saying goodbye to our apartment

He is your first love….I intend to be your last.

Just a reminder for my lovely Klaroline fandom that some times tends to overeact and freak out. There is a difference between a current -temporary- closure that allows people to move on until the time is right, from an endgame. Especially in a genre that is a tale about immortals and eternal promises.

Between someone’s first love and between their last there is also the in between. The one that matures you. With more people and relationships coming and going. The space in between that seems  as if the distance contains oceans that keep you apart from that promise… but it is that space that changes you and teaches you how to reach your last love. Every lesson becoming a step to the unavoidable destination.

Maybe in a day…in a year…of even in a century.

However long it takes.


Today I Say Goodbye, New York

After many days of packing all that we own into sturdy cardboard boxes and shipping it across the country, Jenny and I spent one last night with just an air mattress and our Christmas tree in our empty Brooklyn apartment. Today we say goodbye.

I arrived in NYC when I was nineteen years old. I worked as a waitress, in an art gallery, as a nanny; I founded a theater company, and I rented ten different apartments across three boroughs. These have been the most brilliant fifteen years, the most terrifying, the most indescribable – this city has shaped every fiber of my being. This city is, all at once, too big to contain and yet small enough for me to carry with me wherever I go.

And yet, today I say goodbye.

I will miss you in that way… that way where you can feel something under your skin and in your pulse when you least expect it, a missing that you want to feel so that you always remember.

I can’t wait to come back and visit you, NYC, and reminisce about our time together.