saying goodnight to someone at 2 in the morning

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(2/2)and said our goodnights, he texted me at 2:00 in the morning to just say that he woke up randomly and thought of me and carried on a brief conversation before I shooed him back to bed. It’s probably that his crappy phone finally died on him, but I can’t help but worry that I’ve been ghosted or this is some cruel prank. Lord knows I’ve been burned before. I don’t know what to do, but I just needed to tell someone that I’m really sad.

Huh! That is pretty odd. When Devin and I first met and hadn’t even started dating yet, he was helping his parents remodel a house and he disappeared for a full 3 days and I was totally convinced he’d just disappeared but he was just actually busy the entire time and I was completely overreacting. And there was another time when we were facetiming and our call just got dropped for no reason and he wasn’t answering any of my messages and he didn’t have a phone at the time so I couldn’t call or text him and didn’t hear for him for the rest of the weekend. But it turned out his mom forgot to pay the internet bill and it got shut off and since it was a Friday, they didn’t open again until Monday. But both times it was just coincidence! So don’t freak out too bad, I’m sure everything is okay! ♥️

How the Signs say goodnight

Aries: “HAHAHA OKAY GN” *leaves chat* “but what do I do now its only 12:41 in the morning”

Taurus: “GN BB ILY U 2”

Gemini: “…yeah so that’s how I managed to shove an entire jar of jelly beans up my ass ok gn ttyl!”

Cancer: “goodnight bby ♥️”

Leo: “But what would you do if I was laying right there beside you 😉😎”

Virgo: “Goodnight, sweet dreams!”

Libra: *someone says goodnight to them before they could tell their story* “hahaha gn!!!” *internally screams bc it was actually a good story*

Scorpio: “Sweet dreams 😊😴!!!!!”

Sagittarius: “GooD 😜👌🏽 nigHt 🌚🌚 you mEmE loVing 🐸☕️♥️ fucC ??!!!”

Capricorn: “Night”

Aquarius: *leaves you on read*

Pisces: “Okay sorry but I have to sleep now 😭 sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite 😴 good night 😊”


Proof as to why #phanisoverparty is fake

-Do I even have to clarify?-

1- The image was clearly photoshopped as an icon does not appear twice when you double dm on Instagram

2- Zoom into the icon, you can’t really see who it is or if it even is Dan’s brother ,convenient, hm

3- He then says “goodnight” and that he’s “going to sleep” when it’s 8am in London

Proof as to why this was someone w/ no life

1- It was probably a US fan as he/she said “goodnight” when it was morning in England but late night in the U.S

2- The language

3- No one knows the original source

4- Really ask yourself, why would Dan’s brother throw him under the bus like that?

1. the little things have the biggest impact. a text that just says “i love you goodnight” could make someones day

2. don’t stop doing something you always do without a reason, if you wake your significant other up every morning with “hey beautiful”, dont just discontinue that, it’s stressful

3. if you talk to someone everyday and you notice they’re acting off one day please ask them if anythings wrong

4. if they are having a bad day, try not to get mad at them, say random nice things, remind them that they’re loved

5. if you start to feel differently about someone, tell them instead of dragging it out until they realize

6. back to #1, saying something rude, even if its small, can ruin someones day. maybe they were really confident in that shirt, now they’ll never wear it again

7. if they’re too embarrassed to order food themselves or to go to that party, do it for them, stay home with them, realize that not everyone can do everything all the time

8. if you can’t respect that someone doesn’t want to kiss on the first date, don’t date them

9. if someone says it stresses them out when they give/receive presents or something small like that, just don’t do it

10. if you notice someone giving you their all, give as much back as you can it doesn’t have to be as much, but make sure they still see effort.

—  things i wish some of my exes had realized