saying it and writing it isn't the same

a love spell, or something like it

inspired by a post sara reblogged (this one, specifically) and the resulting conversation about different love spells, where she suggested i write the fic. i said no, go away, it’s late. then i stayed up and wrote the fic.

This doesn’t make any sense.

Though they’d never admit it—Dean especially would never admit it—they’re practically witches themselves at this point. Sam isn’t deluded enough to think otherwise. He has a fair share of spells up his sleeve that he knows by heart by now, a few more he’s working on remembering, and some he still struggles with the incantation, but at the end of the day they frequently speak Latin and throw herbs into flames, so, logically, they’re witches, or close enough to it.

And it’s because of this (and his own unfortunate experience that no one must ever speak of again, thanks) that Sam knows a love spell when he sees one.

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anonymous asked:

i just wanna say im grateful for you and sci for very obviously writing dj as being on the autism spectrum in the foodieverse, even if it isn't explicitly stated (and i haven't read sci's dj stories so im not sure if she formalised that characterisation first), like as an aspie kid raised by parents who are Good People but Did Not Understand and so had very little tolerance for my shit, as it were, it makes me happy that dj has family who love and support him but most importantly Get It :')

oh! and one more thing, i love that dj has sensory issues with taste because Same, like dealing with how sweet fruits are and how many textures they have for example is a nightmare for me and i love that it seems like dj is the opposite and can’t handle the salty/oil taste combo of junk food, what a good kid

DJ in his original stories definitely has some sensory processing issues and such, though I won’t speak for Sci on how exactly she formulates them in her own writing philosophy. We didn’t discuss it a ton beforehand but for sure in the Foodieverse he’s neurodiverse, and I based at least some of his interaction with food on my brother, who has AS and had a TON of texture issues as a kid in particular. 

And yeah, a lot of Tony and Steve’s behavior towards DJ is catharsis of the “a parent who Gets It” sort – and not just a parent who gets it, but also someone who isn’t a parent and is super new to the situation but is trying his best and thinking it through instead of acting on instinct. For me, writing an “outsider” who understands (or at least has the patience to deal with things as they are until they do understand) is as important as writing a parent, because it speaks to a wider acceptance. 

He could offer me everything, you know. His time. His attention. He always lets me know he loves and cares about me. He always looks out for me, always sticks by my side when I need someone. Things you don’t do. He could give me the world, treat me like a princess. But he isn’t you. Nobody will ever match up to you. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know why I’m in love with you, it’s not like you treat me as if I’m a queen, hell, I don’t even know if you still feel the same. But God damn, am I in love with you.
—  He isn’t you, nobody will ever be you
  • Ron: I still can't believe you were sorted into Slytherin, Harry, I've always thought you'd be with us, Hermione and I
  • Harry: Slytherin isn't bad after all, you know
  • Ron: you're in the same house with that Malfoy git, mate, the same dormitory
  • Harry: stop saying that about him, it's my b-uh w-what?
  • Ron *looks at him suspiciously*: you're not friends are you
  • Harry: well, he isn't bad as he seems to be *nervously* just fr-
  • *draco passes by*:
  • *turns his head slightly*:
  • *looks at Harry seductively*:
  • *runs his fingers through his hair temptingly*:
  • *smirks lasciviously*:
  • *winks*:
  • Ron: Harry?
  • Harry: well, what's wrong with that anyway? of C-course, Just Friends.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i'm completely in love with lapidot and seeing peridot guide lapis through the long hard process of healing is honestly some of the best writing i've ever seen but i'm worried that fusion is the inevitable end goal of their interaction. intragem fusion isn't the same thing it is to the crystal gems, it was always a gross taboo and while peridot's slowly learning the difference lapis has something else way bigger on top of that that after a life of being helpless and pushed around uncaringly, when she does feel that power that got to pearl's head in the week of sardonyx arc then it gives her such a rush and brings out a side of her that traumatized her knowing it was there after she unfused from malachite. she didn't even want to be put in charge of a boat after that. i think... that it'd be ok if lapis never had to fuse, and that peridot never pushed her towards it. and i don't think she would want to because peridot knows full well how lapis feels about that and how much it terrified her, but i just feel like the show itself sort of has it set that fusion is the culmination of two characters getting close emotionally like with smoky quartz (which was absolutely beautiful btw) and... i just think lapis is really flourishing with the slow non-demandingness of her current relationship with peridot, and i don't really want to see her pushed toward fusion.

etc stands for “et cetera”. Cetera is Latin, and this saying basically means “and other similar things”. So when writing this say “etc” not “ect”

Mortified is not the same thing as horrified!!! To be mortified means to be terribly embarrassed, not to be really shocked. These two words are not interchangeable even though they sound similar
“When my pants fell down in public I was mortified”

Who’s = who is
Whose = belonging to or associated with a person or thing
“Who’s that?” vs. “Whose friend is that?”

“To add” is to make an addition to something.
“Ad” is the abbreviation of advertisement

gelkets  asked:

Hi! I saw that your requests were open, and I had an idea. Could you maybe write the MC coming out as bi/poly/pan and the rfa's (maybe V and Saranwrap if you can?) reactions? Like who would ask questions, the most supportive, who'd go to pride, who'd say same, stuff like that. I'm sorry that it's stupid and my English isn't that great, but I haven't been very confident with my pansexuality because of some people. I understand if it's uncomfy for you to write about, too. Much love!

First and for most, I’d like to say that they’d all be 100% supportive. 


  • I feel like Yoosung is probably pansexual, but he is not very open about it
  • He’d probably make a big deal out of it when you came out to him, since he is insecure about his sexuality.
  • He probably wouldn’t want to go to pride, because he’d much rather stay in and play video games, but if you beg, he’ll go
  • He’d switch out the clips in his hair for rainbow ones or a rainbow headband (Yoosung in a headband is my aesthetic)
  • He would cling to your arm the whole time, quite intimidated by the crowd.
  • But he would happily go again if you wanted him to.


  • I think Zen doesn’t put a label on his sexuality because he is just completely open.
  • If he falls in love with someone, their gender doesn’t matter to him, but he is probably more drawn to women.
  • He would be the most supportive boyfriend ever.
  • If someone dares to try to invalidate you, he will destroy them
  • He would probably bring up the idea of going to pride, because he loves social events.
  • He’d used hair chalk to attempt to make his hair rainbow, but otherwise sticking with his all black and white aesthetic.


  • I think it’s canon that she is bisexual.
  • Will fight people that call you guys names in the streets.
  • Probably won’t want to go to pride, she can’t leave the coffee shop
  • But if you really want her to go, she will. 
  • She probably wouldn’t wear any rainbow, though.
  • She’ll probably make a lot of friends at the pride fest, and will generally really enjoy it.


  • I think Jumin is demisexual
  • before MC, he didn’t really seem to have any romantic or sexual attraction to people.
  • Will go to pride if you asked him, but would wear his normal suit(and look like a goof)
  • Might wear a rainbow handkerchief, though
  • Will cling onto your arm the whole time, nodding politely to the people you spoke with.
  • Probably wouldn’t like the amount of noise, and would definitely miss his cat(not that he’d bring her to a place like this. it’s not clean enough, it will ruin her beautiful white fur.)


  • Either bisexual or pansexual, and very open about it.
  • Will happily go to pride with you
  • He will literally paint his face rainbow and wear rainbow clothes.
  • Will make tons of friends at pride, you guys will have a little crew.
  • If you ever feel invalidated, he will fake offense, since he too isn’t straight. 
  • But if it gets to be a lot, he’ll hold you and pet your hair, reminding you that you are 100% valid.


  • I feel like he is either straight or demisexual
  • If you ever feel invalidated, he will remind you over and over again that it is not true. 
  • I stand by my statement that he leaves sticky notes all over the walls for you to be reminded how amazing you are.
  • He would probably suggest you guys go to pride, so that you feel more comfortable.
  • He would be very quiet and shy at pride, mostly hanging on to your arm.


  • I think Saeran is pansexual, but doesn’t really care to put a label on it.
  • If you feel invalidated, he will tell you you’re stupid, because you can’t control who you’re attracted to.
  • You’d have to drag him to pride, social situations aren’t his forte.
  • At first, he’d be a little ball of anger, but would open up to the people you had met towards the end of pride.
  • His cute little smile, that is oh so rare, would be present on his face as he laughed with your new friends.
  • Would 100% love to go to pride again.

can fandom just collectively start to treat fanfic writers the same way it treats fanartists

like can we support fanfic writers with kofi accounts and patreons? can we help struggling writers out with donations in exchange for fic? can we share fic with the same fervor that we share art? 

because honestly, writing is hard and this strange dichotomy that’s been created is really weird. not everyone is a great artist, and by that same token not everyone is a great writer

if you love fanfiction, support fanfiction writers 

anonymous asked:

angst, angst, angst. i need more angst in my life. like something heart wrenching but with a fluffy ending. thanks, love. keep up the amazing work!! xx

A/N: fluffly endings after angst? not in this house. also this is very different to anything i’ve done before and i honestly just wanted to try it just cause it seemed interesting, sorry if it’s not your cup of tea );

2D/Reader Oneshot

Paring: 2D/Reader

Word count: 485

A/N: written in third person, but reader is still gender neutral.

More under the cut.

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Hello, this isn't really a writing question but more of just a curious question: what is your opinion on fanfiction? I've heard a lot of people say all fanfiction is trash, while others say it's an acceptable form of writing. Personally I think that as long as the intended audience is satisfied it's fine, but what do you think?


I don’t write it, nor do I read it very often, but I definitely think it’s a qualified form of writing! It requires the same skill as original fiction – possibly, in a way, more, because you have to really get the author’s characters in-character, and that’s not always easy to do. So yes, I respect fanfics as a form of writing.

My brain is doing that thing where it classifies all my original fic as either 1) about people unlike myself, and therefore a story I don’t have a right to tell, 2) about people like myself, and therefore excessively self-centered and whiny and something I should keep private and hidden, or 3) both, simultaneously

Normally I would spend several hours whining to my brain about how dumb this is, but forget that, it’s time for dragon age fic

anonymous asked:

Have you heard of the podcast 'Alice Isn't Dead'? It's made by the same people that write 'Welcome To Nightvale' and it's about a girl who goes on a mission to find her wife who everyone thinks is dead, but she's certain she isn't. She meets man eating monsters and uncovers secrets about her wife that were previously never known. Honestly it's such a good podcast and I think you would love it, Mr. Host.

“‘I have heard of this podcast, yes,’ the Host says. ‘But unfortunately I have not had the time to listen to it. You say it is very good… and the plot seems rather interesting, so I’ll definitely consider it. Especially if you think I might like it. Thank you for your suggestion, my dear!’“

She Will Be Loved

   This has been brewing for quite a while, and I owe star-vault-ofthe-heavens​ and 1000-alshain​ a huge thank you for giving it some fuel and definition, even though I mostly admire your meta from afar.

  I couldn’t find the exact moment, but when Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Bail are all deciding what to do with the twins, Bail volunteers. He says, “She will be loved with us.” Not “She’ll be safe with us,” because he can’t promise that. Leia’s going into the Alderaani royal family, practically parading under Vader and Sheev’s nose for her whole life.

  Bail says she’ll be loved because that’s really all he really can promise. And it is so important to him that Padme’s daughter is loved. Breha doesn’t skip a beat (and you know that Bail told her everything) because this is just as much her little girl as anyone else’s, let the scandals, Empire, and Vader himself be hanged.  

  Padme didn’t talk about her family much or a potential family, but Bail knows how Padme would have loved the twins. He knew she was pregnant, they all knew – him, Mon, Riyo – and he suspected the father, but he never said. He owes her so much for not saying anything sooner. Loving this pink, crying baby is the least he can do, but really it’s no sacrifice. What are a few parentage rumors and whispering when tiny Leia takes her first steps or says “Papa” or stares a Moff dead in the eye and smiles, and Breha and Bail are proud and terrified beyond words. Gods, are they proud.

  Bail and Breha can give Leia position, power, education, money, and all kinds of things, but if that was it, Yoda and Obi-wan could have dropped her off with just about anyone (even though Obi-wan would never in a million years agree to just dump Anakin and Padme’s children anywhere.) The Organas are Leia’s first constant. In the wake of Anakin’s supernova and Padme’s young death, there is hope.

  This scene is a kind of sentencing for Leia too. She’s a Skywalker; the Force is strong with her. By blood, she’s inescapably caught up in this galactic redemption story, but by being an Organa, it gives her everything to lose. Now she can lose Alderaan, her parents, her people, but being Leia Organa is also what’s going to get her through all that. The love of her adoptive parents –all the strength and courage they teach her – sees her through Alderaan’s destruction, the Death Star prison cell, Vader, Bespin, and all the other crap she has to survive just because of who she is. It’s why she triumphs.

  I think Bail knows all of this when he says, “We’ll take her.” He can’t really imagine what his little girl will survive, but he knows it will be hard and he does it anyway. No hesitation. I think his biggest regret in this scene is that he can’t offer that same love to Luke. Sometimes he thinks about Padme’s son, somewhere in a dune sea no Organa has ever seen, but he can’t do anything about that. So Bail and Breha do what they can.

  Leia is loved.

cannibalisticwhistler  asked:

// things I love: how often Bereet mentions Yondu in your starters. 8)

things i love: your yondu. no, seriously.

i like thinking that in the vast space of tumblr and everyone on this media writing guardians of the galaxy characters — nova and ravager and alien alike — that we’re all in the same big bubble. and every time i mention yondu as an anchor for her interacting with people, it’s your yondu. not just yondu. that ship is huge and who knows why she’s attached herself to him and his ship, no doubt she makes herself useful but she’s just a petite pink babe, floating through space. and it gives me a place to put her with starters. sure, she could be on peter’s ship, but that’s a small crew and it gets hard to explain why she’s there. at least on yondu’s ship she can be placed as @fcllowthecode‘s chip feeder, or the chick who brings yondu cute things and watches kitten videos on his data-pad with @firstmatekraggles, and tells stupid jokes with @didntmeantomutiny, and occasionally annoy @chosebrandy when he decides to visit. it’s an odd sort of home but it’s home nonetheless. it’s a vast kind of connection where multiple universes meet. i know you’d involve yourself in these kinds of threads if you had the time, so i like to think your yondu is there, somewhere, like a sort of npc while his writer is afk.

plus she adores the blue jerk. and so do i.

so that’s why i mention yondu a lot, he’s the center of the wheel, the hub. space daddy for sure. 

💙 💙 💙 💙

anonymous asked:

As with every death, I really can't wait to see if you'll do your take on it with your Daemon AU! Sorry if this is a little forward, but I love/missed reading about VM and their Animal Halves

here’s the thing: that moment, the heat and fire and desperation––the please please please breathlessness above the roar of the dragon and the hiss of the lava and the rumble of the earth––what more is there to say about that? what else can be said about the unbridled hope, the moment Pike reaches out and grabs and doesn’t let go, because it’s not her time, because she made a promise to Kaylie (because for all her strength and love she cannot lose one, two members of her family)? what can be said that isn’t already clear as day?

(Miro holding onto Oraman by the scruff of his neck as Pike presses a lock of hair into Vex’s hand; Pike with one hand pressed to Scanlan’s cheek and the other to the daemon on his shoulder, fading away even as she breaks her promise and drags him back, dammit, because she made a promise to him, but she also made another)

imagine this, then: imagine Vax unconscious on the ground, life bleeding away, returning to his Lady; imagine Vax unconscious and Vex and arm’s length away, close but not close enough (fingers almost brushing, heads turned towards each other; even here, on the brink, they are two parts of one whole); imagine Vax unconscious and Vex right there, among the dirt and dust and ash (because the twins have always done all things together, and it seems that will follow them to their death)

imagine Vax unconscious, but Ilmariel still awake

Ilmariel awake, hazy and holding on until the bitter end; Ilmariel watching as Vex sighs, and does not breathe again; Ilmariel watching as Oraman stills, shimmers, drifts apart, watching as Miro grabs him, as Pike makes her plea; Ilmariel watching Vex die (again, except this time she’s here, this time she’s just close enough to brush against Vex’s fingers for Vax as she goes, just close enough to curl up into her palm as Pike dregs up the power it takes to cast her spell, just close enough for Vex to tighten her hand around her as she comes jolting back to life)

Ilmariel, awake enough to feel such overwhelming relief and let go, to drift off into the porcelain place between life and death where Vax waits, at peace with the knowledge that Vex is back, that Vex has made it, that she does not need to keep watch any longer (little sister, she thinks as she goes––they will always be the older ones, watching until they cannot watch any longer; at least they have not failed in this, here among the brimstone and sulfur and flame)

(Ilmariel afterwards, when they have survived against all odds, heavy with the lingering grief and fear, uncertain wether or not to tell Vax the truth. it is easy, you see, to hide the truth from yourself: you only have to want it enough. and ignorance, as they say, is bliss)

anonymous asked:

OMG I can't tell you how happy I am that you opened up your request box again! I love your writing so I'm so excited to finally request something from you! BTS written reaction to their Asian adopted sister that's not Korean saying she feels like throwing up (queasy/butterflies in stomach) because she's so stressed and anxiety isn't helping with school work and learning Korean at the same time and she just needs someone to comfort and understand her emotionally. Thank youuuu <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

OMG this is long! Hope you enjoy it! <3 

Jimin would instantly become so worried that you wouldn’t be able to do anything for the rest of the day without him appearing in front of you and telling you that whatever you’re doing he can do it for and that you should just rest a little. He would even make you something to eat  not without a few crashes in the kitchen though and would bring it to you in bed. After you eat he would lie there with you asking to hear about what’s troubling you but he would be more focused on making you forget about the stress and getting to hear your laugh again  which you surely do after his passionate performance of ‘’Up&Down’’ Expect him not leaving you alone for a whole day!

Namjoon would make sure you don’t do anything that might trouble you more or make you even more stressed that day. After you calm down a little he would ask you to tell him everything, from school work that’s giving you problems to your knowledge of Korean which you’re still not satisfied with and also about your fear of not making any progress. When he hears about the root of the problem he would sit with you, no matter how long you need, until you two find a solution together. Since he know how important that is he would help you organize your time better and also make sure you understand that  he’s also BrainMon he’s there if you need any help with your school work.

Taehyung would, after telling you that you need to take you mind of school work and everything, do anything to make you forget why you were feeling bad. He would announce that now is not the time to think about ‘’what my score would be if I circled answer A instead of answer B on that last test’’.  He would drag you to the living room and make you sing along to ‘’Good Boy’’ while giving his all to imitate Taeyang  almost ripping his shirt off before you stopped him  and you’re left there being GD and to be honest that’s actually helping and that’s the first time you’re not thinking about your problems in days…And while you two are bowing and thanking ‘’the estatic crowd’’ pair of chairs with Tae’s shirts on  he say something like. ‘’Next time when something is troubling you come to me earlier.’’

Jin would give you the biggest hug ever before letting you go but only so he can explain it to you that it’s ok to let it out and cry sometimes! He would tell you that he understands how hard and stressful it must and he would probably wish that you told him how you were feeling earlier. After helping you calm down a little you two would have a long talk but only after Jin ordered take-out claiming that there is nothing favorite food can’t fix. It would be that kind of talk where you start from what’s troubling in and while talking about how to make it better you somehow end up discussing who really broke that lamp a few month ago and was that pizza from yesterday really that good or you were to tired too care. In the end you still feel better than ever because you’re pretty sure it’s not food but Jin’s encouraging words and squeaky laugh that can fix everything.

Hoseok would , after he makes sure you’re feeling ok, tell you to follow him out. You could probably notice that he’s really worried but he would hide it since the only thing he is focused on now is helping you relax and forgetting the huge weight of stress. And how does he do that…simple! Getting ice cream and wandering around the city just doing whatever seems interesting to you at the moment. When he’s sure that you’re feeling a little better than before you two go home and you’re kind of tired since you were walking a lot that day so you just lie on the bed and Hoseok encourages you to talk to him about what’s troubling you only now when you’re calmer. And after a while he’s like ‘’Shouting and screaming can help sometimes!’’ And soon you two are competing in shouting ‘’I want chicken’’ and no you’re not winning and the only thing you’re worrying about now is if the walls are really soundproof

Yoongi would tell you to get some sleep immediately since you look like you really need it and you can’t really function if you’re that stressed and tired. Even if you start complaining that you don’t have time to rest and that there’s no way you’ll ever get to do everything on time he would say something like: ‘’Ok, you don’t have to sleep but you have time to hang out with me for a while, right?’’ So you two end up lying somewhere  of course  and you start talking about school and your problems with Korean and he’s only listening carefully at the beginning and only after you finished telling him everything he’ll speak up. So he starts with telling you that you should slow down a little and do things in a more enjoyable way and he suggests learning some phrases through Bangtan’s songs and that he would of course be there to help you. And he’s like ‘’You have to relax sometimes! Take more naps. Learn from me. And there’s no way you can’t feel better after hearing him talk calmly like that.

Jungkook probably wouldn’t know what to do at first. He would need some time to think about how he should react. The best he could do at first is like putting his arm around your shoulder and offering his support like that. Noticing that you’re still upset about it he would try to make you feel better and more relaxed by, for example, organizing a movie night  even telling you to pick a movie instead of just playing Avengers or playing games with you. He wouldn’t keep pushing you to talk to him because it would probably be awkward to him but if you do start talking he would be there to listen! He might not be able to come up with something that can help you with school work and everything but you would still feel better after letting everything out and knowing that he’ll awlays be there to listen to you.

J-Hope; Foolishly in Love

❝in which Hoseok comes back after a terrible fight-but it’s your anniversary
[wasn’t my best but if babyitsfiction likes it, i have no regrets]
►1600 words | scenario, slight angst???, such a cliche title but oh well, gangster!Hoseok

The moment the door opens, you’re more than excited to greet him like how you usually do—be it with a hug because it’s been a while, or maybe a kiss because he’s stressed out and tensed from everything but when you take a look at him the second he puts his foot through the door, you know it’s not going down like that. You stand up from the sofa you were ever so comfortable in, you close your book because you can’t possibly read anymore and your eyes meet his in the most tantalizing way yet that he doesn’t know if he should shut up or say something about this.

You had been pretty specific to the rules in this house—and obviously making the rules involved the input of two people especially when you share the same roof but sometimes… things don’t go down that way. You realize that your arms are folded and maybe, you don’t have the nicest look on your face but Lord knows, you’re trying your best not to flip the whole damn house around.

“Do I… want to know?” You’re asking gently, in one of the softest tones yet and he knows, he’s in for an earful when hears that tone.

He swallows and puts his bag down, partially having dark red spots due to the blood—“Well… if you want to hear about it, I have nothing to hide.”

What you’re hoping for is Hoseok to come back without a scratch, what you’re needing is him to come back at least one day without getting into a fight but really, you’ve been too accustomed by him coming home looking like a mess that you can’t tell if there’s something wrong if he comes back unmarked. He sees how you rake a hand through your hair and he sees the frustration bubbling up within because he knows he done fucked up tonight.

Not only did he cancel the morning plans the both of you looked forward to because of his emergency call from the boys but he had also differ the dinner reservations because yeah, tonight is your anniversary but the only thing you’ll be celebrating is the fact that Hoseok’s got more injuries that you’ll have to attend to.

Then again, when you’re being harsh to Hoseok, you’re being harsh on yourself.

“Can you shower on your own?” Your tone doesn’t change—and Hoseok doesn’t know if he should be afraid.

“I… I can but I would like it if we—“’

“Go take a shower,” Your head points to the direction of the bathroom and he’s flinching, “Baby—“

You let out a sigh, one that makes him stay put and not say anything when he sees the look on your face. It makes him feel like a thousand pins are poking his heart but it takes only one to seep through and cause such pain, “Just go take a shower and I’ll wait for you in the bedroom,”

And even though Hoseok wants to apologize for the many things he’s done wrong for today, he listens and is obedient before anything else goes wrong.

He stumbles out of the bathroom with just a towel hanging around his waist. His hair is damp and your eyes squint at how many red marks there are on his torso that you didn’t know it was humanly possible to have. He has one long slash on his abdomen, tiny cuts on his arms and when he turns around to close the door, you see that there are fucking claw marks on his back draped from his shoulders to his hips—you’re not even going to ask.

He takes slow and careful steps to reach where you are and as you remain on the bed, you’re staring at his body and doing the mental calculations to how much bandage you’d need or just how long it’s going to take before you’re actually done with him. He takes the seat that you’ve placed opposite where you’re sitting and he’s slumping the moment he gets comfortable. Your eyes look tired and really, you are—because you’ve been thinking so much about how tonight is going to end that you really want things to end well, but for some reason, maybe things don’t go as planned.

He watches your every move as you attend to his wounds—one by one—and it’s making his heart palpate faster as you move from to where he gets cut on his stomach and then you order him to turn around without saying anything but just with one finger. He feels the gentleness of your hands applying the needed medicine on him and despite him hissing in pain, you don’t take to mind at all. His eyes would occasionally clench from the sudden surge of heat straining his skin, his flesh but he feels slightly better when you blow cool air to relieve the pain—he knows that you care, and you care a lot.

When you’re done with the major injuries, you’re giving him a light pat on the shoulder, “Go get changed—I’ll attend to the minor ones after you’re dressed,”

He peeks over his shoulder and sees you clearing up the first aid kit and he’s reaching out for your hand. His hand is rough from all the fighting, his skin is blistered but you feel the warmth of his palm on yours that it tears you down. You allow him to hold onto your hand and you know he’s staring at you, biting his lip, weary eyes. You refuse to look at him and he knows, he gets it but he’s still waiting until you do. But it doesn’t work when all you say is, “Get dressed, Hoseok-ah,”

“Can you help me?” He asks, and he knows very well that you can’t say no.

“Are you testing my patience?” You counter but he sees no anger behind those words.

“That depends,” He starts to smile and curse Hoseok for having that domino effect because now you’re smiling when he says, “Are you letting me test your patience?”

You roll your eyes and he’s all smiling widely when you get up from the bed, letting go of his hand as he watches you pace to the closet, picking out a comfortable shirt and sweats before throwing them at him. He catches the clothes you’ve chosen but has a glint of mischief in his eyes when they meet yours, “No boxers? Aren’t you a naughty—“ You’ve made him shut up when you save the best for last and Hoseok is peeling his own boxers from his face before he storms to the bathroom with a huff.

When he returns, all clad in sleeping attire, he tries his best not to burst out into happiness because he’s finally home. And he knows that he’s done wrong but he wants you to listen to what he has in store but for now, he’ll keep quiet and let you ramble it out as you delicately wrap plasters around the cuts on the tip of his fingers.

And when you reach the last one, he yelps when you tighten it too tight.

“H-Hey! It hurts!” He’s whining and you’re cocking an eyebrow, “Well yeah? Hold it in, then.”

His bottom lip is pushing out into a pout and this time, you’re not falling for it. You get up from the bed when you’re done and you try to put the first aid kit back to the table but he’s not having it—it’s his turn to talk now. He swipes it from your hands and you’re staring at him as if he’s done the most offensive thing yet. He beams with glee when he has you to himself and he switches the bedroom light off that you’re wondering what he plans to do in the dark.

He suddenly pounces on you and you’re almost waking the whole neighborhood up with your scream but he’s smiling as he curls you into the sheets and you’ve given up on the fight when he nuzzles his face between the space of your neck and shoulder. You sigh and feel your body betraying you as you mold against him and he’s whispering to you so soft, you think he’s telling you his darkest secrets, “I’m sorry,”

Your palm is silently rubbing on his arm when he plants a kiss on the nape of your neck, “I know you are,”

“Tomorrow,” He promises, “Tomorrow will be our day,”

“That’s what you said yesterday,” You pointed out, looking over your shoulder and his eyes are glowing under the moonlight that shines through the windows, “I was a fool yesterday,”

“You’re still a fool today,”

“I’m a fool every day,” He breathes, in a voice that makes you waver and it’s that tone of seriousness that you’re falling for when he turns you around so your eyes can’t escape one another, “But I’m also a fool that’s madly, deeply in love with you,” And the way he says it is so sincere, you wonder how is it possible for someone like Hoseok to exist… but he doesn’t stop there. He pulls you in for a kiss and it seals up literally everything that’s trying to pour out of your broken heart. His tongue is doing terrible things to your mind and his arms are not in the best condition but they still provide you the warmth and the soothing feeling as he curls them around you. He pulls you so close that you feel like he’s holding onto you as if you could disappear and his teeth is scraping on your bottom lip just the way you like it before he swipes off your thoughts with his tongue once more.

He lets you breathe for at least five seconds but then he’s coming back for more, again and again and again until you try to get him to listen because then the words come out naturally when you whisper, breathlessly, I love you, Hoseok.

And he’s saying the same thing to you, countless of times before, but it always feel like it’s the first, “I love you too.”