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How would you classify what you do?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A funny joke.

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What happened to Tougou after he went to prison?

((Mod Note: Please read this chapter to learn about the wonderful man Tougou))

He was sentenced to prison for life, but somehow he managed to escape! Who knows where he is now. Really, what’s wrong with the security in this town?

Please be careful who you invite into your homes everyone!

So I shared this drawing I did last night with my husband and he was like “I would be scared to see him in the dark” (understatement of the week). 

Then I remembered I also drew this a while back. 

I thought “Hmm. I should make this into a series: glow-y elf companions you wouldn’t want to see in the dark. I already did DA:I and DA2. The elf companion in Origins was…”

No. I am not drawing Zevran glowing blue in the dark, because all I can think of is him wearing a blue glow stick (imagine where) and waiting for Warden in the bedroom with a sexy grin.

There are some beautiful rocks on the beach where I live, and when I was younger I always used to imagine them being mermaid homes haha 🙈So I decided to take a picture of some and draw Ariel with them, making my childhood imagination a reality (almost!)

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