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Kim Dongwan’s 1010 Club “Why Am I Jung Pilgyo”
Guest : Shinhwa (minus Andy it seems)
Co-host : Chilsoo (CS)

(pardon my English and translation inaccuracies, if any)

JJ : I have something to say
CS : Yes
JJ : Hyesung hyung called me just now
CS : Yes
JJ : That.. This is a live recording, since this is a live recording, he asked to say a word about him
CS : What kind of word?
JJ : Please say a word
KDW : u-wong(?) (tn: what even)
ER : u-wong(?) (tn: why are you even repeating that?)
CS : Should we all say a word?
JJ : Yes, I’m sure he’s listening now. Chilsoo hyung too please say a word
LMW : I’m really just gonna say one word
CS : Yes
KDW : Hmm.
CS : I am, ha I am going to say a word too
KDW : Yes
ER : Ya~ it’s 2 words….??
ER : For me it’s, chest.nut.. it’s chuseok, isn’t it
KDW : Ah~~
JJ : I’ll say a word too
CS : Yes
JJ : (Imitates Hyesung’s part in Eusha Eusha, where his voice broke at the “took, took” part)
KDW : I will say a word too. (Imitates Hyesung’s broken voice singing to BoyzIIMen’s “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday”)
ER : All the goosebumps-inducing couples in the train
JJ : Yes
ER : This is a true story that happens inside the train.
Hyesung ah hi? hehehe~ (tn: sudden greetings to hyesung)
(tn: trying to start his story again) The train was crowded with people. I am standing in front of a couple–
but really, Jung Pilgyo is giving me a call? (tn: I think he’s trying to tell a story but Hyesung suddenly calls)
JJ : Yes
KDW : Ah! I’m sorry I’ll say a word again.
ER : Yes
KDW : Ah we, this is what me and Junjin did.
ER : Yes
KDW : We called Hyesung once. This ppi! sound. Ppi! sounds came out, right?
JJ (at the back) : !@#!$!% it seems that a call is coming? 
KDW : but that hmm that happens but
JJ (at the back) : Right now a call is coming through
KDW : I will try using the original one. This is not the one, originally it’s that one (does weird sound)

(,,,,,,,,,;; these people have no interest in listening to oppayam at all…)

JJ : Yes yes (!@@#%%)
ER : We’ll try to connect the call.
JJ : Hello? Yes
ER : What did he say?
JJ : Yes yes oh hyung, why?
SHS : Why am I Pilgyo?!!!!!!
ER : Ah we heard that~
JJ : So your name is Jung Pilgyo~
KDW : Please introduce yourself using the mic again
JJ : What did you just say?
JJ : He’s asking why he is Jung Pilgyo when it’s correct that his real name is Jung Pilgyo
KDW : He’s rejecting his real name
ER : We’re recording live too, really he is…
SHS : ??? I’m listening, so do well kids
JJ : Ah, he said he’s listening well so we should do well ! @#$%
ER : Ah, Hyesung ah I love you
KDW : Now Jung. Then Jung Pilgyo please say a word to our family at 1010 again, now, start!
SHS : HELLO!!!!!
KDW : Oh~ I really don’t want to listen to him
KDW : I should not have asked
JJ : Oh~ Hyesungie hyung,
KDW : Hmm
JJ : That, for the sake of other listeners we will hang up.
KDW : Yes

TOOK! (tn: they hung up)

KDW : But this is the nationwide first
KDW : Nationwide first phone call
ER : Using a handphone
KDW : Using a handphone


KDW : Ah we need to answer this call from Hyesung, can we connect? Ah I really don’t want to talk with Hyesung on the phone but,
CS : Yes.
KDW : I have no choice. We’ll try it once.
CS : This is nationwide first (handphone call on a radio show) can you hear his voice?
KDW : Yes, well, I hear it well. Now. Hello?
SHS : Hello,
CS : Wah~ it’s loud!
KDW : Yes
SHS : No, why, why are you discussing my singing skill right now?
KDW : Ah we did not talk about Hyesung’s singing skill just Hyesung’s human nature…
SHS : (Sings his part in Eusha Eusha perfectly) Look
KDW : Ah, now the radio volume, it is not proper (tn: he meant Hyesung should tone it down cuz he’s being noisy and it’s rude for the listener), I need to slow down the radio volume..
?? : Please slow it down!! (!@#!@$??)
KDW : No, you seems like an uncivilised person
SHS : It’s not that
KDW : Are you a primitive person? (tn: what is he saying really -_-;;)
SHS : As I keep listening I really feel taken back so I can’t hear any of it anymore
LMW : Taken back? What taken.. Did you leave the railroad? (tn: play on words) 
SHS : I was ???~
KDW : But Hyesung
SHS : Yes
KDW : You said you’re taken, taken back so please say something
SHS : No, at me, to Junjin,
KDW : Hmm
SHS : Because I asked (Junjin) to say a word about me
KDW : Hmm
SHS : Everyone goes “Pilgyo Pilgyo”
KDW : But what’s wrong with saying your name?
KDW : Why can’t he be proud of his name
SHS : !@!@$ hyung!
KDW : What?
SHS : Wait, ah I don’t remember the name, Chilsoo hyung!
KDW : Yes
CS : Yes
SHS : Why Chilsoo hyung, why Chilsoo hyung, why even hyung is being like this?
SHS : Yes?
CS : Ai
SHS : What did you say I do?
CS : Ai so
SHS : You keep (?)
CS : That’s not it. There’s this 4 guys here who keep staring at me, that kind of atmosphere
SHS : Hello?
CS : So I’m scared..
SHS : Hello
KDW : Yes hello?
CS : Yes
SHS : Yes, anyway, I want to quickly return to 1010 so this prank call !@#!
KDW : Yes, now- Anything more you’d like to say? Yes to fans…
SHS : Something I’d like to say? Just now I already sing….
KDW : Ah wait, aooh I’m just gonna hang up (tn: I think he really hung up here)
ER : Agu what to do with this!!
ER : (Hyesung) did a mistake..
LMW : He was sure (that Hyesung) will say something that’s very funny it seems-
KDW : I’m sorry hahahha
KDW : Ai just, I just want to hang up (laughs)
ER : Sometimes you just wanna do that. Take out the battery from that (mic) now
ER : Again he’s calling again
JJ : This is frustrating…..!@!$@% When we really want to do something…
LMW (at the back) : Me again, he’s calling me again, no?
JJ : Doing it without hesitating is… Youth. (tn: I’m not sure if this is a legit saying, or he’s just playing around) 
JJ : We are the idols of the 10’s
CS : I see.
KDW : Hyesung
CS : Well actually I want to say something nice about Hyesung too,
KDW : Yes hehehe
CS : Right now the battery had been taken away you know? So just leave it (tn: he doesn’t want anyone to put the battery back)


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