Und das Shiitentum, das mit einem Nein beginnt, ein “Nein”, das den Weg der Geschichte gegen den Rebellen der Geschichte entgegen wirkte. Es lehnt sich gegen eine Geschichte auf, wo die Könige und Kaisern, im Namen des Korans und in Namen der Tradition, den Weg der Unwissenheit folgten.

Schiiten akzeptieren den Weg nicht, der von der Geschichte eingeschlagen ist. Sie negieren die Führung, die die Geschichte beherrscht und wodurch die Mehrheit der Menschen verführt wurde. Der Nachfolger des Propheten unterstützte den Islam und kämpfte gegen das Heidentum.

Shiiten kehren den glanzvollen Moscheen und prächtigen Palästen der “Kalifen” des Islam den Rücken und wenden sich zu den einsamen Lehmhaus Fatimas. Shiiten repräsentieren die Unterdrückten, die gerechtigkeitssuchende Klasse in den Systemen der Kalifen; finde dieses Haus, was auch immer, und wer auch immer du suchst, du wirst es dort finden.

Dr. Ali Shariati

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The Outcome

The Outcome

Withered and lost,

Though found by Muhammad,

As protected by God,

As all it was,

Was a real love!

Through prayer was perfection achieved,

With both,

The Prince,

And Princess of Muhammad’s progeny,

Did they earn beauty!


Their beauty equals to infinity!


Their beauty equals to infinity!

Fatima and Ali!

Fatima and Ali!

Was their marriage oblivious to the signed papers,

For no contract must be given,

For such a love,

Handed to them through Rasulullah,

Distributed by God.

As it results in over 12 infallible families,

All whom reside in the deep oceans of Muhammad’s heart!

Fatima and Ali’s marriage is the one and only,

Where honesty and fidelity were left meaningless!

For this is due to the fact that,

Their love resides in God’s arms,

Their hearts are intertwined around God’s,

And through their minds, are they taught.

From the house of Muhammad,

Came Fatima!

From the house of God,

Came Ali!

For none are more worthy,

Than Ali is for Fatima,

And Fatima is for Ali!

For none are more worthy.

What couldn’t they handle?

For couldn’t even stop them was a battle!

What could they not create?

For twelve Imams are the proof I show you,

Through every attribute…

For Fatima’s piety and Ali’s humility make Hassan,


For it was Fatima’s determination and Ali’s bravery that made Hussain,


And it was Fatima’s manners and Ali’s prayer that made Zain,


It was Fatima’s Father and Ali’s hikma that makes Baqir,


For it was Fatima’s honesty and Ali’s loyalty that made Sadiq,


And it was Fatima’s patience and Ali’s thankfulness that made Kathim,


It was Fatima’s teachings and Ali’s knowledge that made Ridha,


For it was Fatima’s generosity and Ali’s zeal that made Jawad,


And it was Fatima’s guidance and Ali’s advice that made Hadi,


It was Fatima’s forbearance and Ali’s contemplation that made Askari,


For it was Fatima’s importance and Ali’s servility that made Mehdi,

The Mehdi!

Taken to roads deep within,

To lead me forth,

Where lives are changed,

Just through the mention of this holy marriage.

As it was and as it became!

For beauty is withheld in the eyes of Ali!

For beauty is withheld in the eyes of Ali!

For all his eyes have ever seen was Fatima.

Following this road with a flame at its end,

As it began with Muhammad,

And carried through Ali and Fatima,

While re-spawned by the infallible!

Following this road with a flame at its end,

As it began with Muhammad,

And carried through Ali and Fatima,

While re-spawned by the infallible!

Resulting in a chance and opportunity to live the outcome of every infallible!

For such a marriage,

It has resulted in a chance and opportunity to live the outcome of every infallible! 

“Congratulations for you both for the blesses of this day. It is on this day that Allah will destroy your enemies and the enemies of your grandfather, and it is the day when the supplication of your mother will be answered, and it is on this day when Allah will accept the actions of your Shi’a and those who love you. This is the day when the words of Allah came true where He said (in the Qur‘an): ‘So those are the houses fallen down because they were unjust.’ (Alnaml, 27:52) This is the day when the power of the one who hate your grandfather will vanish. It is the day Allah SWT will proceed to what they have done of deeds, and He will render them as scattered floating dust’”

~ Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) speaking to Fatima Zahra (as) & Imam Ali (as)


—  Bihar Al-Anwar, V31, pg. 127-129

Sunni Sahih references
: Abu Muhammad Abdullah Ibn Muslim Ibn Qutayba Dinawari (died 276 A.H.) in his Ta'rikh al-Khilafa'i'r-Rashidin, known as Al-Imama wa’s-Siyasa, vol. I, p. 14 and others of their ulama’, like Ibn Abi'l-Hadid,
write in their authentic books:

“‘Umar asked Abu Bakr to go with him to visit Fatima. They had certainly enraged her. (Some reports say that it was Abu Bakr, who asked ‘Umar to go with him to visit Fatima. This seems more plausible.) In short, both of them went together to the door of Fatima but she did not allow them to visit her. When they asked ‘Ali to intervene, he remained silent, but he allowed them to go in. When they went in and saluted her, she turned her face to the wall.
Abu Bakr said: ‘O part of the Prophet’s liver, by Allah, I value the relationship of the Holy Prophet with you more than my relationship with my daughter, A’ysha.

Would that I had died soon after the Holy Prophet of Allah. I know your rank and position more than any one else. If I have deprived you of your right of heritage, it was really because of the Holy Prophet, whom I myself heard saying: 'We prophets do not leave any heritage. What we leave is charity (for the Muslims).’ Fatima then said to Amiru'l-Mu'minin that she would remind them of a hadith of the Holy Prophet and ask them to say in the name of Allah if they had not heard the Holy Prophet saying it: 'Fatima’s pleasure is my pleasure; Fatima’s indignation is my indignation. So one who loves my daughter Fatima loves me; one who pleases Fatima, pleases me. One, who offends Fatima, offends me.’ Both of them said: 'Yes we heard these words from the Holy Prophet of Allah.’
Then Fatima said: 'I call Allah and His Angels to witness that both of you have offended me and did not treat me justly. When I meet the Holy Prophet I will certainly complain to him of you both.

Abu Bakr, being troubled at these words, began to weep and said: 'I seek Allah’s shelter from the Holy Prophet’s anger.’ Fatima began to weep and said: 'I swear by Allah that I will certainly call down curses upon you in all my prayers.’ After hearing this, Abu Bakr went out, weeping. People gathered round him and consoled him.
To them he said: 'Woe be to you. You are all happy, sitting with your wives comfortably, but I am in this wretched state. I do not need your allegiance. Rid me of it. By Allah, after what I have seen and heard from Fatima, I do not want any Muslim to suffer the burden of Allegiance to me.’”

These reports, related by your their notable ulama’, show that the oppressed Fatima remained indignant with Abu Bakr and ‘Umar until the last hour of her life.