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((Sooo accidently I erased this question by @indiegenesis101 ;;

It was asking Arthur about if he was going to feel upset because of baby Arthur, eventually, leaving))

I really like to take care of young mers… and even with the situation of him being a younger me, I enjoyed this. Sadly, it had to stop sometime… and I think it’ll be soon (he’s pretty quiet and still now…)

((Taking care of baby Arthur M!A 17/??))

themirroredandblacknight  asked:

for the au where jack is on broadway and davey wrote the book, can you do something with people flirting with Jack at the stage door? (bonus Jealous!Davey)

I really like this AU ^.^ I hope you like the fic! Thanks for the prompt.

Davey didn’t see the show of his book as often as he’d like to. There was something magical about seeing his characters brought to live and the creative team had done an incredible job with the score; it also didn’t hurt that his boyfriend was playing the lead and there was nothing Davey loved more than watching Jack act, even if he did always reflexively flinch when he had to kiss the other male lead. But writing another book took time and effort and he had a deadline that meant seeing the show more than once a month was impossible.

Settling for nightly feedback from Jack, Davey was kept up to date with who had fallen down which set of stairs or forgotten which line, laughing at Jack’s dramatic reenactments, but he was also informed on the nature of stage door that evening. A popular show with a young cast that was pretty active on social media was bound to draw a quick fanbase, Davey soon learnt, and that fanbase was mainly made up of teenage girls. As Jack told the stories they weren’t harmful in any way, they were just a little full on. There were definitely girls who had seen the show far more than he had himself and he couldn’t help but get a little jealous that these strangers had seen Jack with his shirt off close to 40 times in less than a year, if the numbers they quoted at stage door were accurate. Not that Davey didn’t get to see Jack with far more items of clothes off in a much more intimate setting on a regular basis, but the fact of the matter was that he didn’t like the way Jack described them. ‘Friendly’ and ‘keen’ could mean anything from genuinely just appreciative of the show to flirty and inappropriate. It took a while for one of Davey’s visits to coincide with the most zealous fans so he could find out which it was.

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Road is NONBINARY. She is above the human concept of gender, choosing to associate with people of similar interest, rather than those who share her vessel’s biological sex. Her interest in candy, dresses and cute things is the influence of her VESSEL who was still young at the time of her awakening ), not because she’s a woman interested in “feminine” things.


So I said a few days ago that I was going to leave this blog, and even though I waited longer than I had planned to do it, I know I should stop procrastinating and just do it.

This is going to be my last post on this blog indefinitely, I’m going to have my friend change the password and not tell me, just so I’m not tempted to go back. You guys are the best followers anyone could ask for and I wish you all the best, and this is honestly one of the hardest things to do to say goodbye, but I know it’s for the best.

I’ll keep my queue posting once a day, which will last almost 200 days, and I may or may not come back and update it, I really don’t know. 

Thank you to each and every one of you for making these 6 months absolutely amazing, and I love all of you.



                            would you forgive me if i 
                    d i s a p p e a r e d one day without
                                 saying goodbye? 


Hitched K.M Part 1

Warning contains mature content

(Kol and the reader’s wedding and honeymoon)

Thank you for requesting, I enjoyed writing it, part 2 will be coming very soon !!

Word count: 1924

“Now will everyone join us in a farewell to Mr and Mrs Mikaelson” echoed Bonnie’s voice through the speakers, everyone’s attention was turned to Kol and myself as we stood on the middle of the dance floor. We were so caught up in our waltz that it was already time for us to leave the reception and enjoy some much deserved alone time.

The grin on my face was doing everything to grow bigger and my heart began beating faster the more I thought about the fact that I was now a married woman as of 2 hours ago. I gazed at the man beside me just as he entwined our fingers, his cheeky grin made me chuckle. The excited cheers and whistles from our family and friends became a blur as we walked hand in hand towards the exit- our unterage following.

Memories of tonight flooded my mind and I couldn’t help but reminisce in the many laughs, jokes and stories of tonight. As much as I loved the wedding ceremony itself, the reception was were everyone let loose, where the inappropriate events- like grinding- took place and I couldn’t for the life of me forget about the ludicrous speeches of the evening, rude and improper they put a smile on both mine and Kol’s faces- though not parents.

As we approached the exit, the doors were pushed open and I immediately caught sight of the sleek, classic limo that was to take us to the airport where we’d fly to some romantic location that I had no input on, the adrenaline was building and I couldn’t wait to see what Kol had in store for us- considering it was a surprise afterall.

“Congratulations sweetheart!” praised Klaus before I pulled him into a warm hug, by now all our friends and family were waiting for the great send off and before us stood a small queue of familiar faces waiting to say goodbye.

“Thank you Klaus” I replied as we both pulled back, I gave him a quick nod and stepped towards Elijah, he grinned and kissed my cheek sweetly.

“You look gorgeous, Kol’s a lucky man” he said making me blush, I suddenly felt a presence beside me and an arm snaked it’s way around my waist.

“Indeed I am” added Kol, I looked up at him as if to say a small thanks before we both redirected our stares to Elijah and Klaus.

“Now Kol…” Klaus placed a hand on his shoulder “Don’t go getting her pregnant huh?”, my eyes widened as all three of them laughed. I found myself searching around to see if anyone else had heard, like my mother but I was relieved when I saw her fiddling with the camera.

Kol rubbed the back of his neck and laughed nervously, “Yea- I don’t think that will be happening for a while” and what a good answer it was.

Finally after all the farewells and staged kiss to make everyone happy we climbed into the limo to start our honeymoon journey, Kol’s arm was wrapped around my waist while I cuddled into his side, feeling the soft black fabric of his blazer in between my fingers out of habit. An exasperated sigh escaped my lips catching his attention and causing him to stop twirling my hair.

“Well that went well, huh?” he asked causing a grin to light up on my face.

“It was splendid- no vampire drama, no rouge hybrids and no mortal enemies to deal with, I’d say that was our best night out yet” I replied, relieved that we really didn’t have to deal with all the problems.

Kol shifted under me so he could see me face, his eyes grew more serious, “That’s how I plan for this honeymoon to go as well”. My heart sped up momentarily just thinking about it.

“Are you going to tell me where we’re going?” I asked pushing myself off of him and staring at him playfully, he shook his head and chuckled.

“No my dear, I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait and see”.


A short while later we arrived at the airport, changed and waiting for the limo to pull up along side the drop off bay, our much needed clothing swap could have gone a lot faster and it would of, had it not been for the intimate undressing, touching and kissing that had gone on in the back.

Still hot and bothered I managed to climb out of the car while trying to fix my tank top and shorts, the summery clothes in the autumn weather around us certainly gave away the fact that we were going to a warm place but I had no idea where. “Y/N, Come on love!” beckoned Kol derailing my train of thought and sending me towards the rear of the limo where he and the driver were fetching our suitcases.

In the short time that we had been married, I looked at Kol differently- he wasn’t just my boyfriend or fiance, he was my husband and as I watched him heaving the heavy suitcases out of the boot and onto the trolley I couldn’t help but claim him as my own, much like gollum did his ring. My precious.

Kol looked up at me while I stared at him with googly eyes, he then pushed the the trolley towards me and wrapped his arms around my waist- never losing eye contact with me, “Are you ready?” the question was not ‘Was I ready?’, it was more 'Was he ready?’. I nodded my head up and down before his lips connected with mine, I had a feeling we’d be doing a lot of PDA.

Once we thanked and paid the driver, Kol took my hand and lead us inside the bustling airport, I was surprised at the amount of people here at 12 o'clock at night but then again it’s never too late or too early to start a journey. I started shaking with excitement and trying to control my fangirling moment as Kol pushed the trolley towards the check-in. We soon became acquainted with the lady at the counter named Tammy, who took the liberty of printing out our plane tickets.

In a rush I trailed my eyes over the ticket, desperately trying to figure out where we would be going, when I found it my mouth practically hit the floor, “We’re going to the Maldives!” I enthused throwing my arms in the air and turning to a pleased Kol. Before he could even respond I threw my arms around his neck and jumped on him, he caught me with ease and held me up by my thighs.

“First time away together?” Tammy asked as our bags were being weighed, I jumped down immediately and blushed at how silly I must have looked.

"Yes, My wife; Y/N and I are going on our honeymoon” replied Kol looking proud, I couldn’t help but laugh at how cute he looked, Tammy smiled and congratulated us before letting us go. We had ditched the trolley and now only had our carry on bags with us as we walked aimlessly around the airport. I kept thanking Kol for choosing the Maldives and all he did was shut me up with a kiss each time I spoke too long.

“What are we going to do now?” I asked while staring at his tight burgundy t-shirt and black shorts, I certainly could get use to seeing more of his skin in the sun- especially without the shirt.

“Let’s go get some drinks”.


I never realised that when Kol had said 'some drinks’ that’d we be totally shitfaced by the end of it and the problem with the two of us when we were drunk was that we became horny teenagers. Somehow we had managed to get to our gate in time and pass security without being stopped which was a complete miracle. I let out a loud squeak when I felt Kol slap my arse and I instantly spun around.

“Kol, stop it!” I scolded before continuing to pass the many other passengers to get to our seats, he continued to tease me for a few minutes until we sat down. I turned to him and frowned, “On a plane really?” he snickered and leaned closer to me.

“I do it because I love you Y/N” he said and placed an arm around my waist before pecking the corner of my lips. Soon the captain’s voice took over the speakers and welcomed us aboard the thirteen hour flight to the Maldives, he then handed the reigns over to the flight attendants who continued to show us the exits and safety precautions.

“Where are we staying when we get there?” I asked just as the plane was preparing for takeoff, Kol clutched my hand over the armrest and smiled.

“It’s an amazing hotel, I’m sure you’ll love it”, he was most probably right, so far everything he had planned I was loving.

I exhaled profoundly, “I can’t wait to get there and just relax, explore, take pictures and most importantly spend time with my husband”.

“I love it when you say that, it makes all of this feel real and all the years of waiting for you worth it”, the wedding glow was still settling in, it was crazy that these foreign terms would soon become normal.

About 20 minutes after the plane had left the ground, the seatbelt sign turned off and I took the liberty of walking towards the bathroom to remove the heavy and now not so glamorous makeup from my face.

I squeezed into the tiny cubicle and began closing the door when an arm reached through to stop me and pulled it open, Kol suddenly appeared- a mischievous smirk on his face as he pushed me further in and shut it behind him. He attacked my lips and hoisted me up against the mirror by my thighs, his hands rummaged my hips while I tried to keep up with his spontaneous pace.

Kol kept banging and hitting the sides of the cubicle with his arms, which I’m sure was going to cause a lot of fuse outside. I gently played with hairs on his back to try and calm his lustful actions, however I couldn’t help but shudder as he started trailing kisses down my neck- his teeth protruding and tickling the skin.

“Excuse me, uh miss. Are you alright in there?” spoke a female voice, causing Kol to stop what he was doing and stare at me with wide eyes. The lady questioned again and knocked on the door.

“Kol what do we do?” I panicked and hit his shoulder, he said nothing and instead lifted me down from the sink and placed my frame in front of him, facing the door. Before I could interfer he opened it and the hostess frowned at us.

“This sort of behaviour is not allowed on aircraft, please go back to your seats!” she instructed, we did as we were told and completed the walk of shame back to our seats- it seemed that everyone aboard the small plane had heard our banging as well. I tried my best not to laugh at all the glares we were getting, it was made worse when Kol held my waist tightly and carried me the rest of the way.

“Oh you better be ready for the Maldives Y/N” he remarked before placing a wet and sloppy kiss upon my cheek.


Part 2 coming soon :) I’m sorry if there are any mistakes or if this is written weirdly- been a bit rusty lately.

[DMMD Fic] Amusement (Noiz/Aoba)


Word count: 2,500

Summary: Written for my secret santa Aobaseragakii, with the prompt calling for an amusement park date. Takes place after Noiz’s good route.


    Aoba’s first thought when Noiz takes him to an amusement park is what will happen if Noiz sets off the metal detector–and how he’ll explain why. His second is that he’s not entirely sure he wants to go on a roller coaster with four loops.

     Mostly though, he dwells on the first. It’s enough of a burden on his mind when Noiz asks whether or not he’s excited. Aoba lets his thoughts tumble out in a not-quite-coherent way that leaves Noiz looking at him like his head is busted for one, two, three seconds before that dumb half-interested smirk curves his lips.

“Well if it’s a problem, I’m sure I can make them see it my way.”

“Okay first of all, I don’t know if you mean whipping it out, or greasing their palms with money,” Aoba starts, “And secondly, both of those will definitely get you kicked out before we even get in.”

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the signs as sounds good feels good songs

aries: catch fire
taurus: waste the night
gemini: safety pin
cancer: invisible
leo: hey everybody!
virgo: castaway
libra: san francisco
scorpio: jet black heart
sagittarius: outerspace/carry on
capricorn: vapor
aquarius: permanent vacation
pisces: airplanes