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hello it’s mod s. i’m addressing this whole issue once. this is my answer to this ask and to every ask like it that i’ll get. since i’ve been a mod on here i have myself posted a handful of otay*ri things because i do ship otay*ri. y*rio is actually 16, i myself am 17, and otab*k is 18. i personally don’t see anything wrong with it. i live in America (and I am assuming you live somewhere where the age of majority is the same as it is here.) and go to high school here. let me tell you that third years that are 16/17 date 4 year students who are 17/18 all the time. whats a bit weird to me personally is when you have a 4th year student dating a 1st year or a larger age gap..but nobody cares about a year or two. it doesn’t make me uncomfortable. it’s not something that people condemn where i live. it’s nothing “weird” here. I am bringing this up because it’s something I see in my daily life and I don’t see it to be anything out of the ordinary. The characters themselves are from other countries where this isn’t weird either. Now. If otay*ri makes YOU uncomfortable and you see it as something bad then please unfollow and black list the tag. forget it’s even a thing. it’s that simple. what are you gaining by telling people that what we are doing is fucked up? and in a sense make me and others feel uncomfortable because everyone knows exactly what you’re trying to imply. do you think that you’re going to stop everyone from shipping otay*ri? no, sorry, they tried that and we’re still here lol. i don’t know how many fandoms you’re in but as someone who’s in many there are SO many ships i don’t like or that i think are “gross” but i shut my mouth and don’t bother people. it’s not my place to tell people what to ship and why. of course there is an issue with people shipping a certain age range (not otay*ri’s, im implying a much larger age range.) if you want to speak up about that problem, please do so! but not in my inbox. this is not the place. this blog is not doing anything wrong. we are sfw and for the most part post cute things for an anime we like. our intention is to help artist in our fandom get more recognition if they haven’t already. that’s all we are doing here. we are not hurting anyone. we are not forcing our ships onto others. we are simply enjoying this fandom with our followers. this is all i have to say about this topic. i can’t think of anything else atm because i think i said it all. i gave you my opinion from where it comes from, i can’t do anything else.  take or leave my explanation.

Can we just talk about how much time Jin spent in the center for all of the performances in the Comeback Show??????? I was honestly a little worried about the performances bc I was afraid he’d be overshadowed and passed over for the 18227172828 time, but PRAISE THE HEAVENS BC HE GOT SO MUCH TIME IN CENTER AND FCKIN SLAYED??????

When I came out to my mom she said she was ok with me not being straight but when I tell her about someone from the opposite gender she always wants to know all the deets and when it’s about someone from my own gender she’s just like ‘oh….ok….anyways’ and it’s just so :/

do u ever think about someone and ur like: i wanna take care of them so hard??? i want to be their #1 supporter especially during times when they think no one believes in them. i want to comfort them when their thoughts are too loud and i’ll stay up with them all night until they drift off into a peaceful sleep in my arms. like u just wanna b there for them???? and love them endlessly????? and give them affection and so much love that they have never received????


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)


Magnus being very much not okay after what happened to him.


infodumping about the ocean

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So there’s one bit near the end of the Genocide Run that hit me pretty hard, personally. And as with most things that hit me very hard emotionally, it was a random almost throwaway line that wasn’t written to be focused on that much. But whether it intentionally held the meaning I took from it or not, it doesn’t change the fact that I DID take meaning from it.

When Flowey is monologuing near the very very end of the game and explaining what he went through, he talks about how he lacks the ability to feel anything for the people around him, and how desperately, frantically, he wishes he did. He talks about how, at first, he tried to help people. He talks about how at first it seemed to help, but every time it was time to let go, to move on, he got scared and couldn’t do it. He’d panic and reset instead. And how then he’d be right back where he started. And he would try helping everyone again.

But it became hollow. Everyone always said the exact same things, and did the exact same things. And nothing changed. And nothing new ever happened.

And eventually, just out of sheer desperation for SOMETHING new, he decided to kill everyone. And how that was at first a relief, but even that grew stale and empty as he did it over and over again. Until he was left with nothing, and there was nothing to care about, either for better or worse, but he couldn’t let go either. So he was trapped in this world where nothing ever changed, and he couldn’t make himself leave.

It’s a sad story, but it’s also a bit of a gut punch because of its implications.

Maybe in time, the person playing the game, the actual human being behind the keyboard, not the pixel character they control, would find themselves in the exact same situation. Eventually, things in a game stop changing. Characters always say the same things, do the same things. And maybe in time, as boredom takes over, the player would also try a genocide game just for SOMETHING new. But eventually even that will become empty and lead to nowhere after you do it enough.

I can’t really say if that’s true or not. I can’t say it’s false either.

But It’s 2 years now. And a lot of us are still here. And more importantly a lot of us still care. Quite deeply in fact.

And maybe we won’t care forever, maybe the same thing will happen, or more likely, we’d be the ones able to let go and move on to other things and let go. Maybe there’s no escaping that.

But it’s been 2 years, and at least for now, we’re still here.

There is also the possibility I’ve considered, that since the insane success of the game was never expected or anticipated at all, that the level of love it caused in gamers was a complete and utter surprise, maybe their ability to never fall into that cycle of apathy and just how long they can keep going, caring as hard as ever, will also be a complete surprise that was never foreseen.

Or even more simply, maybe Flowey just needed to be shown, as with so many things, he was wrong about that too.

Who knows. Honestly I can’t say how things will look in time. It could either way.

But at least by year 2 we were still here.

When you think about it, it’s actually quite sad and scary how many people ship Karamel not seeing how unhealthy and toxic the relationship itself is. They perceive the relationship as something normal thinking that’s the exact way all relationships should work because “who cares the guy treats the girl like shit if he’s hot;” they literally aspire to have relationship just like that only because that’s exactly what they’ve seen/read being romanticized and glamorized for all those years in movies, books or TV shows. And that is exactly why representation matters. 

Many Karamel fans are feeling insulted when someone tells them their ship is unhealthy and instead of listening for once they just give us irrelevant arguments, top it off with “it’s just a ship, chill,” and block us. No, the reason why many people are pissed off at what has been happening to Supergirl ever since CW happened is not that we are “heterophobic” or “trying to ruin your fun with shipping,” it’s the fact that there are many young people watching the show, looking up mostly to Kara, and when they see a scene where Mon-El literally intentionally insults her in front of everyone because something didn’t go his way but she ends up with him at the end of the episode anyway because that’s what “she’s supposed to do,” no one’s gonna tell them “well, that’s actually bullshit; that’s not how relationships should work.” And to top this all off, after episode those young people go around Twitter or Tumblr and all they see is y’all calling Kara a bitch and swooning 😍😍😍 over Mon-El calling Kara selfish for no apparent reason because that was so cute, relationship goals 👌👌👌.

So maybe try to pull your heads out of your asses for once, see what’s right in front of you and just stop. Don’t glamorize something unhealthy only because you find Chris Wood hot or whatever other reason you have.

In case ya’ll don’t already know, I feel obligated to tell you that Anya has to literally stand on a box to effectively kiss Dmitry in the Anastasia Broadway musical and it’s honestly too adorable for words.

How dan and Phil probably broke up #56
  • Phil: Dani Snot On Fire

Sorry, who’s Jonathan?
My brother. Jonathan Morgenstern is a demon-blooded monster who is responsible for the death of your friend.