“King of the hill” is the most successful or most powerful person in a group of people.

Example: He was considered a renegade in journalism until he won the Pulitzer Prize. Now he is the king of the hill.

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You are under no obligation to forgive those who hurt and damaged you beyond repair. Don’t let them sell you forgiveness like it is the only drug that will help you let go of your despair.
—  Nikita Gill, Forgiving Those Who Hurt You is Not Always The Path To Healing

Part of being a good person is finding the strength and kindness to walk away even when you are holding a tinder box that could blaze through an evil person’s entire world.

You see, good people recognise that evil, hatred and cowardice are cut from the same cloth and they must never bring themselves down to the level of those who bring that kind of destruction into their lives. Even when they have the power to destroy someone awful, good people always choose to walk away.

Because thats the difference between good people and evil people. It takes more courage to walk away, than to set something already exceptionally flammable on fire, just because you like to watch things burn.

—  Nikita Gill, The Difference Between Good People and Evil People