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Hi so I absolutely adore the fics you've posted so far for bmc. It really brings to light the emotions of the characters and it's so well done. If it grabs your fancy, would you consider writing one where Jeremy becomes so delirious (from getting sick or a headache from the squip or something) that he spills all the self-deprecating things the squip told him to say to Michael? It would make my world if that existed, especially in your style of writing. <3

“Is Jeremy here today?” 

“Jeremy’s always Heere.” Michael says automatically without looking up from his phone. Where he is currently texting Jeremy. He’s almost forgotten that there are people actually around him when someone hits him across the back of his head. “Ow what the hell, Rich!

“Don’t even try, you brought that on yourself,” Rich says and the lisp does nothing to diminish the glare he’s got fixed on Michael. 

“If anything you brought that pun on yourself!” When Rich looks like he’s going to hit Michael again, or possibly punch him in the throat for better reach, Michael decides the safest thing is probably to just tell him what’s up. “Alright, yeah no, Jeremy stayed home today. I texted him this morning and apparently he’s sick. I’m gonna go see if he needs anything after school so if there’s anything you wanna tell him I can pass the message along.”

“Nah, I was just wondering since I hadn’t seen him even though I’d seen you.” When Michael only looks confused Rich continues, “Dude. You’re pretty much attached at the hip as much as two people who aren’t actually attached at the hip can be.” 

“You’re over exaggerating.”

“Oh yeah? Is that right?” 

“Yeah that’s right,” Michael says, looking down at his phone again. 

“Just out of curiosity,” Rich says with a suspicious air of innocence, “who’s that you’ve been texting?” 


“This entire time since I came up to you-”

“I don’t appreciate-”

“and probably the entire day since you found out he won’t be he- at school?”

“Well I can’t just ignore him when he’s sick and miserable now can I?” 

Rich’s responding smirk tells him he definitely just rose to a very obvious bait and probably should have just kept his mouth shut. 

The thing is, Jeremy doesn’t do well when he’s sick. To start it off, he has no self-awareness or any clue at what warrants a sick day at home so it’s a miracle he actually didn’t come to school only to have Michael drag his sniffling and swaying ass home. Michael just assumes that Mr. Heere most likely was awake and forced Jeremy back to bed before taking off to his brand new job. 

Michael doesn’t bother with ringing the doorbell when he gets to Jeremy’s house. He knows the key is under the doormat out front, despite how many times he’s told Jeremy it’s the dumbest place in the world to put the house key (”Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you literally get murdered”, “Michael nobody even gets robbed this part of town!”, “Well there’s a first for everything!”). He unlocks the door, grumbling about safety and mostly lack thereof the entire time before he makes his way up the stairs to Jeremy’s bedroom. 

He hear the coughing before he’s even half-way up. He knocks on the door and shouts a quick “Don’t be naked,” purely out of curtesy, before barging in. 

“Hey Mich-” Jeremy’s raspy voice is cut-off by wet sounding coughs that tear through his body and forces him to turn over on his side so that he won’t choke. 

“Holy shit dude,” Michael says eloquently as he sits down on the bed next to Jeremy’s form. “I got you some cough drops,” he pauses as Jeremy’s cough takes over the conversation yet again, “but I honestly don’t think any cough drops in the world is gonna do shit for you right now.” 

“Ugh…” Jeremy looks up at Michael with wet eyes, “dad got me somethin’” he says and makes a gesture in the general direction of his bedside table where a bottle of something Michael presumes is medicine is residing. “It’s meant to like,” he makes a questionable gesture with his hand, “loosen up the crap in my throat, so that it doesn’t get stuck. Which is great and all but in turn means tha I’m coughing up slime every minute.” 


“Tell me about it.” Jeremy says with a sigh and rolls onto his back again. Michael reaches out and puts his hand on Jeremy’s sweaty forehead, just to check. He nearly snatches his hand back after half a second and the only thing that stops him is that Jeremy had closed his eyes the second Michael touched him and is now letting out a sigh as if he’s actually remembering to relax for the first time today. 

“Dude, you’re burning up.” He feel slightly concerned now. Jeremy had told him he was sick but this is… a lot more than he had let on while texting. 

“Mm-hm…” Jeremy says, his eyes are still closed and there’s no actual indication that he’s heard Michael at all. Michael strokes his hand across Jeremy’s forehead and ignores the disgusting feeling of sweat clinging to it. It must feel nice to get something cool touching his hot skin. 

“Hey Jeremy,” he says as he strokes his thumb up the bridge of Jeremy’s nose, “I’m gonna go get some damp towels so you can cool down a bit, yeah?” and so he can get rid of some of that gross-ass sweat currently covering Jeremy’s body as far as he can see. Jeremy seems to have tossed his blanket practically across the bedroom at some point to alleviate some of the heat but even in nothing but a tank-top and boxers he looks like he’s going to boil from the inside-out. When he comes back with four smaller towels and a bowl of cold water Jeremy hasn’t opened his eyes and Michael thinks he might’ve fallen asleep. He arranges one of the towels over Jeremy’s eyes and the latter lets out a sigh of immense relief. “Does your head hurt, Jer?”

“Why’re you being so nice…” Jeremy’s voice is weak and it sounds like it hurts to talk. Michael frowns at the words. 

“When am I ever mean to you?” He asks with a scoff.

“You’re just always nice even after what I did.” Michael has to swallow down an automatic feeling of dread. Any reminder of the Squip usually has that affect. 

“We’re past that, Jeremy.” He keeps his voice quiet so he still sounds calm and not at all like his heart is beating out of his chest.

“I still hear him sometimes.” The words are so simple, and said so softly but it still seems like Jeremy is screeching, as though he’s calling out for help. 

“What do you mean?” He desperately tries to keep his voice calm as he sits down next to Jeremy, he wishes he hadn’t put a towel over half of Jeremy’s face now, wishes he could see what’s going on with Jeremy’s facial expression.

“I keep trying to-” Jeremy has to pause for a second as his voice breaks, “I just want to be better than what he said I was.” 

“Jeremy whatever he said it-” Michael’s words are interrupted by Jeremy who seemingly isn’t done. 

“He would always tell me how terrible I was, how I was gross and how everyone else thought so too…” Michael grabs Jeremy’s hand and squeezes it, unsure what else to do. “Fuck he was right. He was always right.” 

“That’s not true…” Michael whispers shifting so that he’s sitting closer to Jeremy, still squeezing his hand tight. 

“I still hear him, and- and sometimes I forget I don’t have to listen anymore!” Jeremy’s voice is shaky and Michael knows he’s crying, “I keep forgetting I don’t have to say it too.”  

“What do you mean?” Michael doesn’t want to know, but if Jeremy needs to talk he’ll listen, he’ll always listen. 

“He’d make me say things-things about myself…” comes the delayed response and this time Michael listens to the urge that’s telling him to remove the towel from Jeremy’s eyes, his headache be damned. He won’t let Jeremy get so caught up in his own thoughts that he doesn’t remember he isn’t alone. Jeremy blinks his eyes open, and Michael notices right away that he was right. Jeremy’s eyes are red and the second the towel is off his eyes start to water and he looks so frightened and so small that Michael wants nothing more than to take all of the bad, horrible things the Squip told him and make them disappear. He knows he can’t though, the best he can do is just sit there, and hold Jeremy’s hand. 

“You don’t have to tell me,” he says softly and brings Jeremy’s hand up to his lips, pressing a kiss to the sweaty palm, “but I’m here, okay? I’m right here, and I’m listening.” Michael can’t be sure if his words do any good as Jeremy only seems to cry harder, but Jeremy needs to know he’s not alone. It takes a few minutes but after a while Jeremy seems to calm down enough to continue.

“Everything about me makes me wanna die.” Jeremy sniffs and fresh tears spring to his eyes and all Michael can do is gather Jeremy up in his arms and hold him close. “He’d make me repeat that…” Jeremy continues, “and I didn’t- I felt it. He just took things I already thought and felt and made me- I want him gone!” Michael’s heart breaks as Jeremy’s ramble ends in a wail, “I want him gone I want him- he’s still- Michael!” Jeremy sobs and grabs at the front of Michael’s shirt. 

“I’m here. It’s gonna be okay. He can’t do shit anymore. He-it’s just a voice and it’s awful and I hate it but that’s all it is. it can’t do shit to you anymore.” Even as he says it he isn’t sure if it’s true. With Jeremy still sobbing in his arms, he feels powerless and wonders silently if the Squip isn’t already doing shit, or if he’s just done enough damage to last Jeremy a lifetime. 

He pushes the thought away and squeezes Jeremy tighter. 

The First and Last of Us

☇  childhood best friends au

genre: angst, fluff, implied smut

pairing: yoongi // you

word count: 7.1k

warnings: light, lightttt implied sexual themes but like barely anything. it’s like 0.001% of the story

Description: You have the privilege of having Min Yoongi be many of your firsts. But what you’ve learned to realize, is that your first will not always be your last.

Life is full of beautiful moments. From the way the first dawn rises, when the early morning sun just barely peeks a hello from behind the rolling mist covered mountains, to the sound of a baby’s first cry, cheeks a furious red and fresh into a new foreign, but perfectly imperfect world. But perhaps it is the first times that are the most special, one’s first steps, first words, first friend. And you had the privilege of having Min Yoongi be many of your firsts.

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Requested Anonymously

Hardly my best work, but you flubbles seem to be fond of it, so here’s the shiny version…

He was watching you. You might never have noticed, but you caught him watching you just the other day. He was mad at himself for getting caught. He had been so careful, so cautious, just so that you wouldn’t realize. Now, you knew, and he was just waiting for you to say that you wanted to leave. After all, why would someone like you put up with a cranky, war-torn, old alien watching them all the time? Not that he watched you in your sleep or anything, but really.

Was it wrong, to be so attentive? He couldn’t help but wonder. For a Gallifreyan, it was a perfectly acceptable to express interest that way, but humans seemed to be split on the matter. He didn’t know what you would think about it.

Honestly, he had been restraining himself. Had he been courting you in the traditional Gallifreyan style, attentive wouldn’t even begin to cover it. But you didn’t know that he wanted to court you, you didn’t recognize all of the rituals he wanted to go through. He couldn’t think of an excuse to give you courting gifts, and it wasn’t as if he could pass such gifts off as casual. Courting gifts were supposed to be personal.

Well, at least there was the travel. You seemed to enjoy all of the strange, exotic planets. Those, at least, he could give you. He could give you galaxies. Not enough, he thought, but all he could give you without clueing you in to what he was doing. Not that he didn’t want you to know, but… he was a coward, really, and he couldn’t risk losing you. He had your friendship, and how could he sacrifice that? He would gladly sacrifice many things for your love, but what if he failed earning your love and lost your friendship at the same time?

No. Now was not the time to think about that. It was unthinkable, anyway. He was too far gone to consider it. He just needed to make sure that you wanted to stay on the TARDIS. If he could get you to willingly stay with him, then everything else could work out. Maybe. He hoped.

“Where are we going this time?” you asked, and he was instantly distracted by your smile. Smiling was good, very good, especially when it was for him.

“Somewhere special.”

This was a gift. You didn’t know, but this whole trip was a gift. Every trip was, but this one, as the Doctor said, was special.

“What, no name?”

The Doctor grinned at you, self-conscious of his ‘daft face’ but unable to resist giving you a smile. He enjoyed a smile from you, and he hoped that you enjoyed a smile from him. “I never named it, no.”

You blinked and ran that statement through your mind again. “What?”

“Just wait.”

The TARDIS rocked, and you nearly fell over, but the Doctor held your arm firmly. He cheered a little on the inside when you didn’t shrug him off or pull away. You seemed perfectly glad to let him touch you like this, and wasn’t that nice? Holding hands was one thing. It was just a habit, and a safety measure so that he could run and know you wouldn’t fall behind. And, it made him rather proud to say that you weren’t likely to run off when he was holding your hand. Whether that was good manners on your part or if you were less likely to stray when he was touching you, he didn’t know, but he hoped it was the latter.

“Was that a landing or just the usual turbulence?” you asked.

“A landin’,” the Doctor confirmed. “C'mon.” He tugged on your arm. “I’ve been dyin’ ta show ya this.”

You wanted to ask what he meant, but your voice was stolen away when he opened the TARDIS door.

A landscape of pristine snow stretched out before you, glowing under the light of a full, blue-tinged moon. The sky was clear, allowing you an unhindered view of stars, so many stars stuffed into the dark expanse, mingled with galaxy dust reminiscent of the Milky Way, but so much closer and more vibrant than anything that could be seen from Earth. Glowing crystals peeked out from the snow, all soft colors of rose and robin’s egg blue. In the distance, you saw the scraggly silhouette of a forest, and beyond that, the luminescent outline of a mountain range lit by the moon.

You had never seen anything so beautiful in your life.

Considering everything the Doctor had shown you before this, that was really saying something. You couldn’t quite believe this was real. You had seen so many strange things, some frightening, some beautiful, but this… oh. You could just stand here and look for forever.

You shivered in exhilaration, but the Doctor mistook it for chill. There was snow on the ground, after all.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

A cold breeze brushed across your face, and you blamed it for the way your cheeks flushed, because it certainly wasn’t the Doctor’s concern that made your face warm like that. Certainly not anything to do with the Doctor.  Not at all.

“Aren’t you?” you said.

“Nah. Here.” He swept his jacket off and draped it around your shoulders. “I don’t need it.”

You stared unabashedly even as you pulled his jacket tighter around your frame.


You tried your best not to smirk, but failed. “You’re practically naked.”

Oi!” the Doctor exclaimed, his hands flying to press defensively against his green jumper. “Am not!“

"Practically! I’ve never seen you without your jacket on!”

The Doctor almost made a retort, but trailed off as he realized you were telling the truth. He had never taken his jacket off around you. It hadn’t occurred to him before, but he almost didn’t feel right without it on. It was his armor. What also hadn’t occurred to him was that this might make you uncomfortable, or at least make him seem unapproachable. You had been so at ease with him lately, so open, and he hadn’t been just as open for you. That was hardly inviting, and when he was trying to get you to see him as more than a friend? That wouldn’t do. He would have to take it off more often… and give it to you. He liked the look of it; you wearing his jacket. Maybe that was male pride, but he didn’t care.

You slipped your arms into the sleeves so that the jacket wouldn’t slip off your shoulders. “This is amazing.”

“Really?” The Doctor didn’t know whether you were referring to the planet or… this. Whatever it was. This situation. Hopefully both.


“Y'know…” The Doctor grinned, eager for his big reveal. “No one else has ever been on this planet.”

Your eyes widened. “What?”

“You-” he grabbed your hand, “and I, are the only ones-” he took a step into the snow and prompted you to do the same, “-are the only ones to ever step foot on this planet. It’s impossible to get to, except for by TARDIS. This place doesn’t even have a name.”

You hadn’t followed him. With your hand still gripping his and the toes of your shoes on the very edge of the TARDIS threshold, you could only marvel at the scene and what the Doctor was telling you and… and how he looked with the most beautiful landscape in the universe shining behind him. “You’re kidding?”

“No!” His grin was going to break his face if it stretched any wider. “I discovered it in my first body and never showed it to anyone. ‘Til now.”

Now, that was a sobering statement. ”

"Why me?”

“Well… I explored some, of course, but there’s still so much left, and I decided to save it…” He stepped closer to you, close enough for him to hear the rush of your single heart and for you to see the way his eyes were shining. “I wanted to share it with someone special.”

You didn’t reply. You couldn’t. What could you say to that, other than those three forbidden words? I love you. But you couldn’t say that.

The Doctor’s smile vanished, and he suddenly looked very serious. “How long do you want to stay with me?”

“For as long as you want me to,” you answered without hesitation.

The smile was back, soft and easy.

“Forever, then?”

“Sounds good to me.” Please, forever. Forever would be perfect.

“Well then!” The Doctor’s grip on your hand tightened as he turned back out into the breathtaking landscape that was somehow even more beautiful with his confession of how much it meant to him. And to you, now, as you took your first step onto the snow. “I say we go exploring!”

“Good idea,” you agreed with a laugh at his innocent curiosity.

That ear-to-ear grin was back, and the Doctor leaned close to you with a gleam in his eye that you recognized.



Masterpost: {x}

Part: 2/?

Pairing: Jamilton, Lams, Thomliza

Summary: Thomas is new to Albany High School and the last thing he ever expected was to run into Alexander.

Warning: cussing, mentions of death, mentions of depression, mentions of drugs

Word Count: 4,132

Dedication: @hxxtile for the fat John idea like I seriously love him very much. 

Tags: @starfreckledlaurens, @bring-me-the-misha, @mishaisakitten, @ichbindeindod, @xfallingsnowx, @weareallhamiltontrash, @toomuchartsstuff, @noluckmonday, @kanadianwithashippingproblem, @twoscreamingbirds, @god-damn-it-miranda, @lil-bab-doodles, @anonymouscrazyfangirl, @k9effect, @justsmilingandnodding, @xdaveedxdanielexdiggsx, @pipindaae, @aph-jefferson, @red-shadow-wolf-19, @boreavement, @mrlefuck, @tinymugs, @frostbiteangel , @fuckerson, @muntzzymain, @listenlyss, @ash–is–trash, @aleciamagic , @pluto4planet , @waitwhat-24601, @fuckofflight, @wow-another-blog, @bobblobthing, @msageofenlightenment, @anime-fan-4-life13, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @cutebridge, @richieandthevoices, @iamindeedapotato, @all-you-see-is-nightmare-eyes, @fruityfrootloops, @brokxen-stars, @thelegochicken

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Silence overtook the group for awhile, causing Thomas to overthink the situation. It was his fault that John had stormed off, after all, and it seemed as if Hercules was mad at him. It was a terrible feeling that began to consume his thoughts; gradually, it began to physically show.

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take responsibility

pairing: jungkook/jimin
word count: 1730
genre: canon compliant, established relationship
summary: jungkook and jimin love movie nights. the other members… not so much.
notes: i haven’t posted anything in a while, i’m sorry. please enjoy this short thing in the meantime. warning for non-consensual voyeurism and implied sexual content.

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13. A kiss we had to wait for + miyusawa

At the age of seven, Kazuya thinks storybooks are a lie. 

His classmates play in the sandbox almost every evening, small, grubby hands attempting to pat out a round, level base of a sandy sculpture. Kazuya doesn’t join them; he sits in the corner, opens a book and reads about a girl who looks out of the window and sees fascinating life stories, reads about a girl who makes friends who would’ve been misfits elsewhere, reads about a girl and happy children having lessons in train cabins. 

Parents start streaming in one by one when the sky is tinged with dark orange, and they are greeted with carefree laughter and bright twinkling eyes as the children run to them with enthusiastic squeals. Kazuya spares them a disinterested glance and lowers his eyes back to his book again. 

“Why is your mum not here, Miyuki-kun?” A girl from his class asks one day.

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Soooo… Curiosity killed the cat. Literally!
Emmett the beloved feline companion of Proctor Quinlan was the victim of my curiosity today. I always wondered what would happen if i shot Emmett. Let’s say if you do it loudly and without power armor… Don’t expect to live long. Apparently Emmett is more than just a feline aboard the Prydwen. For every brotherhood soldier will turn on you if you kill him without stealth.

I did it stealthily once and Paladin Danse was horrified. Calling me a monster. Saying I murdered an innocent. Damn, Danse. Crazy cat lady much?

Outta curiosity imma see what happens if I do this crime and live. ;P @prydwencats must love me right now ((I’m so sorry lmao I love cats too shhh don’t hate me pls))

Morale of the story: don’t kill a Brotherhood cat.
Everyone aboard loves it.


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Okay but like, what makes someone a man/woman? Is is purely their word or is there some core ideal/understanding that must be met in order to safely align with one side, and if it isn't met you're most likely nonbinary? I realize that a man can be a bit feminine and a woman can be a bit masculine but what if a man is exclusively feminine (next to no masculinity)? Does that make him less of a man/decrease his potential validity as a trans man?

Eden Says:

The concept of what makes a man a man and a woman a woman is one that we cannot really approach. It’s different for… pretty much anyone you ask. 

And that really goes for cis people too. I mean, if you walk up to a cis guy and asked “what makes you a man,” they wouldn’t be likely to know how to respond beyond the AGAB argument. 

Furthermore, no, being “feminine” or “masculine” does not decrease a man or woman’s claim to their own gender, whether or not they are trans. If you see a lady with a beard, 6′2,” professional MMA fighter or something like that, really gruff and “manly,” they’re still a woman, and that doesn’t CHANGE when we’re talking about a trans woman. 

The same is true for trans men, you can have the slightest, politest, most gently spoken, dress-loving, pink wearing, etc etc traditionally feminine man, and whether or not they are trans, they’re still a man. 

These bounds of “this is a masculine thing and this is a feminine thing” are a nonsense cage on identity that society as a whole attempts to enforce for no good reason. 

So basically speaking, no. You can be the most masculine woman or the most feminine man, and if you say you ARE that woman or that man, you are. And that is not the place of ANYONE else to judge, ever. 

What decides if you are “valid” in your masculinity or your femininity? You. That is your place. Nobody else can tell you who you are. 

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I just want to cuddle Harry completely naked,nothing sexual,just us

Cuddling is already a pretty intimate thing when you think about it. Just holding onto another person and trusting them to be close to you and swapping energies and body heat and using each other as a pillow. Naked cuddling just ups the ante, doesn’t it? Nothing between you, just skin to skin. Every pass of his mouth over a patch of your skin (or yours over a tattoo of his) just innocent, friendly, saying hello curiosity. Skin sticking a bit when you peel away from each other to readjust and find a new way to tangle an arm or duck a head. Talking sleepily into the back of his neck when you’re grabbed onto him as the big spoon and his raspy, only half-present response, although his fingers grip yours tightly. Having him nestled in against your bare breasts with your heartbeat right in his ears while you run your fingers through his hair – long hair, short hair, whatever, because he just likes the gentle scratches of your fingers. And all through it you’d both start to forget what your own scent is like because you’ve had your noses buried in the other’s so intimately close for so long. 

It always makes me smile when people see me doing tai chi and say things like, “that is really pretty” or “how peaceful.”

I smile and say thanks, waiting to see if their innocent curiosity leads them to the next question. “What was that you just did?”

“Well, I just neutralized an attacker, so now I’m breaking his elbow and jabbing the shards of their ruined arm into their shoulder socket to control their movement,” I’ll explain gently. Or in the picture above, “It’s hard to hold a sword when your tendons aren’t functioning.”

At first they laugh. Then they see I’m serious and shuffle away cautiously. Or they might ask, “But I thought tai chi was just for health?”

Stopping an attack is pretty health oriented, isn’t it? I guess this is one of the misconceptions we have to deal with. Just because qi gong is an aspect of tai chi, and a non-martial aspect, people make that cognitive leap and prescribe tai chi as non-martial. This is silly to me. Northern Shaolin also emphasizes qi gong, but it never has to deal with that assumption. Stretching is common place in all martial arts, and is non martial, but it never gets the art labeled as ineffective.

So the next time you see someone practicing in the park, go ahead and ask them what they’re doing. You might be surprised that hidden amongst the peaceful movement lies a devastating application.