’s talking has made an impression on you, whether you might want to or not, and you might’ve developed a crush on this boy. Or maybe you’re just interested in knowing more about him. 

But if you haven’t got the time for a relationship right now, it might be a good idea to have a chat with your Mum about her bringing this boy up around you. Say you appreciate her efforts, but that you’re not interested, and that you’d like her to stop talking about him. I hope you manage to return to normality, soon! xx

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Lumi, I'm not able to send messages in the lumiRadio chat. I think I might be timed out, but it's been over 10 minutes already and Youtube doesn't tell me that I'm in a time out. I also never did anything bad like saying the forbidden command, so I'm not sure what happened. My Youtube username is Jackattack #1. If you can figure out what is wrong, can you let me know? Thanks

No idea what happened, nobody banned you. Send me a URL to your youtube channel and I’ll clear things up. 

ed: you should be good to go now!

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hello, you wonderful bean you! (can I just say that seeing that you've actually written some stuff for stormpilot week makes me really happy bc it's like real now and people might actually participate and how cool is that?? so ty) #1 what's something you've got on your wall (poster, painting?) #2 do you wear pajamas around the house sometimes? 😊

Awww, you’re welcome. It’s actually been a great reason to get back into writing since my muses got smacked down my some recent illness. I’ve got three pieces done now and I’m considering a fourth if I can come up with a good idea. :D

Now onto the questions!

1. I have a painting on my wall that I got after my Nana died. I always liked it whenever I went over to her place so when we were told we could have what we wanted from her paintings, I grabbed my fave, which is this one.

2. I do! If I’m not working I usually lounge around in my PJs until anywhere between about 10am and 1pm, depending on how soon my conscience prods me into having a shower and getting dressed. :D

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I haven't told anyone yet. I'm leaning more towards bi romantic but I just don't know. I used to be content with no label but for some reason it's been bothering me and I just needed to get it out. (Thank you and sorry for the super long ask) {3/3}

It sounds like you could possibly be bi-romantic, but it’s hard to say for sure..
I think it might be a good idea to remain open-minded and open to new terms for now, you’re still very young and you have plenty of time! Take each day as it comes, one step at a time.
If it’s bothering you that you don’t have an ID you can use right now, you could try the terms “queer” (if you’re aware you could be attracted to females too) or just “sexual”.
Maybe with more life experience and some time things will become clearer for you, I’m sorry to pull the “It’s your age” card but it could be that too..
Confusing, but you can do it! Things will be fine :3
With love,